Get out the chicken coup!

November 29, 2006

“Christmas is coming and the Turkey’s getting fat!”

Life on a farm at Christmas would be interesting, i’ve decided.  Having chickens in the garden laying eggs and beans sprouting outside the kitchen window ready for lunch (although i appreciate that it is possibly the wrong time of year for the latter!).  Farm life is slightly idyllic for some and the idea of a nightmare for others!

My sister and i had the privilege of flying concorde from Paris to London a number of years ago (as you do!).  It was all paid for by a generous lady in our town.  Turbulence ensued in the sky and i found it a rather fun rollercoaster ride.  You would think we’d been on different flights though because afterwards i raved about it while my sister said the storm in the sky was a terrifying and awful!

The story of our reactions to the concorde flight always reminds me that everyone experiences things differently, and therefore what brings one person joy brings dread to another (just like the idea of living on a farm!). 

It requires some effort to learn how those around you react in certain situations, what makes them happy and what causes anxiety, but i am determined to be more aware today and to rejoice in everybody’s differences. 

In acknowledging that we’re all different it might help me understand others more.  For example if i’m called to be an eye then i must try get on with being an eye rather than trying to be a nose.  If someone is called to be an ear then i must commend them for being a good ear rather than getting annoyed that they are not being as good an eye as i am. (If you’re confused blame Paul -although i try not to be part of the blame culture – see Romans 12:3-13!)

Don’t try to be a chicken if you’re called to be an eagle, but if you’re an eagle don’t try to make everyone else one!


17 Responses to “Get out the chicken coup!”

  1. timglass said

    Thanks Maria.
    His blessings this day.

  2. dulcediana said

    I think and I know there are people who would affirm they are a chicken when in fact they’re an eagle. Knowing our identity as well as our purpose is key to making the body work.
    Good thing our head knows all and works for the benefit of all us! Where would we be without our head Christ?

    Diana C.

  3. Jayleigh said


    Thank you dearly for this message that I need to be reminded of, seemingly on a daily basis! Thank you, friend!

  4. I grew up on a farm in Kansas, and it was a great experience! The farming life is great, but it’s also stressful, dangerous, and (for the most part) poor.

    Yes, be who you are called to be – and let others be themselves. There’s a good book about that by James Martin, SJ titled ‘Becoming WHo You Are’ or something similar to that.

  5. Celeste said

    You’re so right! Thanks for this.

    How much unecessary pain, discouragement, hurt etc would be avoided if people just remembered that each of us different and treat each other as equally important!

  6. godsdaughters19 said

    So encouraging.

  7. Brian Alexander said

    great post. Hope you have a blessed holiday season.


  8. Sis. Julie said

    Wow!! You rode on a Concord jet?? My son would be so envious of you if he knew that. He is all into planes and wants desperately to be a pilot. He has taken a few lessons and would love to just ride on the Concord. I’ve never flown before so I’m not sure how I’d have done on a flight where there was turbulance. I’m sure I’d be praying and asking God if he were gonna let us crash that He take me out before we hit the earth!!…LOL!!

  9. Joanne said

    This reminds me of when I get together with my siblings and we reccount something from our childhood. It is amazing that the 4 of us can see it 4 different ways. My mom made most of our clothing. I was so proud of my handmade things, while one sister despised them and wished for store-bought dresses.

  10. RobK said

    Indeed – we should rejoice in our differences, our diversity. One watch out, though, is that all differences are not good. Sometimes our differences are the result of pain that needs healing rather than something that must be accepted. Sometimes, it is hard to tell the difference. Love and prayer always work though.

  11. Great post Maria! I’m so thankful that God inspired Paul to clue us in on these things. It makes life so much more fun to understand that our differences are not failures — but gifts from God!

  12. tommyjoe said

    Speaking of chicken coups, I used to live in a converted 1-room chicken coup (HAW)–with my other 5 siblings and mother. We were kind of poor growing up.

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