Wait for the mircrowave to ping!

November 1, 2006

God’s timing is perfect!

How many times when you’ve been praying for a breakthrough has someone told you that it’s ‘in His hands’ and repremanded you for lack of faith?  It’s one thing believing it in your head, but quite another transferring that to your heart.

When i put my morning porridge in the microwave i am often over keen, trying to rush and take the bowl out after only a minute.  Porridge oats with only luke warm milk doesn’t work – i need to wait til the ping of the microwave!  It’s the same with prayer, sometimes i can try to rush God in to responding with what i want and when i want.

When we pray for something God does hear, only He answers in His timing… alternatively He changes our desires to be in line with His.  Sometimes we don’t understand His timing.  Why does He answer our neighbours prayers for healing from cancer and not the prayers for a close friend in the same situation…

Think of the frustrated lady who called Jesus to pray over a sick Lazarus.  Jesus was busy and in her view didn’t sense the urgency of her request.  Lazarus died.  It looked like Jesus didn’t care.  However in waiting for Jesus’ timing (after Lazarus had died) a greater miracle was seen in that Jesus then had to pray not for a sick man to be healed, but for a dead man to come back to life.  What a greater witness of Jesus’ power was seen in waiting til His perfect timing.

Your prayers ARE being heard even if you question whether they are.

May God be glorified! Amen!


16 Responses to “Wait for the mircrowave to ping!”

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Maria

  2. AutumnRose said

    I too have micorwave porridge for brekkie!

    While it is cooking, I do something else ~ comb my hair, make a cup of tea ~ which takes away the agony of waiting!

    Perhaps this is so with prayer, too…while we are waiting for an answer to prayer, maybe God wants us not to sit around, but to get on with living. His ‘ping’ will eventually come, when the ‘porridge is cooked’ 🙂

    Have a blessed day today, friend 🙂

  3. It takes practice to operate according to God’s time! Patient trust is hard for many of us to practice, particularly in a world where we get so many things so quickly (like microwave porridge!).

  4. timglass said

    I guess this is why patience is a virtue.
    Happy All Saints Day!

  5. Maria Toth said

    Ta! Happy All Saints Day to all of you as well!

    In Jesus,
    Maria in the UK

  6. christelle said

    Trusting in God’s timing is the way to go!

    Thanks for the reminder.

    God Bless.

  7. helenl said

    Hi Maria. Nice reminder that God hears our prayers.

  8. Chris D said

    How true! One pet peeve of mine is the saying “God didn’t answer that prayer.”

    God answers EVERY prayer. God hears EVERY prayer. He may not answer in your time or in your way, but He hears and He answers. Off soap box-but that just bugs me. Even Christians say that.

    Thank you for the post, Maria! Off to my busy day!

  9. Maria,
    Thanks again for the heart you share in your posts – it’s really encouraging to me.

    Today you have touched on a day in the life of Jesus that I love. I know we love all of them, but this is one I have to have. Lazarus has died and Jesus shows up – late according to all those who are looking for him. You can tell this by all the “Lord if onlys” you hear in the story. Anyway Martha said, “Lord if only you had been here Lazarus would not have died, but I know God will give you whatever you ask.” (I’m paraphrasing) Jesus saw some faith in her comment, and said – “your brother will rise again!” Martha being a faithful follower says “I know he will rise again in the resurrection.” Jesus sees more faith, but it’s not quite the level he desires so he tells her exactly who he is.

    Jesus said to her, “I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in me will live, even though he dies; and whoever lives and believes in me will never die. Do you believe this?” John 11:25-26

    It wasn’t enough for Martha to believe that Jesus “will be” the resurrection and the life one day – he is that, and so much more. He is also the resurrection and the life here and now, standing right there in front of her. It’s such a powerful and beautiful truth about Jesus, and it’s recorded for us so that we may believe it as well. He is the resurrection and the life of whatever I’m going through here and now, and his question to Martha is also his question to me – “do you believe this?”

    It makes it a lot easier to wait on him when you know him like this.

    Sorry for the length of my preachy comment.

  10. Maria Toth said

    All lengthy comments welcome, Jamie -you did the work i was planning to but didn’t have time for i.e. finding all the relevant Bible verses!

    Yes, Chris, God DOES hear everything.

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts! GOD HEARS YOUR EVERY MOAN AND CRY AND EXCLAMATION OF JOY!

    In Jesus,

  11. Carol said

    In our microwave society, we are so used to have everything right away. Thanks for the reminder that it’s not like that with God. We may have to wait sometimes, but His timing is perfect.



  12. Jason said

    God’s timing is perfect, if He were to bend to our wishes would we still concider Him God? In short, no. He knows better then we do, that is why He is God and we are us. The timing in the Lazarus passage also make reference to a common belief in jewish culture at the time when after a certain amount of days the body and spirit go through diffent stages. By the time Jesus had resurected Lazarus his spirit would have left the body by then, so it would be even more miraculus in those standards. He had to wait, even though it broke His heart do to so (hence “Jesus wept”). He had to show his supremisy over death. This sounds kind of silly but in one of my bible studies we compared God’s timing in the Lazarus passage with the rippening of a Banana. It would be like eating a banana too early or too late, it just wouldn’t work. We much trust in God’s timing.

    As usual it is good to read your posts, good reminders of what we should keep in mind. 🙂 And of course sorry for the super long comment, HAHA.

  13. enit said

    well said Jason and really nice post Maria.
    A good reminder.. wait for the microwave to ping!

    God bless,

  14. Alex said

    Waiting for His timing has probably been my greatest struggle, and you’ve put it in a way that is very easy to relate to. Thanks!


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  16. Jay said


    Thanks again for visiting my blog! I enjoyed reading yours as well. This particular article really hit me between the eyes! So true, yet so hard to put into action.. waiting for his timing that is. Thanks for sharing, I’ll be a frequent visitor from here on out. Nice to have a new friend and fellow believer across the pond.

    In him,

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