Two mouths forgot the petrol (gas)!

October 15, 2006

Generally i thrive on running around, being with people and doing lots of things.  The downside of this is that more often than not i jump in my car ready for the next activity to find the petrol gage (gas gage for any American readers!) on red!

This morning i found myself resisting the idea of having stillness and quiet for a bit.  As i sat i realised although i only have one mouth i act like i have two, and although i have two ears i act as if i have one! 

Taking time to be still and listen is something i need to work on because without it i will wither and my mind will become a bit like Just William’s pockets (full of conkers, pieces of string, half sucked boiled sweets etc).

In a place of quiet i can listen to my own thoughts, to the cries of others or to God Himself – this is the time of filling myself up with petrol.  

Sometimes we wait til it’s an emergency and the tank’s almost empty before we stop…  not good! 🙂 If i have a full tank i’ll be able to give more to others, rather than risking the car stopping all together!  

Today will be my day of rest and relaxation so i can give more to others in the coming week!

p.s. Even in prayer i can be too busy to be still!

“Be still and know that i am God!”


18 Responses to “Two mouths forgot the petrol (gas)!”

  1. Eliz said

    I can really identify with this post.
    I also tend to run around doing so many things that I forget to take a break and top up.
    A good reminder. 🙂 Thanks!


  2. Maria Toth said

    Thanks for stopping by, Eliz. As i said, even in prayer we can be busy talking or asking or reading scripture!

    Sometimes i can resist quiet because i meet myself face 2 face – not a bad thing at all, because it shows me what i need to improve on!

    Maria Toth

  3. Excellent words of wisdom. Thanks for visiting my blog. I hope you don’t mind if I linked to yours. I like it!!

  4. misslionheart said

    I have run out of petrol so many times! My husband *freaks* when I have to call him to the rescue. In fact, I’ve even called my neighbour to help, just so that Hubby doesn’t find out! 😆

  5. Maria Toth said

    Thanks for linking me, John. Being a 3 day old blogger i haven’t quite worked out how to use blogroll etc… it’s enough to be trying to find time to write a blog for now, but i will endeavour to learn!

    Thanks for returning MissLionHeart -and for your story which made me smile!  (N.B. you’ve posted this on the ‘net so now your husband will probably know that you’ve run out of petrol more times than he knew!)

    Maria Toth

  6. helenl said

    Hi Maria, I think this sense of busyness is an unfortunate part of modern society. I think we must be quite determined to “be still” and listen for the voice of God.

  7. Hi Maria,

    I enjoyed your post. We all need to take some time and be still in God’s presence. May you find the rest you need in Him today.

    P.S. I had an American History teacher in 8th grade named Randall Toth. He was very strict, but one of the best teachers I ever had. You have any relations in the U.S.?


  8. Maria Toth said

    Good to see new visitors – you’re all most welcome!

    I haven’t got any relatives in the U.S. – only Europe and Australia – but feel free to educate me in the ways of the Americans!

    There are Toths all over the world – predominantly in Hungary.

    God bless
    Maria Toth

  9. Brian Alexander said

    yes I did sleep well. Just wondering where did you find my blog? how did you acess it?

  10. Maria Toth said

    Hi Brian… You were listed in wordpresses blogs i might be interested in! Welcome to my site! Be blessed!

    In Jesus,

  11. You know this is confirmation as to something the Lord was revealing to me this morning in morning prayer. As I went to the church this morning to pray by myself in the sanctuary, The lord spoke these very words, “You need to listen more.” This was ironic becasue the scripture I read prior to prayer was Isaiah 51:1 “Hearken unto me, you who follow after righteouness and who seek the Lord.”

    Then as I entered into worship during prayer, I heard the Lord say, pray not only during the seasons of warfare but in the gatehring seasons as well. So your metaphor about filling our tank only in emergencies is a confirmation with what God is calling the people to.

    I believe he is calling us to a new level of prayer. No longer can we just pray for 30 minutes and think we have entered in, but we must discipline ourselves to sit, and hearken to him in a new way. He keeps dealing with me with the order of prayer we should follow. 1. Praises 2. Repentance 3. Intercession 4. Thanksgiving 5. Worship/Yes, Lord 6. Listening, obeying, hearkening, and divine revelation.

    After the past few days, in South carolina we are experiencing a tremendous outpouring of trhe Holy-Spirit. We have been refilled with more than just gas but more like fire. You know what happens when both fire and gas mix, itcuases a major explosion (combustion).

  12. That is an awesome post!! Thank you for sharing it.


  13. mreddie said

    My pastor has a favorite saying – If you don’t come apart (get alone in quiet time with God) you will come apart (somewhat like Humpty Dumpty after the fall). ec – Clearwater, South Carolina, USA

  14. Amber said

    Thank you for stopping by my journal and for commenting!

    I love this:
    “Be still and know that i am God!”

    It’s something I’ve reflected on a bit myself lately.

  15. maria,

    thank you for your kind words on my blog. thank you for the encouragement.

    and thank you for your insight contained in your post.


  16. Maria Toth said

    Wow! Lots of activity as i slept (partly because many of you are on the other side of the ‘pond’! Nice to get a challenge too regarding the amount of time we spend in prayer – it’s a discipline thing, isn’t it? Just as we eat vegetables because we know we need to, we must press on and spend more time with God.

    Praise Him for that outpouring of the Holy Spirit in South Carolina – may every state and nation experience that and more!


  17. Shirley said

    Hi, Maria. I’m finally in a place where I can spend a bit of time and make a slight effort at being caught up on my blog and its visitors.

    Thank you for coming by my site and for introducing yourself. I look forward to much communication with you.

    Blessings and joy in the Lord!

    Shirley Buxton

  18. Excellent post Maria. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. God is Great! May His blessings be upon you continually.

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