In Mr Sheep’s Clothing

October 23, 2006

You are unique and there is no-one else in the world like you.  No-one has the exact experiences and combination of skills you have.  Therefore i can conclude that you are incredibly precious and special, no matter what anyone else may say.

In the world often certain ideals and expectations are held up, and even in the Christian world.  In a church setting a ‘perfect’ person can be portrayed as someone who does certain things in their week or has certain character traits, which can result in congregations seeking to fit into the same mould. 

It’s not bad aspiring to be like good and holy people, but there are too many Oak trees trying to be Beech trees, or Sycamores trying to be Elms.  Every person will live out their faith in a different way so we can’t legitimately expect everyone to be the same.  If most of the women in your church are fantastic on the sewing machine making their own clothes then please don’t feel inadequate if that’s not your thing because God made us all different!

It’s ok to be different… in fact it’s healthy!  I often say that if everyone wanted to preach or everyone wanted to lead worship we’d be in trouble.  We need those women who can sew as much as the women who want to intercede or lead Bible study (the same applies for men, it’s just i’m a woman!). 

I think that if you look to what ‘gives you life’ then you’ll find what God created you for.  God plants desires in our hearts to act as signposts to His will.  If you thrive on talking to people about God, then that’s perhaps an area you can focus on and develop; if you get life from helping others, then look for opportunities to serve.

Just because you’re not like the family who sit in the row in front of you at church don’t think you’re lesser than them, you’re just created differently. 

Try writing down the things that make you excited, the things you’re passionate about, the things you were created to give the world… DON’T LET AGE PREVENT YOU FROM DREAMING!  You’re never too young to dream (countless people mentioned in the Bible were young in years – think of David facing Goliath) and equally you’re never too old (God moved and brought about new things in those in their later years – Abraham!).  Seize the moment now and discover what a gift you are to the world. 

There are things only YOU can bring to this world which no one else ever has been able to or ever will be able to, all due to your unique combination of life experiences, gifts and skills.

Be proud of who you are – unique and special! 


21 Responses to “In Mr Sheep’s Clothing”

  1. Maria, this goes right along with a poem I wrote titled “Uniquely You.” Thanks for this!

  2. misslionheart said

    I know I’m special, but I can’t sew!….
    Have a great day everyone.

  3. arabianfox said

    Yup, God can use any one in any way! young or old.

  4. timglass said

    There are some things I do, because I have that God-given desire (like playing guitar, song writing, singing, teaching) but there are other things I do just because, well, they are the right thing to do. Particularly in areas of service. I’ve adopted the Nike philosophy,” Just Do It.”
    God bless you all.

  5. Maria Toth said

    Gosh a talented bunch here! Poem writing, guitar playing… God bless y’all!

    In Jesus,

  6. helenl said

    Hi Maria, I am. It doesn’t bother me a bit that most Christians fail to understand what I’m saying (it is a ministry from God) because a few actually will. The Spirit blows where She will.

  7. Maria Toth said

    Oooo… you’ve started a potential debate here – referring to the Holy Spirit as ‘she’! 😉

  8. AutumnRose said

    …I lften think of the Spirit as female 🙂 She is Wisdom, often referred to as ‘she’ in the book of Proverbs, who was there at the beginning of Creation. God is both He and She, as we are all made in His image are we not? 😉

    I thank God for my gifts today ~ I desire most of all to have the gift of encouragement, and so be a Barnabas to others.

  9. egana said


    greetings from Illinois!

    I love the way you affirm the Body of Christ in all its diversity. Here in the USA we are having real trouble embracing ALL the differences God has put in His people. Please pray for us..

    Your blog is so encouraging… thank you for the opportunity to participate…

    (not gonna touch the “she” thing) *grin*

  10. winterland said

    Very well written Maria, and eerily similar to the message spoken in our church this Sunday! Are you sure you are all the way over in the UK?? 😉


  11. Maria Toth said

    I assure you i’m all the way over here in the UK! When you’re asleep i’m awake & vice versa.

    Lord, let us rejoice in our differences and see the unique gifts we each have to bring. Amen.

    In Jesus,

  12. Variety is the spice of life, in the world and in the church. I used to wish for many years that I had the personality of so and so or that I could sing like so and so. That kind of thinking only produces discontent. God showed me that He only wants me to be the person He made to be, and that He loves me and has given me talents to use for His glory. Thank you for this post.


  13. Aaron said


    I found your posts in the “faith” tags. I like the message that you are sharing through your blog. I recently started a new blog called “Blog For Him” when bloggers and believers can share thier faith in one community. We are located at or If you get a chance, stop by the site. I would love to have you share as an author. All of the details are on the site. Check it out if you get a chance. Either way, keep being light to a very dark internet world! God Bless your ministry.

  14. That was beautiful!! Thank you for sharing!
    I always love reading your posts!

    Yeah, I am excited about Virigina Beach.

    If ever you come to the US you need to stop by Niagria Falls, Cananda. Fall is the perfect time to go. All the leaves will be changing color at that time!

  15. bart said

    I have enjoyed your blog. These verses came to mind while reading this one about being unique.

    If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If the whole body were an ear, where would the sense of smell be? But in fact God has arranged the parts in the body, every one of them, just as he wanted them to be. If they were all one part, where would the body be? 1 Corinthians 12:17-19

    God bless

  16. victor said

    We are All God’s unique Children but He never did promise us a rose garden without a little rain sometime, did He?

    Do I owe you an apology for my last blog?

  17. Maria Toth said

    No apology needed… I am finding it a regular thing that my blog posts get posted in a new format somewhere the following day. Although what i write is ‘original Maria’ it is only God working through me, so if you are spreading the Gospel message through using ideas i come up with (or God inspires me with) then i have no objection. GOD FILL THIS EARTH WITH YOUR LOVE!

  18. lifeform said

    “It’s not bad aspiring to be like good and holy people, but there are too many Oak trees trying to be Beech trees, or Sycamores trying to be Elms.”
    I really love this passage. It makes me feel better about striving to do what I can do without comparing myself to someone else.

  19. Emily said

    Thank you for dropping by my blog Maria – consequently I found yours and am very glad I did! What a beautiful, refreshing and encouraging post…. I know a good few people who are trying to be something you’re not, and they really need to know that God wants them to be themselves – that is, how God created them, not how sin ruined them, as one of my church elders said last Sunday as he preached this very same message.

    Blessings to you,


  20. arabianfox said

    LOL – God is above silly things like he/she, but we do refer to Him as He.

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