Break my tooth, why don’t you?

October 26, 2006

While skipping in the playground at school aged 8 i was accused of copying some other students who were also skipping with a rope.  I got pushed over, chipped my front tooth in half leaving a perfect upside down moon shape.  

I too have suffered from spates of jealously myself and if i wasn’t careful could let it slowly kill me!  I am competitive and ambitious by nature meaning i like to outdo others.  At school if someone copied my artwork or took my idea i would get annoyed (although i never sought revenge and broke anyone’s teeth!!). 

When i failed to succeed at something others were doing well in i would give up… so upon reaching adult hood i realised i needed to go back to the root of my competitive nature and sort myself out.

Ambition can be both a positive and negative trait – if used for God it can be powerful.  Through reflecting on this God given characteristic i realised that at the core of my childhood behaviour was a desire to be appreciated and admired, essentially to be given attention because that was where i found love – through worldy success.

Having given this whole thing back to God i am now able to accept other people having more ‘successful’ blogs than mine, or other people copying my posts.  I now know that all i do is because of God working in me.

Letting go has been freeing.  Handing over the reigns to God, crushing my pride and seeing myself as equal to others has been amazing.

When things aren’t going well DON’T GIVE UP… some of the greatest people on earth were told they would never make it.  With God all things are possible… even overcoming having your tooth chipped!

(Phil 4:13) “I can do everything through him who gives me strength.”


25 Responses to “Break my tooth, why don’t you?”

  1. Maria Toth said

    Thanks for the encouragement, John. I’m flagging with post writing due to double the work load in the absence of a colleague! May God give all who read this strength today.

    In Jesus,

  2. diana said

    Maria… thank you for making this post. Blog success isnt measured by the number of hits you get but by the work you are able to do for God. It’s great that you have a blog for Jesus and you seem natural and honest in your writings, I have a feeling that God is going to use this a lot to help you grow.

    I am considering writing a post based on what I have read here today. Because I feel it might be inappropriate for me to say some things here, which are in my heart and are asking to be let out.

    my prayers for you and with you 🙂

  3. Oscar said

    Wow Maria! You have NO IDEA how much this post has helped me! 🙂 I Can Hear God speaking through me. The past one week have been tiring.

    This is something that I really needed to hear. Thanks and God Bless.

  4. timglass said

    Holy scripture uses the word jealous to describe God. Yet within His jealousy He doesn’t sin. We, who are created in His image, tend to let jealousy overtake us.
    God is jealous for His people to stay close to Him. To not wander from His love. He is possessive, with our best interest at heart. We are rarely, jealous for the things of God. But the closer we get to Jesus, the more possible it is for us to become jealous for the things of God. His love does amazing things!

  5. Thanks for an inspiring post Maria. You’ve reminded me of a homily I heard from a few weeks ago watching a live eucharist service from Saint John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN. I’ll see if I can post it up on my blog sometime soon (if I can find the transcription I made of it).

  6. Maria Toth said

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and smiles sent through words.

    Every blessing,

  7. Lorna said

    Blog success. An interesting concept. I don’t look at the stats, but one way I do measure my blog, other than personal satisfaction which in itself is important, is the dialogues in the comments. Best of all I love it when something I write from my heart (usually God inspired) is picked up and discussed in more depth / a different light elsewhere in blogland.

    my advice – though you didn’t ask for it- is don’t work too hard on your blog, write short posts when you are inspired to. Longer ones are usually only for yourself (or very dedicated readers and friends) Above all keep writing for the glory of God – if what you write turns our eyes from ourselves (and from you) to Him – you can consider your blog as worthwhile 🙂

    be blessed

  8. Sarah said

    Maria, thanks for dropping by my site. I’ve been encouraged reading your thoughts!

    You might also enjoy reading some of the stuff my fiance has written. His blog tends to be a little bit deeper than mine…less likely to have pictures of Fun-Yuns. 🙂

    Do you have Fun-Yuns in the UK? They’re an onion-garlic flavored salty snack, with a similar consistancy to a really fluffy rice cake that leaves your fingers kind of slimy, and your breath…uh…not great.

    Anyway, check out Josh’s thoughts at

    May the Lord of all nations bless you and your home country!

    from the mid-western US

  9. Eliz said

    Thank you for sharing this from your heart. I struggle with this. Learning still to let go instead of striving and competing in a jealous manner.


  10. Maria,

    Interesting post…

    Faithful Blogging is a lot like witnessing one’s faith from day to day — sharing eternal life with as many as possible in a world, lost without Jesus Christ.

    Be faithful. No need to make a statistical graph of how many have listened to the Gospel nor how many have trusted Christ as Savior. Only the Lord really knows for sure. However, it does matter that we are faithful but the Lord Himself keeps tally. If we need to know, He will tell us when we are eternally with Him.

