Make way – No time today!

November 28, 2006

Our rush/punctuality culture hit me starkly this morning when the train to work was delayed by 8 minutes.  The delay was caused by torrential rain, and i guess the train didn’t much fancy getting up for work so had to be gently coaxed by its driver.

To be honest 8 minutes really isn’t much of a wait for a train, but because we have our days planned almost to the second this throws the entire day out of sync.

A monk i know once said that he had no problem with being late for something because in a fast paced timetabled life we can miss openings to ‘be God’ to others.  Today, have i timetabled for the guy who’ll stop me in the shop for a chat waiting for someone to tell him about God if only they’re open to the Spirit’s prompting to do so, or the friend who will phone for a listening ear?

Our time can be so structured that the spontaniety of the Spirit is stifled.  I must try to allow some space in my timetable for the unexpected today!

ps Thanks to those of you who enquired about my health – sparse posting of late was due to a bout of sickness but i am now back in action!


18 Responses to “Make way – No time today!”

  1. misslionheart said

    Yes, I wondered where you were!
    As for punctuality, I have the morning routine down to a fine art. If the school bus is one minute late after my efforts, I’m not pleased!

  2. Autumn said

    Glad you’re better now!

    Just doing the rounds to wish everyone a special day today ~ I hope yours is 🙂

  3. timglass said

    Glad you’re well now! Great reminder to always be open to the Spirit.
    His blessings this day!

  4. autumnrose said

    I’m rubbish at mornings, if I’m honest ~ I usually get up with just about enought time to do all the essentials, so if anything upsets the apple cart, I’m done for.

    If the worst comes to the worst, I have to put my make-up on at work 😀

  5. Raymond said

    Perhaps some of this “modern” mentality subconsciously comes from the consumerist / materialist values in society now – “time=money” so 8 minutes late = x pounds/dollars wasted etc etc. Consumerism is obsessed with producing and consuming, and doesn’t leave space for *being* – just “being” seems so “wasteful”, there are “more productive things to *do* with your time”. Whether it be being there for someone, being yourself, or being in the presence of the great I Am.

  6. sally said

    thanks for the reminder that Gods timing is not always our timing- and for the encouragement to see his hand on the delays and the gaps in our so tightly palnned schedules.
    Peace and blessings- glad you are feeling a little better.

  7. Johnny said

    It is amazing how “fast” life really is. It can be relentless, so we have to sometimes really pull ourselves back from the brink and……..slow down!

    Peace & Blessings

    J 🙂

  8. Mrs Blythe said

    Yes we tend to plan for our own day, forgetting that God may have already planned it out much better 🙂

  9. Raymond said

    I tried slowing down a bit whilst walking through town on my lunch break – the really frustrating thing was that I just ended up getting in people’s way because everyone else was rushing around!! I’m glad I don’t work in London as it’s even worse there… (although I’ve also been to Hong Kong where people rush around even more than in London!)

  10. One of the best gifts I ever gave myself was the gift of slowing down. I do not stress and stain if I am five minutes late, if it means I was taking time to visit with God or to bask in the joy of soemthing around me. Life is too short to not take every moment you can to enjoy it!

  11. Renee said

    Glad your feeling better. Coincidentally, I was just convincing myself to slow down a bit and enjoy the day, and make each moment a prayer. Thanks for the encouragement to live it out!

  12. Peter said

    Time pressures, oh yes! All those labour-saving devices gave us was more time in which people expect us to do more. Wheras the labour gave us a slower pace by definition….

    Funny old world.

  13. Glad you are feeling better, Maria. Yesterday was one of those days for me where things were thrown off kilter, due to a glitch in our computer. However, God worked things out, and our school day went better than I expected.



  14. Jason said

    it is rather funny (well sort of) that we spend so much time trying to save it. We have cell phones, beepers, gps systems, ipods, fast food, tv dinners, PDAs, and i just can’t help but think of the taco bell comercial of “good to go”. We are always on the move and our move move move attitute gets in our way of slowing down and listening to what God has to say. after all what happend to life? we can’t let it blurr by.

    glad you are feeling better 🙂

  15. godsdaughter19 said

    Thanks for these thoughts…so true

  16. Sis. Julie said

    Boy do we ever get uptight when our schedule gets messed up…even by just a few minutes. Shame on us. If we would only realize that God ordains those mess-ups to protect us or to allow someone to be put in our path for us to be a blessing to or for a number of other reasons. I try to keep this thought in mind whenever things don’t go just as I planned for them to. God knows best!!

  17. jarvis said

    Truly, Rest & Pause are Treasuries of Life…am Glad you are feeling better. Blessings Sis.

  18. so good you are feeling better!

    I am not much of an on-time kind of person – drives my hubby nuts – but I like to be open to spontaneity and to the Spirit. But most of the time – I just forget to pay enough attention to the time or I try to get too much done in too short of a time period!

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