Break the chains

October 25, 2006

If i hadn’t been forgiven for my wrongdoings i would be in a pit, equally if i fail to forgive those who wrong me then i will be held under the power of that and not be fully free to be me.  Bearing a grudge or storing up a hurt from a past event prevents me from being fully alive, even if it is a justified anguish. 

Ask the Holy Spirit who you need to forgive today.  It’s a choice and can be a very hard one, and even though you may not ‘feel’ liking forgiving, simply pray, ‘Lord, i forgive x for doing y and i pray you release them from punishment for it and release me from the hurt of the situation.  I ask your blessing to come upon x and for Your will to be done in their life. Amen.’ 

You may not feel any differently towards them, but your words will have broken the chains you were being held in by the situation.  It’s a choice, and will start the cycle of journeying to freedom and returning the injustice in this world with love.  For love ‘bears no grudges, and keeps no record of wrong’.

“I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full” (John 10:10b)

p.s. Up tomorrow – what my broken tooth has to do with jealousy


13 Responses to “Break the chains”

  1. Lorna said

    sorry, the post wasnt’ quite ready when you popped across.

    The idea was to highlight the things I’d done … e.g. I haven’t seen the Northern Light (imagine that … I’ve been here in Finland for 20 years !!) but I have climbed a mountain and been potholing and scuba diving.

    I just wanted to post something light… nothing more.

    Thanks for visiting anyway!

  2. Excellent post. Right there it shows you the power of our words. We can break bondages with them. We don’t have to feel different, but things in the heavenlies will be different. Great truth here, Maria.

  3. enit said

    wow. powerful!

  4. timglass said

    So true. The weight of the bondage is suffocating! This is why we pray,” forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” If we don’t forgive others, then we are not forgiven. And that is the bondage. Going against the moral law, yes, but denying the Holy Spirit who lives within us.
    Forgive us, Father.

  5. Maria Toth said

    Yes, Lord, forgive us, forgive those who hurt us, and free us! Amen!


  6. Mike said

    I needed to hear this today. Thank you for sharing this truth.

  7. Thanks for this great post. I found some great quotes about forgiveness on this site. Hope you enjoy.



  8. mmog37 said

    well said…
    I think people would be more forgiving if they realized that forgiveness frees “themselves”, and that by not forgiving block ourselves from God’s forgiveness

    Keep up the Good Post!

  9. Maria Toth said

    Sometimes though it’s very hard and painful to forgive eg if someone has abused you in some way or made your life a misery… To even get the words out your mouth can be a challenge but results in the unlocking of alot of stuff.

    May we all mirror Jesus in extending forgiveness to all those to do wrong to us. Amen.

    Maria 🙂 Keep smiling… tooth post coming up tomorrow!!

  10. way2much said

    I love your posts and enjoy coming by to read them. I am sorry this is the first time I commented. I seem to have very limited time for the blogging world! Thanks for visiting my site – you are always more than welcome.

    Everything you write is very insightful – I prayed to the Holy Spirit for a number of reasons and He is slowly answering in His own way. It’s wonderful!
    All the best – from North America (NY!)

  11. Chris D said

    Lovely post–when I understood forgiveness as a gift, that’s how I got saved.

    Doing well-kids in school. Busy busy

    Almost finished the book “Jesus Freaks”; it’s an oldie about modern day martyrs. Very very good

    I should recommend it on my blog shortly.

    Glad to hear from you–chris

  12. What a lovely, inspiring post.

  13. Maria,

    You are right on. There was a song a few year ago that simply said

    Sometimes we lose our way.
    We don’t say things we should say.
    We hold onto stubborn pride
    We should put it all aside.
    To waste the time we’re given seems so senseless
    When one little word shouldn’t be so hard.
    Forgiveness. (Jim Witter)

    I blogged on this once as well (

    Keep up the great work. I really like this blog. I’ve got ya in my feeds 😉 God Bless.

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