Confession 1: Fisticuffs at dawn

December 2, 2006

I like to be right!

The other day I tossed and turned in bed after having had a spot of confusion (to put it mildly) with a close friend.  It had been one of those moments where our few words exchanged on the telephone resulted in confusion which escalated into a full blown misunderstanding.  A need to cool down was in order. 

Both of us had been distracted by different things at the time of the said exchange of words but after a night’s sleep we attempted to speak again.  Neither one of us dared mentioned the ‘debate/argument’ and after a quick ask after one another’s days the lovely thing was that my friend suggested we prayed.

How i learnt in that moment what an atmosphere prayer can set and how it can transform things.  I can be hot headed and defensive, so turning to be in God’s presence was like pouring cold water on me!  I am almost tempted to suggest to everyone i speak to that we pray at the start of our conversation (that would be ridiculous, i know, but is a nice thought all the same) because it made things so different.

We prayed and then felt in a position to talk about what had happened.  God was now the centre so we calmly talked things through, cleared up confusion, apologised, then proceeded to have a good laugh about something or other!

When i invite God into a situation i see things differently, i see people differently.  I see that God has forgiven me so i must extend that to others – who am i to bear grudges and be angry?

p.s. The Hot Headed Brit brings confession number 2 up next (the final in the Confession Weekend series!)


14 Responses to “Confession 1: Fisticuffs at dawn”

  1. You- hot headed?? I can’t imagine!

  2. Dana said

    I so agree with you on how when we invite God into the situation, things look differently and ultimately they do turn out differently.

    You are so transparent and such a blessing, thanks for being so open.

  3. timglass said

    Prayer definitely changes things…..and it’s usually us!
    His blessings this day.

  4. godsdaughters19 said

    Thanks for this!

    Your humour comes through and makes it a great read…and thanks for sharing with us!

    What part of the UK are you in, may I ask? 🙂

  5. Maria said

    Thanks for your comments.

    I am located south of the UK… below London.

    Every blessing

  6. There’s nothing quite like prayer to change our hearts! My son and I have little misunderstandings sometimes, and prayer helps us too. It does make a difference when we put God in the middle of our difficult situations!

  7. tommyjoe said

    Maria. Good post and good thought on prayer!

    By the way, I ALMOST got to England one time. I had put down some money and was going to come (to Ireland, Scotland, & Wales too). Then, my oldest sister announced she’d be getting married and would be disappointed if I didn’t come to the wedding. I was glad I went to the wedding, and needless to say didn’t make it to my British Isles trip. I even lost the money I had put down, but in return I got a greater gift. I received the Holy Ghost at a “Singspiration” after the wedding, AND–I’m STILL in my sister’s good graces. Maybe one day I’ll make to to England. I do have a bit of English in my blood!

  8. Helen said

    Thanks for leaving a message at my blog, Maria. I am far away from yet having read all of your blog, but I already like it and added it to my favourites!

    I appreciate your thoughts on how to make our friendships more deep and understanding by letting GOD in first.

    Almost each wedding service in our church tells the people, that a wedding should be based on a relationship of three (the lovers and God), but we do forget so often that this is true for all our relationships.

    I have realised that everything changes, when I pray for a person that I have a problem with (or the person has a problem with me).
    I never cease to be amazed lateron, on how miraculous God brings in a change, if we ask him for it.

  9. Maria — Great Post! When we take time to pray we are ushered into the very throne room of God. How can we not be changed in His presence?
    I really appreciate your comments, and I agree that we see everything so differently when we get God involved in whatever it is we’re doing.

    Anyway, it’s great to visit your blog again — things got a little busy for a bit — but God saw us through — thanks for this post.

  10. donna said

    Makes for a nice devotional…do you submit your writing for publication?

  11. Aaron said

    Great post, Maria. I’ve needed to remind myself a lot lately to pray more, and worry less.

  12. Great post! A very good reminder for me.

  13. Melissa said

    Prayer is the most awesome way to communicate in spoken or written word how something is affecting us or we simply don’t understand and is in need of divine intervention. I always love to have interceding prayer. Prayer offers a remedy my soul yearns for–closeness to God!

  14. Nate said


    Thanks for leaving a message on my blog. I was happily surprised to read your “confessions” posts, as they’re in a similar tone to my last one. Your blog is an encouragement to me this morning. God bless!


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