Saving up for retirement in heaven

October 31, 2006

When i head to the shops it can be quite easy to spend money on some things yet when it comes to other items or possible purchases i tend to be very careful with my funds.  A while back i began realising that i sometimes go shopping, buy something, then stop afterwards and think, “Did i really need that?”.  As a result i have taken to praying before i go shopping to make sure i don’t purchase unnecessary items.

Although slightly weak when it comes to shopping for non-necessities, i feel strongly about not getting into debt so have made a number decisions in my life to prevent myself entering into the world of borrowing and owing. 

Not being in a position to purchase a house yet i have been reflecting on our world where mortgages are almost a necessity to exist.  I am wary about MORT-GAGEs because the words from which Mortgage stems mean DEATH GRIP! I suppose this form of debt is almost inevitable, but can we avoid this grip of death?  Should Christians avoid this form of debt?  Is that unrealistic?

In the area of finances i need balance.  I can easily go out and spend £20 on a meal, but will i then put £20 or more in the collection at church on Sunday to further the Kingdom of God?  It’s about balance.  My money is a gift from God for me to be a good steward of – how will i use it today?


22 Responses to “Saving up for retirement in heaven”

  1. misslionheart said

    I spent almost 50 euro on makeup alone yesterday! I’ll make a donation to the Parish on Saturday…

  2. Maria said

    Ha! Well done. May God bless you.

  3. timglass said

    All we have been given belongs to God. We must be faithful with these little things here, to be faithful with much in His kingdom.

  4. Lorna said

    I think of a mortguage just as rent …in actual fact it probably won’t cost you any more in the long run …

    but I always pay off my CC at the end of the month … and I can only do that by thinking carefully and prayerfully about purchases

    that said I don’t think we are called to be stingy even to ourselves – and sadly many Christians fall into the pit hole. Horrible murky it is there too.

  5. christiekk said

    Ha! the word mortgage seemed scary the first time I heard it.As you rightly said, the first part “Mort” is death in french.
    I lived without CC for a few years, but i eventually had to start using them just t obuild up a solid credit history.The little plastic thing should be used with caution though…And in this domain, I sure have a lot of improvement to do.

  6. Keith M. said

    I agree, there is a balence.
    Do we really need all we this luxury or do poor beggars in foreign countries need food?

  7. Tenapen said

    Thank you for the visit Maria! You are making a good point in this posting.


  8. helenl said

    A friend of mine, who has some interesting views concerning money, once explained that each decision to buy something is also a decision not to buy something else (with the same money). What have we failed buy because we spent money unwisely? This does, indeed, call for much prayer.

  9. Hi Maria,

    I just went to and looked up mortgage. You’re right on about it’s meaning. Lord, help me to make investments down here as needed, but eternal investments often!

  10. Maria Toth said

    Ha.. glad that approves of my definition!

    God bless and protect all our financial dealings.

  11. Jamie said

    Hi Maria,
    I’ve been visiting your blog for a few weeks now, and with each new post I smile and find a blessing. I’ve often wanted to comment, but just didn’t have the time, or take the time. (sorry) Anyway – I sense the heart of Jesus in you and it’s refreshing to see in the blog world, Thank You!

    You’re a blessing, and may God bless you!

  12. Maria,
    I had never thought of the meaning of the word. That puts a new light on it, because I have one. Balance is truly the key and keeping the priorities right. Thanks for this.

  13. Alex said

    I’ve had the same struggle, and I’ve been contemplating buying a house myself. I tend to avoid debt like the plague, but I’ve come up with this. If you take a loan on a car, the car depreciates, however if you take the loan on a house, most of the time the house will appreciate, which negates the debt… kindda.

    Well I hope this helps. God bless.


  14. stuartdelony said

    Good point, money is always a struggle. My grandfather saved till he could pay off his house in cash. But I’m not that man, I’m in the mortgage grip o death. But it is nice being in a house now.

    We’re used to getting what we want, when we want it.

    It’s a good think that the Lord never gives up on us.

  15. Tomas said

    Dear Maria,

    Your sense of responsibility as of God’s steward comforts my heart. Thank you.
    Your post inspires questioning how do I act myself with “my” money, and that’s good.
    However, that confuses in concrete situation. It is so because I live on a disability pension that means the living on the daily charity in my lovely country. Single $ 1 is great money. What to speak about the sums that you have mentioned in your post.
    No, I am not complaining. It is otherwise. My sad reality gifts me a chance to sense God’s caring presence DAILY.
    You question yourself are you a good God’s steward, and that sounds as a reminder to me. Did I say Thank you today?

    We are told to give, but we are to give cheerfully, from the heart, but not by reasoning.
    And while doing so, we receive more than we could even expect.
    At the moment the exhibition of my artworks is opened in my town. It looks good indeed. However, not that is worth comments. Have a look. One single frame costs what I receive to live per month. In other words, the arranging of exposition should be simply impossible. But it was opened. And the secret was very simple. God blessed me to meet prior unknown to me benefactors, who enabled me to do what was done in His name.

    Thus I view my own pictures not as an author, but the viewer. While looking at my picture, I see people who gifted me the brush, who gifted me the canvas, who gifted me the frames … a cup of coffee… and so I see not my pictures, but hear the song of gratitude to our God and wonderful peace fill up the heart.

    As you see, the question how I will succeed to pay my bills tomorrow becomes much more complicated in my case. But I didn’t worry a bit. We know, Jesus said it Himself, He didn’t left as alone. GOD IS WITH US and we are just to love.
    I am sorry for this long and exclusively personal “comment”.
    Reasoning may look wise, but it isn’t the love.
    At times it seems indeed that it became impossible to love, but our trust in God makes the miracles, and we share the smile in spite of what we come across on our road to the heaven

  16. Food for thought…
    Your posts always make me stop and think a little extra.

  17. misslionheart said

    Same here…

  18. You are so right. This an issue near and dear to my heart. This may sound crazy and i do not want to be to extreme; however, I have come to see debt as a tool Satan uses to enslave Christians. I realize this flies in the face of USA culture. But think about it. What would your church be like if everyone there were debt free.

  19. Alex said

    It’s funny that you say you don’t want to be extreme, but if you think about it, Christianity (when truly lived) is the most extreme you can get. It goes against everything the world tells us, especially here in the US!

    And a debt free church would be a pretty amazing thing in my mind.

  20. Maria Toth said

    Yeah, you’re right. I DO want to be extreme in one sense!


  21. Jordan said

    i love this blog!

  22. rachael said

    i have 5 microwave!

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