    A Bible believing Christian can guide his life with this question about his every action:

    “How will this affect all eternity and what have my actions to do with John 3:16, ‘For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.'”

    1 Corinthians 2:2 “For I determined not to know any thing among you, save Jesus Christ, and Him crucified.”

    The approach may differ but the message is the same.

    Share Jesus Christ with a lost and dying world…

    ExP (Jack)

  11. Roo said

    St. Therese of the Child Jesus spoke on this. She instructed her novices and even her older sister Celine that the best way to get closer to Jesus was not to expect praise. Do not do anything for the recognition, but do it for God. If you are never thanked for what you have done, what a wonderful thing! Christ will thank you in heaven and is that not what we really want?

    If everyone in the world did one nice thing for someone else today without expecting thanks or praise, we would be one step closer to living the Kingdom of God on earth.

    With Love and Prayer,

  12. Shirley said

    Marie, thanks for this timely post. I believe it is natural to appreciate recognition for what we accomplish, and to feel the admiration and gratitude of those around us when we do an excellent job. It is only when the craving for such accolades reach an unusual (or even ungodly) extent, that this becomes wrong. Only my opinion. Enjoy your posts. I’m traveling extensively right now, so it is hard for me to read and post as much as I wish to.

    Blessings and joy in Jesus.

    Shirley Buxton

  13. tommyjoe said


    I was thrilled to get your comment. Thanks for visiting my blog. My sister Carol told me about yours. I closely relate to you concerning that chipped tooth. I still “bear the marks” of a chipped tooth myself. Back in my grade school days (I don’t remember exactly what grade I was in) a “friend” saw me playing outside, ran across the street to where I was, and just punched me in the mouth. He may have been angry because I had just beat him in a chess match. He was one who “always won” and hated losing. That punch resulted in my STILL having a chipped tooth today. I will finally be getting that fixed within the next year!

    I also have a competitive side to me. I was double promoted in 2nd grade and have always excelled in school–especially in English and language skills. All my brothers and sisters seem to be “wordsmiths”–especially Carol. We all seem to like good poetry, word games, good competition. To this day, I still love those things, but like you, I can’t be puffed up in knowledge (knowledge puffeth up!). What is it “they” say?–a little knowledge is a dangerous thing! As I’ve gotten older, I realize that the more I “know,” the more I know I don’t know. (Does that make sense?) Anyway, God too has helped me in overcoming one of the biggest obstacles in life–SELF. I hope I continue to let HIM make me what I ought to be.

    Sorry so lengthy, but had to relate my story.

    God Bless,
    Tom Contino

    P.S. I will probably be putting a picture on my blog today, so should you get another comment from me, next time you’ll be able to see a little what I look like. I don’t know if I’ll smile big, though. (hee hee)

  14. Theresa Taylor said

    Thank you. This really struck a cord with me. I struggle with this so much.

  15. Carol said


    Thanks again for another great post. The thing that I find so refreshing about your blog is that it makes me examine myself.(and I want to do that by the light of God’s Word)If you ever come to the U.S. or I ever make it to the U.K., we must have tea together.



  16. Oscar said

    Oh wait I meant *I can Hear God speaking to me Through the post. *


  17. mmog37 said

    great job Maria…

    Your honest approach is refreshing. By looking taking a closer look at yourself and making adjustment you demonstrate what is at the heart of Christianity…not to try and change others but by growing, maturing and changing ourselves…and by our example effect a change in those around us…show not tell *thumbs up*

  18. Jason said

    Good post. We all get jealous of something at some point and need to learn to accept ourselves as we are as God accepts us. Do not covet. Anyway, cool post.

  19. Steve said

    What an uplifting and powerful post. Thank you for sharing from the heart.
    When I write I just feel that I have to get the words out of my heart and mind and then use my Blog as a way of letting go if you can understand. If any one uses it after then it is a two way blessing. All though it is nice to know and think that someone out in the world has maybe been blessed or helped by what I write. I hope and pray that I to like you put God and Jesus first though all that I write.

    God’s Blessings on You Maria.


  20. helenl said

    Hi Maria. Another great post.

  21. christiekk said

    Hey Maria,

    I just discovered your blog through the tag surfer…Thanks so much for your post. I have struggled so much in the past with ppride/competition issues. In the end, it should be all for His glory that we should do anything…

    God Bless

  22. AutumnRose said

    This has really helped me too, as I only get a small amount of traffic through my blog, and on a bad day I can take that in a negative way…ie my blog isn’t very good. This is also because I have a blog I rarely up-date anymore which is part of a website, and they had a rating system and mine was ratd the lowest. The rating system has since been removed, but I’ve never been quite able to shake the feeling off. I cried for about 3 days! 😦

    But if I only help one person along their journey by sharing some of mine, then that’s a good thing, and anyhow ~ small is intimate!


  23. Great site, I am bookmarking it!Keep it up!
    With the best regards!

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