How to Blog?

March 16, 2007

Sitting on the train in my usual place with the regulars of the early morning world around me, i wondered what i might blog about.  Would i begin a countdown to Easter?  Maybe expound a scripture verse? 

As i pondered these things i realised the mode of ‘wondering’ that i was in, was that which i often switch into when i come to prayer.  Sometimes i just don’t know how to pray, or maybe i don’t much feel like coming into God’s presence for one reason or another.  It’s about discipline, doing either that which i know is good for me, or something i’ve commited to.

When we come to prayer we can say: ‘Holy Spirit, teach me to pray’.  Maybe when it comes to blogging we should say: ‘Holy Spirit, teach me to blog’. 

I am reminded that i can do nothing without God.  Every moment of inspiration, everything i achieve, everything i am is because of God.  Wow.  We could not blog if it wasn’t for our Master and Saviour! 


Sunny side up

March 14, 2007

It’s been beautifully sunny in London these past few days, and somehow the light and brightness has lifted the edges of my mouth to leave a permenant smile.

We talk of people having ‘a sunny disposition’, or looking on ‘the bright side’ of life.  Jesus is known as the ‘light of the world’, precisely because He brings joy, He brings hope and dispels the darkness.

Being positive and filled with hope is something we were created for, which is why we crave it.  We know that only God can satisfy, but don’t be satisfied with where you’re at thinking it’s the end and fullness of alll God has to offer… believe He has more for you!

My hi fi sat beautifully in the corner of my room, it’s CD player only working when it felt like, but the tape and radio facilities very much in tack.

I wasn’t holding on to my little ‘boombox’ for sentimental reasons, but only out of a desire to stick by my policy of only replacing things when they’re truly broken rather than to keep up with the latest fashion!

We can all be tempted to replace an item due to a want rather than a need.  In this culture of ‘i can have what i want, when i want’, denying myself a want can only be a healthy thing.

I’d seen some nice replacements but stuck to my motto and failed to cave in.  After a number of months a family member was buying a new hifi so donated their old one to me.  I wouldn’t have chosen the said item myself, i didn’t like the colour, but it worked better than my current one did, so i graciously accepted.

Grumble Weed!

March 12, 2007

How many times have you heard yourself complain about something, whether it’s a household appliance that keeps going wrong, or about a situationat church, in the home, with your family or at work?

If you were challenged to a ‘grumble-free’ day, how would you cope? 

Moses was travelling with a large number of people to the promised land, but on the way they hit disaster!  When they were in the desert the people were annoyed that they didn’t have what God had promised yet, and they began to moan. 

When we moan we have to ask ourselves whether we’re actually complaining about God’s will, not being patient as we wait for it’s fulfilment.  We can be cross and say ‘the desert doesn’t look much like the promised land’, so we get annoyed and sometimes distracted from fixing our eyes on the goal.

God, help us when your purposes are yet to unfold, and give us wisdom to know  when to step out of a situation because it’s not Your will. 


Too Big for Your Boots!

March 9, 2007

Unlike the common phrase of being ‘too big for your boots’, Joshua felt too small for his!!

Having travelling around with the great prophet Moses, being by his side and learning from him, Joshua was terribly daunted upon Moses’ death when he was appointed as the new leader.

In a seemingly humourous debate with God suggesting that maybe the wrong guy had been chosen to replace his master, Joshua shared how he was convinced he was the wrong guy.  Moses’ shoes were too big for him to fill and he felt overwhelmed.

When buying shoes you know what size you are, and spiritually we can think the same.  We can feel thatwe know what our gifts our and where our capability level reaches a maximum… but i believe this is to limit God.

Joshua didn’t think he would fill bigger shoes, and he was right, he couldn’t; but through the power of the Holy Spirit he was able to do more than he thought he could.  God put words into Joshua’s mouth to speak to the nations.

God can do more in you than perhaps you realise.  In the words of Isaiah – ‘widen the tent pegs!’

Stubborn 4 Christ!

March 8, 2007

Prayer goes differently when we’re desperate for an answer. 

The Canaanite woman wanted healing for her daughter so badly that she stopped at nothing to get what she wanted – Jesus to pray for her.

What have you really been wanting lately?  What area are you wanting breakthrough in?

Often we can think of prayer being a place to go to ‘get blessed’, to receive from God, but it is actually as much about us blessing God’s heart.  It is about coming in obedience even when we don’t feel like praying.

A monk asked to be allowed out during the time allocated for personal prayer in his room – he claimed to be very distracted.  The answer given by his superior was: “Allow your thoughts to wander where they will but don’t leave your room!”

It’s the same for us when it’s a struggle to pray.  As an act of faith we’re called to not permit our bodies to leaving the room in which we’ve chosen to pray until a period of time has elapsed.  It’s about being present to God and willing to try.

If interceding for something has become painful then know it’s a period you need to pass through to increase your faith before the answer comes.  God has given you the grace to endure thus far for a reason!  Don’t give up.  Perservere like the Canaanite woman!

A fool for Christ!

March 5, 2007

What fool would be out walking his dogs at 5.30am?

This morning i saw a guy whom i often spot with two large dogs giving them some early morning exercise.  The man walking his dogs could’ve been tucked up in bed or at home checking emails.  Instead he opts for the walk.

Whatever the reason for this craziness i see dedication written all over him.  Yes, the dogs may bring him joy, but they also come with vets bills, mess, and are time takers.

Self sacrifice is a funny thing and is at the centre of what it is to love.  We do seemingly strange things out of love e.g. walk a dog at a ridiculous hour in the morning.

God became human and that was a rather unusual thing to do, an act of self sacrifice when He could’ve stayed safely in heaven but Love drove Him to come and live among us. 

If we haven’t done something sacrificial of later maybe that signals that we’re not being driven by love, but by selfishness – doing that which prospers ‘me’.

Today try do something for someone else which you wouldn’t necessarily WANT to do.  Make a cup of tea for a colleague when you’d rather stay sitting at your desk, or pray with a friend when you’d rather pray on your own for yourself.

March 5, 2007

Sorry for no posting for a few days.. wordpress had changed and i couldn’t post anything

 I will be back later with today’s entry!

God’s website entry

March 1, 2007

There are many websites aimed at reuniting people with school and uni mates.  Sometimes it can be exciting seeing the class geek is now head of a major business, or that the wannabe actress is now mother to two gorgeous children.

One day we will be reunited with God, but FACE2FACE rather than this knowing Him from a distance based on his website entry about Himself!  It will be wildly exciting yet terrifying to reunite with God.

If God posted something on your page what would He write?  Known you since birth.  Best friend (if only you realised).  Met in heaven (in the creation chamber while being inspired to bring another being into existence).

It can be all too easy to know God from afar by reading about Him in scripture, or hearing the testimony from others of how He’s moved in their life. 

Stepping closer to God is risky, but He’s constantly calling us to go deeper into His heart of Love.  There is MORE!

Not much of a fun game?

February 28, 2007

Are you feeling like God’s gone for a walk in the park and left you waiting and hanging around? Have you been looking around to see where He’s gone, searching in shop windows, asking around if anyone’s spotted Him? God plays hide and seek with us sometimes to build our faith. If He seems to take a step away and hide, it is to encourage us to take another step towards him, so it’s all about building our faith muscles and believing the truth we know rather than believing what the circumstances tell us.

Keep going if you feel you’ve lost sight of God because He hasn’t left you… He may well just be carrying you at the moment because you need supporting, meaning you’re unable to see him!