Do you know what you’re doing, Moses?

November 4, 2006

I like to be in control, to be able to plan where i’m heading and know what my estimated time of arrival is.  If i was with Moses in the desert heading to the Promised Land i would’ve been up front asking this great leader if he really knew what he was doing, and probably grumbling to him about the situation.

If i was to ride on a dogem car at a fairground with a friend i would find it hard to be a passenger because in most areas of my life i like to be in the driving seat!

Sometimes (believe it or not!) i have moments where i have nothing to say, no sense of being in control and it is in that place i believe i am at a point where i truly turn to and rely on God.  It’s when things are going well and i feel in control that God becomes less ‘significant’ and i am guilty of taking things into my own hands.

Once you’ve passed your driving test there is the familiar phrase of being a ‘backseat driver’; once we know we can have control over something then we want to have our say.  How many times have you said to God, ‘Surely it would be better if you answered my prayer now, and in this way, and don’t you think you ought to do this and that‘.

My arrogance can take a step further though, and i can opt not to even converse with the God of the Universe, concluding that i can handle things perfectly well by myself.  It is in this place i would do well to be reminded of the potential we have with the Holy Spirit to do more than we are humanly capable… and also to reflect on this life not being an end in itself, but a mere preparation for real life – life eternal!

I may think i know what i am doing and where i am going, i may feel that i am in control, but this is deception.  Satan is the Master of deception and if he can convince me not to converse with my Master today, to make me believe i can handle things without him, then Satan will add a star to his star chart – Satan 1, Me 0.


11 Responses to “Do you know what you’re doing, Moses?”

  1. timglass said

    One thing that has helped me stay focused on God through-out the day is my morning prayer, “Father, I make my life a prayer to you..” A song by Keith Green. But it has helped me by staying in the forefront of my mind, and when situations come to tempt me, I am reminded of that line and ask myself,” Do I want this to be part of my prayer?”
    His blessings this day.

  2. Maria,
    I would imagine Moses had quite a few take charge “front seat” drivers in the nation of Israel. To me, Moses was not a step-up-to-the-plate kind of guy in the beginning, but God transformed him.
    I figured from your comments that you were a “front seat driver,” and it is a battle to keep oneself in line with God when one is like that.
    Good post!

  3. gary said

    It really is amazing how we think that we are in control. I appreciate God for directing me to your blog this morning. Today, you made a difference. Thank you.

  4. helenl said

    Hi Maria, What a great post. I can certainly identify with what you say here.

  5. christiekk said

    A front seat driver, I am too.I have reaped many times the consequences of not letting God be at the wheel…

    Great post!

    God bless

  6. Another good post, Maria. Hope you have a great weekend!

  7. Chris D said

    Hi There!

    I had to laugh, Maria. My husband tells me to get in the back seat all the time!

    The lack of control REALLY becomes an issue when you start having kids. Then your faith has to walk outside your body.

    Thank you for your beautiful posts; they are an oasis!


  8. I can be a front seat driver also. It’s hard to sit in the back and let someone elso lead. I have recently learned that I can get so much farther when I let God lead. Even though I know it’s easier I still find myself trying to grab the steering wheel……go figure!


  9. It’s amazing how fast life goes out of control when we have to be in control…

    Thanks for a great post Maria, have a great weekend!

    In Him,

  10. Celeste said

    Great thoughts. So true, and so familiar for all of us!

    Thanks of leaving a comment on my site. Keep up the great work here, you have something awesome going on! 🙂


  11. Roo said

    Fr. Groeschel likes to remind us that we all like to say, “God, I know you are all powerful and all loving and you’ll only do what’s best for me… But I’d like to make a suggestion.”

    I like to ‘make suggestions.’ But I’ve found that the best way to learn was to go with God’s flow and open my heart to whatever may come. (Maybe that’s how I became a gamer: something to do on those stormy days.)

    Great post, Maria! I hope your posts are helping you as much as they help us.

    With Love,

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