Can you hear the popcorn drop!

November 16, 2006

Sitting on the train coming home from work yesterday i became aware of how much noise there was around me: newspapers rustling, whistles blowing, people chattering, announcements being made and more!

Finding silence can be hard in today’s world.

The phone rings, a plane soars overhead… these are technological feats which i applaud yet they result in my needing to choose to find a quiet place where there will be no interruptions so i may attune myself to the small still voice of God!

Yes, we can hear God speaking in the hustle and bustle of life, in loud praise songs or when with family and friends, but we need the place of silence where we meet ourselves and God face to face… and it can be precisely because we see ourselves as we are that we can avoid a time of prayer which is simply silence (rather than ‘reading’ through scripture or telling God all our needs).

Today’s task: to spend time sitting still in silence, simply allowing God to love me! 

p.s. Up tomorrow… ‘You don’t know anything about me!’


24 Responses to “Can you hear the popcorn drop!”

  1. okay – silence it is – thanks! 🙂

  2. Art said

    Thanks for the visit to my new blog. I like the idea of silence, though I rarely experience it. Silence can be a sanctuary to those of us accustomed to the noise of daily life. Sometimes, in those rare moments of silence, I believe that God speaks to us most loudly.

  3. anna said

    thanks for the comment on my blog. your site is beautiful.

  4. Silence is so precious and so needed. I have always craved silence. It’s like finding gold; so rare and precious.

  5. Sally said

    Hi Maria, thanks for dropping by- interesting blog you have here. This post really resonates with me… but right now I have the office to myself and all is quiet.

  6. timglass said

    Silence, the framework in which God speaks!
    His blessings this day.

  7. Phil McAlmond said

    Silence is vital.

    We can find silence in places we usually do not look for it, like, in the car by turning off the radio, cd player and just quietly praying, again, it is quietly praying. We can turn off the TV, and sit in the quiet with the Lord Jesus. We can take a nice long walk, focusing our thoughts upon the Lord and discover that noise can be tuned out. Reading the Word of God in the midst of a quiet place, like the Library, etc. It is all good and I find these things and more so very important. Noise gets in the way of hearing, our hearing the heart and voice of the Lord Jesus.

    I think we can get so tuned into noise that we have to wean ourselves away from it. While we cry out for quiet, we then turn around and seek it, all at the same time. Wierd, I know, but we do it just the same. That’s why I think we need to admit we are addicted to noise and begin, by the grace of God, a weaning process, away for it.

    Anyway, enough said. Good post! Thankyou!

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  8. What a great remember to be still and know that He is God.

  9. Not only a good suggestion for the day, but a needed discipline for our lives.

  10. dulcediana said

    I was just thinking about that the other day! Yes, I can worship in silence, in fact I need to! Just as you described sometimes we need to get out of the clutter of life and allow ourselves to rest (even our ears) in Him.
    Thank you Maria,

  11. You are so very right! With three kids, two which are home all day, it is hard to find silence…but I am greatly rewarded by Him when I do, so I make sure I make my quiet time with Him a priority in life!!

  12. ekawaaz said

    Silence is a taste of the eternal, which is a natural part of us. If we are noisy and active all the time, we will never know the invisible world that is interior to us. It’s no accident that a church or temple might be a place where you can discover the forceful strength and healing power of quiet and quietness. It is a precious commodity that even the most successful people and business man may not have. As we work to ensure our status in the world, it is easy to forget that we are not only physical creatures. The state of our spiritual health can be easily tested. Sit in silence for ten minutes. When the noise of the world dies away and we are left with ourselves, we get a pretty clear indication of the true extent of our inner peace.

  13. Robert said

    Wonderful thoughts . . . and very relevant too in what can also be a (figuratively) very loud blogging world!

  14. myderbe said

    Good reminder. With 6 children, it’s tough to find silence. I have been known to take time for myself in the evening and spend part of it sitting alone, in the dark, in my car with a cup of coffee and God. I also really enjoy being up alone after everyone else is asleep — my house is so quiet and I relish the silence.

  15. Maria — I enjoy people and spend a lot of my day with them. I’m thankful the Lord has me where I am… but if I don’t get quiet time alone with him — I’ve got nothing to give or share with anyone. In fact – I can’t even listen well if I don’t get time alone in quiet with God.
    Excellent post — thanks!

  16. Lisa said

    After reading your post & myderbe’s response, I now realize why I have such a hard time getting in bed at a reasonable hour at night…it is my time for quiet!! With kids all around all day long, it is really hard to get away & be quiet somewhere. I didn’t even realize that I was finding the time anyway–even if it meant the sacrifice of a few more hours of sleep each night. Now, I am going to commit that time to spend with God. Thanks for your great post! We need reminders like this on occasion (well, okay, more than just occasionally!!).

  17. mike said

    thank you for sharing

    the Lord bless you.

  18. Mrs Blythe said

    This post really spoke to me…if a post on silence can really speak, lol.

    I had a brief 30 minutes of silence yesterday with my little one, it was bliss. I really felt so close to God in the silence cuddling her. Blessings.

  19. Roo said

    The lobby I work in sounds like Grand Central Station from 10am to 6pm. It is louder than loud and the tapestry on the far wall doesn’t deaden the sound too much. But even in all that hustle and bustle, I can still here God if I listen, and look, hard enough.

    In the middle of a rush, a patron asked me who my guardian angel was. He was asking about the medal that sits behind my crucifix. When I said that it was the Virgin Mary (i.e. the Miraculous Medal), he replied that I was going to the top dog for help.

    Now, a whole lot of people would have been offended by Mary being referred to as a dog, but I heard God loud and clear. Mary is the top! She’s the Queen of Heaven and Earth! I was being given a gentle reminder that I was not only on Earth to do God’s Will, but to do Mary, the perefect woman, proud.

    It’s hard to find silence today, but that just means I have to work harder to hear when it isn’t quiet.

    Go Tiber River Swim Team!

  20. Carol said

    I think the silence will come tonight, after I’m done teaching Youth ALIVE!



  21. I find showers are the perfect place in the mornings.

  22. keithmccjr said

    Yup, sometimes we just need some peace, imagine what heaven will be like…

  23. donna said

    I am an early riser and would often find my time with God in those peaceful, quiet moments of the early morning hours……I have a poem on my sidebar titled morning harvest that speaks of those times…


  24. helenl said

    Hi Maria, I love silence. And I think it is vital to our well being.

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