Time travel

November 23, 2006

Time travel is often featured in films – either travelling back in time or into the future.  Our fascination with the future comes, i think, from a quest for knowledge and excitement and fulfilment, a wanting to know if there is a better quality of life for us than the one we presently live… so we ask ‘What will tomorrow hold?’, or we sing ‘Tomorrow, tomorrow, i love ya tomorrow…’.  The trouble is, i find myself living today caught up in tomorrow already!

I can become so caught up in planning for the future, being expectant about what God will do in the future that i can completely miss what He’s up to today!  If we spend our time living in the future then we’ll never to satisfied with today; but if we aim to be content with today then the hope the future holds will be even greater.

God has an amazing tomorrow planned for you, but don’t miss the amazing TODAY He has planned by dwelling on tomorrow.

 p.s. Yes, i acknowledge the need for vision and to look ahead, but that’s a separate point! 😉


20 Responses to “Time travel”

  1. Dana said

    Wow, you knocked on my door with this post. I am always worrying about tomorrow, constantly looking ahead and today just zips by unnoticed. Thanks for opening my eyes.

    Hey, hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving in Him! God Bless!

  2. Coops said

    Yeah, thanks Maria this one is very relevant to me too. It feels like all my plans unfold next year, making the time now suck.

    It’s good sometimes to just live in the moment and thank God for today. I guess we never know if tomorrow will come before Him.

  3. Maria said

    Happy Thanksgiving to you (even though we don’t have it in the UK!).

    Bit tired at work this morning after being at a prayer meeting last night! 🙂

    God bless

  4. Johnny said

    Glad to have discovered your blog, Maria!

    Peace & Blessings

    J 🙂

  5. timglass said

    To quote a song title,” Live like you were dying.” This could be the last day on earth for any of us. Live for the day, for the moment because it could be our last.
    His blessings this day.

    P.S. You mean the UK doesn’t celebrate a “Be gone you silly Yanks Day?!” 😀

  6. Raymond said

    In some ways, knowing that the ultimate future is returning home to our homeland in heaven, and knowing that Jesus could return any day to take us there straightaway – that should give me the security to live in the present… (having typed that, I’m not sure exactly what I mean but it seems to make sense instinctively – even though I don’t tend to live that out anywhere near as often as I would like!!)

    timglass said: You mean the UK doesn’t celebrate a “Be gone you silly Yanks Day?!”

    Now there’s an idea… 😉 Or how about Thanksgiving UK style – thank goodness the Yanks have gone lol

    Happy Thanksgiving anyway!

  7. The ultimate —
    2 Cor. 9:15
    “Thanks be unto God for his unspeakable [indescribable] Gift.”
    (Jesus Christ)

    In the old King James English — just for you, Maria!


  8. Brian Alexander said

    Thanks. Same to you. Have a blessed day!


  9. Tom said

    Very well said!
    God Bless!

  10. Yes, let’s stay in the amazing today. This is such very good advice for me, especially right now.

  11. It’s funny you posted this because as our family was leaving tonight after a wonderful Thanksgiving Meal we started talking about what we are going to fix for Christmas Dinner. LOL I know that’s not really what you meant by this post but, well…maybe kind of. Just enjoy the moment.

  12. so true! I am trying so hard to not live in the future – I have a worry tenancy and I spend too much time worrying and planning the future.

  13. Another good post, Maria. I want to learn to savor every moment that the Lord gives to me.

  14. Eric said

    EXTREMELY well said! I find myself thinking in very similar ways about the future. And you are SO right, I find it tends to tarnish my appreciation for and enjoyment of the present. I have been wrestling with that most of my adult life. After losing a child to a sudden illness, I am able to enjoy the present much more than I did before. When you live through something like that – you can’t help but realize how fleeting time and the present really are so you reach out for more of today! It’s one of the things I am learning anyway. Thanks for the fresh reminder as the holiday season approaches!

  15. AutumnRose said

    How are you, Maria? I have missed you posting today 🙂

  16. storbakken said

    Maria, thanks for the reminder to live fully for God today. God bless!

  17. MSUgal86 said

    great post. we can get so caught up in tomorrow that we miss the entire today.

  18. Maria said

    Thanks everyone
    Thanks Autumn Rose for noticing my lack of posting… i was in bed ill.
    My usual policy is to post every day except Sunday but it didn’t happen cos i was in bed.
    Every blessing to you all
    Maria in the UK

  19. AutumnRose said

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well yesterday 😦 Hope you’re feeling better now!

  20. RobK said

    Amen to that. Linving in tomorrow is a trap I often fall into. Too much planning and striving, not enough being.

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