Squeaky tyres

October 28, 2006

Where’s the pit stop to sort out my tyres? I know i have failed to assign a day of rest this weekend and although i will carve out time to be with God and pray, i won’t have any official ‘rest’ time.

So many times i go through a week of work only to fall out the other side of the weekend into another week!

As i type i am in the middle of a hectic weekend.  It is a conference weekend.  You know the ones… Early starts to set up the sound system, registering participants and dishing out badges, long days and lots of service ‘in love’!

Some advice often dished out prior to a conference is the priorities one:

J -esus  O -thers  Y-ourself

If we get our priorities right, by ensuring we pray, serve others, then allowing God to work in us, we should have a perfect formula for JOY all round!

Sundays are supposed to be a ‘day of rest’ but for Christians are often manically crazy!  If you’re not helping with the music at church, then maybe you are helping with Children’s ministry or just sorting your own family and making them be quiet during a sermon, maybe you are preaching or thinking about dishing up a roast meal for some relatives.

Where is the rest i require, the pit stop to change the tyres, or even the space to realise the tyres need changing?  Perhaps we would do well to block out a day a month in our diaries for quiet, for rest, relaxation, no phones ringing, no blogging even (!), and so have no disturbances from this ‘i-can-be-conacted-24hrs-a-day’ culture.


13 Responses to “Squeaky tyres”

  1. misslionheart said

    I could only do that if someone were to hide the mouse!

  2. timglass said

    Sometimes I have weeks like that, too! Praise God for lunch hours! During my lunch break, I read/study, pray and write. I really commune with God during this time. Maybe you could try that, see how it helps you.
    God bless you.

  3. AutumnRose said

    I like the J.O.Y. acronym, but prefer (personally) to see it as J-esus and O-thers as Y-ourself. I know I need to learn how to love myself in the right way before I can truly love others 🙂

    Have a great weekend, despite the busy-ness 🙂

  4. mmog37 said

    seems like we suffer from the”Martha Syndrome”…But Martha [overly occupied and too busy] was distracted with much serving; Luke 10:40…
    maybe we should take some note from Mary and learn how to just sit at the feet of the Master..:)There is need of only one or but [i]a few things. Mary has chosen the good portion [[j]that which is to her advantage], which shall not be taken away from her. Luke 10:42

  5. helenl said

    Sorry about the busy weekend. Hope you find time for some rest.

  6. I know what it’s like to have busy weekeneds. It happens often here, and Sunday seems to be the busiest day of all. A pastor I knew once said, “If you don’t take time to come apart, you will come apart.” Sometimes we have to be that “Mary” and just sit at the feet of Jesus for a while and let Him give us rest for our souls.

    Hope your conference goes well.

  7. diana said

    I agree with mmog37 🙂 just sit at the Lord’s feet and listen, the work will manage itself.. LOL

    well not exactly the way that sounds lol but yeah rest in Him 🙂 i think hebrews 4 talks about the special rest for God’s people.

    God bless,

  8. bill said


    Your observation about needing to carve out time for rest and renewal is so spot on! When I try to do more I always get less done. It reminds me of the prophet’s words…not by might; not by power; but, by my Spirit says the Lord. We need those times of quiet “rest” in order that God’s Spirit might strengthen us inwardly so that Christ might dwell in our hearts…this written by the person who sponsored a teenagers’ lock-in and stayed awake all night Friday/Saturday. I’m feeling it today, hope it doesn’t show too much tomorrow. Thank you for the reminder! I think I’ll go find a quiet place to spend time with the Lord. -bill

  9. Maria Toth said

    Thanks everyone.. back from a 14hr working day! Was staggered that a lady who hadn’t been able to run for 50yrs was able to do so after prayer! GLORY TO GOD!!!

    Clocks go back an hour tonight so i get an extra hour in bed… or to pray! 😉

  10. at times i feel the same as you. my weekends (maybe not as hectic as yours is this weekend) are usually packed with church activities. there’s committee meetings to go to, fellowship meetings to go to, Sunday service, music practices, setup time, etc, etc…

    even if not for a whole day, setting aside just an hour to re-attune myself to the rhythm of God through prayer and the Scriptures is one of the best ways I’ve found to dip myself out of the “i-am-contactable-24-hrs-a-day” culture that you speak of. hope that you do manage to get some rest this weekend Maria.


  11. storbakken said

    It sounds like the hectic day was worth. Prayer is amazing! God bless.


  12. Mel said

    🙂 that was a good one.

  13. Jason said

    Yes we all do need to reprioritize. I really like to see the JOY once in a while as it is a very good reminder as to how we ought to live. And we also need our breaks to recover from all the stress of life. There is a short principal to specify here, check out, http://www.nwlink.com/~donclark/hrd/history/arousal.html.
    for Yerkes-Dodson law of arousal and/or stress.

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