Lemon Squeezy!

December 30, 2006

Ever felt like you’ve had all the juice squeezed out of you?

When making homemade lemonade lemons get completely battered, so all the juice and much of the pulp is extracted.  In life our zest can be drained out of us if we try to do too much, either for those we love, or even for God.

Christmas can be a busy time so we need to consciously make the effort to have space, to have silence, and rest!  As we approach the New Year may you have a time of being revitalised…

The biggest challenge i was given this year was to “just sit and let God love you”.  Try it.  Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed, not to read scripture or to intercede for any issues, but to simply “let God love you!”.


Blind man’s faith!

December 29, 2006

Sitting on the train yesterday i met God… in a blind man.  He was totally reliant upon the honesty and goodwill of strangers as he took a journey unfamiliar to him on a train system he wasn’t used to, having to ask fellow passengers things such as, “Is there a button to press to get off?”.

His journey in some ways was epic in that he was due to contend with the London Underground System.  His faith in human beings to help him seemed greater than my faith in Jesus to be my guide.

In life we sometimes think that we have to grow not only in stature, but in maturity and strength too. We feel that we owe it to the world to ‘grow up’ and be a sensible adult. Well, thank God that the life of a Christian is one that goes against the tide and expectations of society. If we allow ourselves to be like children, dependent and vulnerable, then more amazing things than we could have imagined will bear fruit in our lives.

Even Jesus, the Son of God Himself was fully reliant on the Father, saying that He can do NOTHING without Him. It’s ok to be weak in this world where people try to be strong. Our heavenly Father’s strength is made perfect and most powerful in ouir weakness. Accept your limitations today and allow God to work in and through you – you are bigger than you know in Christ!

Spinach for the soul!

December 28, 2006

Going through tough times, through hard situations, can bring about some good.  At the time we can moan and groan saying, ‘Where is God in all this?’. 

If only we looked to Jesus in the garden of Gethsemene, sweating blood at fear of what lay before him.  If he hadn’t endured the cross then the great and victorious overcoming of death would never have come about.

Who knows, someone may benefit from the suffering you’re going through now.

It is hard and horrid, yet in a mysterious way suffering strengthens us.  It hones our priorities, giving us perspective on our lives.  Through being weakened to the point of realising our humanity, we are strengthened as we acknowledge God’s Divinity.

You may have an illness, an absent family member, a struggle in your spiritual life… next time you go through a rough patch consider it spinach for your soul – something maybe you feel you can’t stomach may be a defining moment in your life when you look back.

Blessed are those who mourn – they WILL be comforted!

Reflecting on the Nativity i felt so grateful.

Grateful that out of love for you and me God humbled Himself to be like us, just so He might save us.  I am thankful for the gift of life, a home, a family and friends, for food, for warmth.

I am guilty of grumbling too often so today choose to say THANK YOU… TO YOU!  Thank you for visiting my blog, thank you to those of you who’ve felt able to comment – for your encouragement, constructive criticism, wisdom & ideas.  And thanks most of all to God for making each of you.

Together you and i have enabled a Blog 4 God to make it into the top 100 ‘WordPress Growing Blogs’!  The other day http://www.inhishands.co.uk was at number 48 – all glory to God and thanks again to you all.

Have a blessed and joyous Christmas.

I’ve had a few occasions lately where i’ve been out of control.  Not in the sense of going crazy and being wild, but rather of feeling like i can’t do anything and am not in control.

Sitting at my desk burning up with a temperature (yet again!) i felt kinda helpless the other day, and fed up.  I’d taken vitamins, eaten fruit, rested and yet was ill again! 

In the moments where i realise there is nothing i can do myself i am able to surrender to God’s supreme power more fully, reminding me that God’s power is made perfect in my weakness.

Dare i say to God, let me know my weakness so your strength may be seen at full stretch, or is that a dangerous prayer to pray?!


December 21, 2006

We don’t pray because we don’t believe!

I can make excuses on the days i don’t pray as much as i should.  I can say ‘i don’t have time’, or ‘i’m too ill’, or ‘i prayed lots yesterday’!  My excuses are simply that, excuses.

If i truly believed in the power of prayer then i would pray. 

I pray to the extent to which i believe my prayers have the authority to transform situations.  If i had supernatural faith then i would want to enter into God’s presence with the eagerness i have when i am due to meet with a good friend whom i love to spend time with.

God give us revelation this day of the priority prayer should take in our lives, and indeed its power.

Using and Abusing!

December 20, 2006

“Christmas is coming, the turkey’s getting fat…!”

This part of a seasonal ditty reminds of how we use and abuse ourselves and therefore fail to treat ourselves, body and soul, as temples of the Holy Spirit.

We can do things to ourselves (eg fill our stomachs with too much food) for temporary gratification.  Although it may feel satisfying at the time, the outcome can be a sense of emptiness and frustration. 

Breaking the hold of an excess or addiction is hard.  We all have our own area: food, seeking attention, being a shop-a-holic, a relationships hopper, lying… you know your own area of weakness. 

Lord, deliver us from thinking about the temporal world and temporary quick fix joy; help us look towards eternity and long term satisfaction.  Give us Your eyes to see with.

I can’t do it on my own!

December 19, 2006

Every day we can have encounters with other people.  These encounters are moments of risk because every time we interact with another we don’t know whether we will get hurt by it… after all we are all sinful beings with wounds which can result in confrontation and defensiveness.  It is wrong for us to step out of the world and shut off from relationships with others, yet we need to acknowledge that without God ‘WE CAN’T DO IT’!  We need to turn to God for the strength to be to others a blessing rather than a burden.

Human beings fail us.  They hurt us.  They damage us.

God never fails us.  God never hurts us.  God restores us.

Human beings are made in God’s image and therefore point us to God.  Let God shines through your brokeness today.

Rehab Centre II

December 16, 2006

Influences is a topic which has been whirring round my mind of late, and one influence i have come to realise is a big thing for many people is their relationship with their parents.  Time and time again i encounter people who, whether they know or knew their parents or not, have some sort of undealt wound regarding them.

Our relationship with our parents is an important one, a forming one, so if it is tainted in some way then that will affect our adult life if it remains untreated.  

For a boy the relationship with his father is of utmost importance, he shows him what it is to be a man, and provides the encouragement and affirmation needed when hurdles come along.  If this is not received then a hurt and confusion can fester, which in adulthood can result in frustration or a sense of rejection.  Equally for a girl seeing her mother teach her what it is to be a sister, a wife and mother are formative, so if time is not given to this a void may linger.

As i said in my last post, unless we go through Holy Spirit rehabilitation to heal the hurt and pain in our lives, we can’t fully be ourselves.  Sharing our childhood disappointments and praying through them with a friend can be one method of healing the hurt.

Best Rehab in town!

December 15, 2006

Been reflecting on how i could be chained by my past, by the things i’ve done wrong, the things others have done to me, or by the things i simply failed to do. 

Who each of us are today is a product in one way or another of past experiences.  We will feel differently about a situation based on our experiences in life. 

When someone needs to recover from an unhealthy situation they are often put into rehab of some sort.  In a way i think God puts us all in rehab… if we’ll let Him!

The Commander of God’s Rehabilitation Unit is the Holy Spirit, the Great Physician for the wounded, broken and hurting.  All we have to do is spend time in His presence and let Him heal our hurts.