Can you have brunette angels?

November 18, 2006

I had fun chatting to a new singing sensation group in the UK called ‘All Angels’ the other day.  They are 4 talented girls who have many titles including Young Chorister of the year, Composing titles, sporting achievements and more.  They have been thrown into the limelight and travelled from TV studios, to radio studios, to Rememberance services, to the Royal Albert Hall to Trafalgar Square….

The thing that struck me was how humble one of them was when i asked about her life prior to this album and she threw in passing some things and was very humble about it.  I was struck by her playing down what she has done rather than parading her accolades.

How many of us like to proclaim our ‘claims to fame’ whenever we have a moment… John the Baptist could’ve said ‘Hey, my Mum was mates with Jesus’ mum’ but he didn’t try to link himself to get favour.

Our favour lies in God’s blessing alone.  Our worth is not in what we do or have done but in being children of God.


12 Responses to “Can you have brunette angels?”

  1. timglass said

    A royal priesthood, a holy nation!
    His blessings this day.

  2. Gabrielle said

    Maria, this reminds me of your previous post as well. When we realize that perhaps we don’t really know someone, it’s not just for their struggles, is it – it can be for their good works as well. I always cringe when I hear people at church aggressively asking others to join this or that to help in the parish or with one cause or another, because they think the other person isn’t doing anything with their time. But really they have no idea what corporal or spiritual good works that person may be doing privately. There are alot of humble people out there, and what a joy it is to meet and get to know them!

  3. Amen Maria! We are the children of the King!

  4. It has to all be about Him and never about us.

  5. How true these words are Maria. Lots of people out there tooting their own horn. Here in Italy it’s called “saying your own Mass and singing it too.”

  6. timglass said

    My wife said,” Yes, you can have brunette angels!
    I’ve have YOU(referring to me) don’t I?!” LOL
    She’s my brunette angel as well!
    His blessings this day.

  7. Maria Toth said

    Awww.. God bless you and your brunette angel, Tim! 😉

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I tend not to post a blog entry on a Sunday but will be back tomorrow with ‘Make a memory!’

  8. Humility is a great thing, isn’t it? It’s one of those virtues we all benefit from.

  9. Jen said

    Hi Maria,

    Sorry I haven’t been by more often. I haven’t been blogging much latley…Thanks for coming by mine so much though!


  10. misslionheart said

    Nice post!

  11. в конце концов: отлично!!

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