Entertaining angels by the light of my TV screen

October 20, 2006

How bold am i?  If i claim not to know Christ, don’t speak up for him or am evasive when asked about my beliefs, then He will disown me when i need Him to speak up on my behalf. 

It’s amazing how conversations can start up.  I was on the train once after i’d had a session of praying God would send people to me to talk to (a random thing i do so i can share with someone what God has done for me), and this guy got on my carriage and began speaking to me.  It must’ve been around Easter time because he’d just bought a Cadburys Creme Egg (a small sickly sweet chocolatey thing people like to eat in the UK in the lead up to Easter). 

The reason i remember his purchase is because it was this tjat started our conversation.  Due to a buy one, get one free offer he had two eggs in his possession, so as they are too sickly to eat in excess of one at a time, he offered me the spare one!

After a quick exchange of words we got onto discussion about our places of employment during which he revealed he was doing a Philiospohy A-level on the side.  One thing led to another and God came naturally into the conversation resulting in the entire carriage (whether they chose to or not) hearing me tell this guy how i came to faith.  At the end i encouraged him to go home and say to God ‘If you’re out there show yourself to me’, and he agreed. 

In some ways i like it when i don’t have to initiate the conversation because it’s easier to be open to mentioning God, but the key with this encounter, i believe, is that i had prayed for a Divine Appointment! 

Try praying for Divine Appointments this week and see what happens, pray for opportunities to speak about God to strangers… if you dare!

If we wait til we feel equipped to share what God has done in our lives we may never step out and share the hope we have so others may have the choice to step into it as well.  And who knows, you may find yourself entertaining angels unawares.

Hebrews 13:2 -“…always welcome strangers, for by doing this, some people have entertaining angels without knowing it.”

When i fail to speak out and declare myself a believer either in word or deed, then Christ will act as if He doesn’t know me too.  Mmmm…. Food for thought.

“If we disown him, he will also disown us.” 2Tim 2v12b


20 Responses to “Entertaining angels by the light of my TV screen”

  1. Great thoughts, Maria. God will fill up our appointment books if we’re brave enough.

  2. misslionheart said

    I often talk to complete strangers, although never about God (yet) My girls will then say “Who was that, Mummy?” I tell them I don’t know and they don’t believe me! I have no problem striking up a conversation in a queue, at the school or in the butchers!
    (I added you to my front page links!)

  3. Maria Toth said

    Well pray you get onto the topic of God because if he’s gifted you with the ability to speak to strangers easily He could use it!

    Yes, John, God could fill some free hours for us with that prayer.

    In Jesus,

  4. timglass said

    We all meet and talk to people everyday. We just need to “make” opportunities. One thing that I do at work, on my break, I read my pocket New Testament. Now that will get people talking. And I’ve had some great conversations about the faith, my faith, their faith, and a lot of people will ask me to pray for them, or their loved ones.
    Sharing His love is what we are called to do.

  5. Mike said

    I just read this morning the scripture you mentioned there from the book of Timothy. Thank you for sharing this. I am asking the Lord to make me a bold witness for him. Peace, Mike

  6. Chris D said

    Hi again!

    God will give you opportunities if you ask Him or not. It’s better to ask, of course, because you will be prepared to hear Him.

    Great post! Keep up the good work!

    And BTW, The Misericorde and that knife thingie on my blog is a summary of a “Christian” novel that I want to write. But that would be another post for you–Christian Fiction, like it or hate it?

  7. Antonio said

    Sometimes we do not feel drawn to talk with strangers about God. Sometimes, the Holy Spirit draws us to speak. I remember in June 2006, I was in Rome. I was waiting in line to get a ticket for train. There in line, there was a Chinese young woman who had no religion at all. We opened a conversation about culture & history that led to Church & Christ.
    It was amazing how she promised me to visit a church and search for the Truth.
    Thanks Mary for stopping by my blog journeywithfriends.blogspot.com
    Keep your spirit of Mission strong.
    God bless you

  8. Maria,

    You said, “He will disown me when i need Him to speak up on my behalf.”

    But remember and be thankful for God’s Grace that in Christ alone, your eternity with Him is — ETERNAL — never to be cast out, even when we are disobedient!

    John 6:37-39 “All that the Father giveth me shall come to me; and him that cometh to me I will in no wise cast out……. And this is the Father’s will which hath sent me, that of all which he hath given me I should lose nothing, but should raise it up again at the last day.”
    John 10:28 “And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.”

    Fellowship for a believer in Christ (our state) will go up and down depending on our obedience to Him and His Word, but our relationship or standing (being IN Christ by faith in Jesus Christ alone) is forever, eternal…

    Isn’t God’s Amazing Grace — Amazing!!!

    Be a soulwinner and share Christ!

    ExP (Jack)

  9. Maria Toth said

    Evening all!

    Nice to see some new comers – you’re all most welcome. It’s now the weekend. Hooray!

    Thank you all for your thought provoking responses.

    In Jesus,

  10. eija said

    Hi Maria,

    Thanks for stopping by my photoblog 🙂

    You have a nice brand new blog here… Keep up the good work. I read a few of your posts and liked your thinking. The most important thing is to have a heart for God – and it seems that you have that.

    Blessings to you!


  11. Yes, I have prayed for those “divine appointments” before, and God does answer. It’s something I need to do more often, so thank you for the reminder. Have a lovely day.


  12. Austin said

    My name’s Austin. I liked your post, and I will be praying for Divine Appointments. Thanks for the idea!

  13. Honora said

    Good heavens, I never thought to ask for Divine appointments.. they seem to find me (which is probably true for a lot of us) — but it’s certainly not been frequently so. Thank you for this new food for thought!

  14. Maria Toth said

    Looks like God has a few more people available for Him to use to speak to people about HIm now as and when he needs – enjoy waiting for the encounters you pray for!

    In Jesus,

  15. Don’t wait for appointments — make them!

    Most of your hearers will thank you for it.

    Share Jesus Christ and His so Great Salvation.

    ExP (Jack)

  16. Great encouragement to see others as God does: as a shepherd looking for lost sheep!

    I have used the term “divine appointment” in an audio blog I posted a while back (don’t know where I heard the phrase first): http://faithbuilders.wordpress.com/2006/03/04/a-divine-appointment/

    I was challenged to begin praying on a regular basis, “Father, empower me today to share the Good News with someone who is hungry to know Your Son, Jesus Christ.”

  17. Idetrorce said

    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  18. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

  19. megan fox said

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