Humble Pie with blueberries in

December 1, 2006

I have had the privilege of meeting some women recently whom i would put in the ‘awe inspiring’ category. 

Candidate number 1 grew up in Burma but at the age of 14 had to flee her village when soldiers came shooting, destroying the area.  She found herself in Thailand in a refugee camp she termed as ‘prison’, but after 10years journeying she finds herself in Britain campaigning in safety about the plight of the Burmese people.

Lady number two was from Bolivia, brought up in a Christian home – her parents were involved in leadership and church planting.  As is often the case, this young woman turned from faith as a teen, however she got into drink and late nights out resulting in her being raped by 2 men when she was out one night at just age 18.  Consequently she was tested positive for HIV.  Through the harrowing time that followed she re-found her faith in God and now speaks out on behalf of women.  A moving testimony.

Sometimes i can think of myself as great, and i AM great in that i am a child of God, but in the grand scheme of things i am a fraud, not always living out what i believe.

“…never pride yourself on being better than you really are, but think of yourself dispassionately, recognising that God has given to each one his measure of faith.” (Romans 12:3b)

Tomorrow Maria’s weekend of confessions posts begin!


10 Responses to “Humble Pie with blueberries in”

  1. timglass said

    Maria, you or I may never change the world, we can only try to change the little part of it we have been entrusted with. If we want to be great in God’s kingdom we must become servants.
    His blessings this day.

  2. Phil McAlmond said

    True greatness begins, not with seeing oneself as great, but rather, with one seeing themselves as they truly are, and growing forward anyway.

    Blessings in Christ Jesus!

  3. Natalie said

    Thank you for visiting my blog! it isn’t always such a downer, so come back! what testimonies these ladies have…


  4. Dear Maria,it is not greatness as the world see it but what our Lord see. In doing the little He will bless us with much as we decrease and HE increases.By the way I just do not understand you having trouble in wanting to comment in blog. You have done so before. Would love to have your input

  5. Renee said

    “What does it matter if you think you are a sinner? Take it for granted. You are. So am I. So are we all. But don’t bother about it. Do not impede God’s grace in your soul by dwelling on your poverty. We are all paupers of this kind; we are all sinners.

    Dwell instead on the incomprehensible mystery of His choice of you. ”

    Catherine Doherty

    I’ve got the rest of this reflection in post from yesterday. It seemed quite fitting with what you posted today. Blessings~

  6. Maria said

    It’s good to know we’re loved by God and special in His eyes no matter what we do or don’t do.

    In Jesus,

  7. Lisa said

    How true! We often catch ourselves not being true to who we claim to be. I find myself comparing me to others, like your two friends, & being discouraged that I don’t do more like they do. But not everyone is called to the “greatness” they are. We just need to keep doing what we can in our corner of the world. Of course, most of us could always do more. So that’s why we keep encouraging each other & spurring one another on to love & good deeds. Preach it, Maria!! 😉

  8. donna said

    I am so blessed to have found you…you’re blog is a loving expression of His work in your life….I can come here and feel your words minister to me…a comfort in blogsphere.

  9. I don’t know if anyone can say that they always live out what we believe. Even if it appears we always do outwardly, we can have attitudes on the inside that aren’t what they should be. Striving to be like Jesus is certainly a goal that will take a lifetime, but thank God for His patience with us!

  10. tommyjoe said

    Maria: I echo what my sister Carol said.

    Hey, I think it’s neat that you’re doing the confession thing. AND, since I like blueberries, I like the title of this post!

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