Catch the smile

October 14, 2006

It’s the weekend! Hooray! 

One thing i love to do on a Saturday and Sunday is walk along the street smiling! I find it confuses people if i smile. 

Making eye contact with a complete stranger as they rush along (often clutching a carrier bag of shopping) and then throwing a smile in their direction is very satisfying.  I enjoy it whether i end up simply being the giver of a smile or the receiver of one returned.

I’m learning that before entering any situation i would do well to ask the question ‘What can i give?’ rather than my usual ‘What will i get from this?’ attitude. 

Start small by spreading the smile today 🙂  – you may be the only person to show someone a friendly face this day.

See Jesus in all; be Jesus to all!

p.s. Thanks for all your comments on day one – it was a fair bit of traffic.  I will do my best to keep up with your thoughts, so keep them coming!


15 Responses to “Catch the smile”

  1. diana said

    Welcome to the blogging world, Maria 🙂
    I like the smiling thing too. It’s fun but sometimes grumpy people get extremely suspicious of me and my smiles get returned with very very grumpy looks. That is funny in its own way. lol.

    Good luck & hope to keep reading more of you,

  2. Maria Toth said

    Thanks for sharing your experiences, Diana. It’s good to know that there’s another ‘spread the smile’ campaigner out there!

    Have a blessed day.

  3. Jayleigh said

    Maria, Good luck with your blog.
    What a wonderful thing for you to do, throwing smiles and unsuspecting passers-by. A great idea!!!!

  4. Shelley said

    Found my way here via Jayleigh’s blog and thought I would stop in and say hello!

  5. unitedcats said

    Unsolicited smiles, I dunno, what if this catches on? All sorts of people wandering the streets grinning at each other, what would people think? Could get kind of creepy. hehe. No, I fully agree, in fact I enjoy giving people a big smile after they’ve given me a grumpy look or a rude comment, they usually don’t know how to react to that.


  6. Grace said

    I’m impressed how you’re always ready with a smile, no matter what time we meet. I’m especially pleased to get a smile early in the mornings.

    I think in London, it’s mostly the tourists that are willing to smile back. I think we should start a campaign to get Londoners smiling again.

  7. Jen said

    Hi Maria!

    Yes, it’s a good thing to smile. 😀 I’ll add you to my blog roll, if that’s okay with you. God Bless,


  8. mreddie said

    A smile is the best way to improve our looks – and maybe those of others. 🙂 ec

  9. Hi Maria,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Someone once said, “Smile, it increases your face value.” It’s a small thing to do, but it really can lift someone’s spirits.



  10. Maria Toth said

    Wow, some more new people on day 2! May you all know how special you are.

    How’s the smiling been going everyone? 🙂 🙂

    Yes, of course, i’ve no objection to being added to a blogroll.

    God bless,
    Maria Toth

    ps Would love to know where you’re all commenting from in the world!

  11. misslionheart said

    Hey! Whats with all the comments? 😆 I thought this was a *new* blog!

  12. Maria Toth said

    It’s Sunday morning now, so that means it’s day 3 of blogging – does that make this an old site now?!

    Thanks for all your comments, it’s great to have you stop by!

  13. Maria,

    Got an idea — carry a smile and a good clear Gospel tract and give one of each to everyone.

    That way, they will not only feel great about your smile, they can also read the tract and make a decision that will make them smile in Heaven for all eternity.. 😉

    ExP (Jack)
    USA, Way South Florida

  14. Maria Toth said

    Hi Jack, thanks for the tip!

    I will try to take up your suggestion – trousers (or pants to those of you across the pond!) with big pockets for the tracts will need to be purchased, i think!

    God bless,
    Maria Toth

  15. Jason said

    I have actually been asked these questions before. Its fun to think about them.
    What are you so smiling about? There is no reason not to.
    Are you ever depressed? Sure, but right now I’m feeling like a big smile. 🙂

    Both smiling and laughing are contagious, so let them catch on 🙂

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