Mountains and Troughs!

November 25, 2006

We all have them – ups and downs!

This time of year I think there are more starkly noticeable mountains and valleys in society: there can be big build ups to Thanksgiving and Christmas, often followed by an anti-climax.

I am often guilty of getting caught up in commercial hype, in the excitement of preparing for something, finding joy in that.  God intends us to celebrate feasts and to enjoy the preparation of them, but somehow i must remember in the midst of it all that true joy comes from spending time with the one from whom all Joy finds its source.

Lord, when we have busy days ahead help us plan in advance as part of our preparations how and where in that day we will sit with you. 

It can be in the bear place of a cave or stable that we encounter You most profoundly, in that trough moment, rather than at the feast.  You are to be found up the mountain of transfiguration and in the valley of the garden of Gethsemene.

Praise God that He is unchanging as is the same when we’re up the hill or down in the trough!


18 Responses to “Mountains and Troughs!”

  1. Emmanuel said

    I am reminded of Plato’s Cave, where the people believed the “shadows” of life, but not the One true source. Yes, He is found wherever His Name is truly worshipped, be it on the mountain top or the valley, during celebrations or bereavement. His still small voice speaks to those who will take the time to listen. I am listening now Lord: speak Dear Jesus.

  2. timglass said

    He is the reason for the celebrations, and the Rock in our distress. Blessed be the name of the Lord!
    His blessings this day.

  3. Bill said

    This is so true, Maria! Thanks for the gentle but pointed reminder!!


  4. I know that I can have an encounter with God anywhere and anytime, but I am grateful for this holiday season, because I believe that God uses it to tug on people’s hearts. It’s the only time of year(at least in the U.S.) where you can walk through a department store and at least hear some music that makes mention of Jesus. The Christmas season can be a great time of outreach, because for some, it’s the only time that they will be open to going to church, and God can speak to their hearts throught the preaching of His Word. That’s one of the reasons I enjoy this time of year. However for me personally, I do try to spend time in His presence no matter what day of the year it is.

  5. Sis. Julie said

    I love this time of year. Not only for the reason for it but because of the music we get to hear during this time of year that isn’t played any other time of year and also for the pretty decorations that are seen as we drive around and also in our own homes. I always look forward to decorating with my daughters. It is a special time for us and we truly enjoy it. Taking them all down is a different story however 😦

  6. dulcediana said

    Ditto on what writeathome commented. For me it’s also a great time where you can share the Gospel, the true Joy of our EVERYDAY living. I just bought some Christmas cards that said, “The greatest gift from the greatest giver, Jesus”. What a perfect way to introduce Jesus!

  7. rdeemed70 said

    You know, it’s funny. I think I try so hard not to be commercialized that I forget about the Joy of the season. I’m working on that. I really am. I think that fact that you start seeing Christmas sales and decorations before Halloween really bugs me. I have to be really prayed up this time of year because I have this great temptation for shopping… I think that is the underlying problem… hmmm… I think I may be on to something. Thanks for the post and thanks for articulating where our true Joy should be found… God bless you!!

  8. Steve said

    God keep us going.

    Thanks as ever you have hit the point.

    Bless you an all that you do.


  9. That was awesome!

  10. Jayleigh said

    So glad you shared this today. So true!

  11. Amen, Maria. It all keeps coming back to prayer for me. Prayer, prayer, prayer…when will it really sink in that I must have no higher priority.

  12. Coops said

    “Lord, when we have busy days ahead help us plan in advance as part of our preparations how and where in that day we will sit with you.”

    I remember being taught once: Spiritually plan your day.

    It has helped so much 🙂

  13. misslionheart said

    Well, I’m on top of a mountain today, see my blog!

    Have a good week everyone.

  14. Jessica said

    Just wanted to stop by and say hello!

    BTW…my blog is now hosted at blogger…please stop by and say hello!

  15. helenl said

    Hi Maria. Praise God, indeed, for His everlasting faithfulness and love toward all His children.

  16. timglass said

    I hope (and pray) you get well soon.
    His blessings (and healing) this day.

  17. tommyjoe said

    I love the mountains. Troughs I’m not as fond of (hee hee)

  18. Melissa said

    God is the only constant in my life. Its awesome how you articulate how God is working in your life!

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