Hidden behind shattered glass

November 14, 2006

Yesterday i was chatting to celtic singer Moya Brennan.  She shared that when she was honest about her struggles in life others then testified to feeling encouraged and empowered by hearing her be vulnerable – they realised they were not the only ones who go through trials. 

In my life i recall an occasion when someone i thought was very holy told me how much of a struggle prayer is for them.  Many moments in my life which are memorable are those where people have been honest with me about their weakness and failure, rather than parading as something they want to be rather than who they really are.

I have found that when someone is real about where they are at i then meet God in that moment, probably because God is TRUTH and so in the moment of someone being open God is there.

Challenge today: BE REAL because someone will be blessed by it! 


25 Responses to “Hidden behind shattered glass”

  1. Thank you, Maria. I pray to be that way.

  2. Coops said

    How can we have it any other way? Being honest is the first step in accountability & in fellowship. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  3. You are so very right. I am often intimidated by folks who seem to have it all together and I’m much more likely to listen closely and learn from someone who is honest and reveals their flaws.

    Thank you for sharing this!

    By the way, I absolutely LOVE your header graphic.

  4. dulcediana said

    I struggle with this myself. I am in ministry and I feel pressure by others to always be right and at least appear to have it all together.

    I recently had a situation where I slipped but immediately asked forgiveness and admitted my fault. This was not taken well. So let us pray that we can stand to truth and that others will have the desire to do the same.

  5. Maria,

    Being “real” is especially important around children. They have the ability to see right through the facades we put up. If we are honest with them about our weaknesses and mistakes, then they can relate to us all the better which often open the door to share Christ.



  6. Maria Toth said

    Interesting to see how you guys have grabbed different angles to this dependant on your own lives!

    God bless

  7. Honora said

    “Be real because it’ll bless someone”

    Excellent point 🙂

  8. mmog37 said

    good post,

    being real is the key…

  9. Great Post Maria! There is great victory for us and those around us when we are able to be open and honest, because that’s when others can see that God is doing a good work in us… not us being good.

  10. storbakken said

    God wants honesty, not a facade.

  11. Vicki said

    Hi Maria! What a lovely blog you have here! Glad you visited me so I could find you:-) Thanks for coming by. Please visit again and make yourself at home. God’s blessings to you today!


  12. Another great post, Maria. For real!

  13. Scotty G said

    Good post Maria, there’s no since in trying to maintain a facade before the God Almighty! So drop it when you’re acting on his behalf.

  14. I can’t be anyone else. I stopped trying along time ago. GREAT POST.

  15. becky said

    working at it…figuring out what living naked and vulnerable is supposed to be…what it IS…

  16. Great post Maria. The more real we are, the closer we are to God.

  17. Bill said

    Q: What’s better than excellent?

    A: Maria’s most recent post!

    Thank you for being a REAL source of encouragement in the lives of many!!


  18. Thank you for that reminder, as His servant It is hard and it is always a constant struggle as all the time the pressure is on to live without putting on a facade. But with constant reminder like that I guess we can only do better.

  19. Chris D said

    Beautiful post-thank you!

  20. Maria,

    Many of the Psalms (Psalm 77 in particular) are wonderful examples of the honesty that we should all have when we approach God in prayer. It’s not like He doesn’t already know what’s on our mind. Yet, I know I fear that I will come across as not respecting His authority. The reality is that by being honest, we are doing just that. By not acting like everything is fine in our lives, we are acknowledging His power, His grace, His will and what He is doing in and through our lives. Great post today.

  21. Dana said

    I am so with you on this, how can you know someone or love the person if you don’t really know them and if they are putting up a false front, then you don’t know them at all. I try to be me no matter what, what you see is what you get.

  22. Shirley said

    This is a beautiful post, Maria. I agree with you totally and learned long ago how freeing it is to be real, to be transparents, to truly be “oneself.”

    Blessings and joy.

    shirley Buxton

  23. eija said

    Amen, sister!

    I used to live my life trying to hide my faults and shortcomings. But it’s no way of living, it’s exhausting! I got burned out. These days if someone asks me how am I doing, I can’t even say “good” if it’s not true. And I’ve seen in so many cases – especially with non-believers – that being openly my real self is the best witness I can give them. They see that I too am just a regular human being – to be a believer doesn’t require any super powers.

    And for me? Well, it’s a huge relief. Even if sometimes I need to dig out some extra courage for it.

  24. myderbe said

    Sounds like we’re both learning some of the same things.

    Thanks for sharing.

  25. rdeemed70 said

    Amen!! this is to funny! My first name is Moya. I don’t see too many people with my first name!! Wow… God bless you!!!

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