Jesus goes shopping!

December 6, 2006

It’s the time of year when many people go shopping to the extreme, mainly buying things people don’t want or won’t use for people who don’t need anything.

My dilemma is, how do you take part in the season of Goodwill, giving gifts to friends and family, without encouraging inappropriate spending on useless items?

For many years now the WWJD (What Would Jesus Do?) slogan has been around, so over this advent period i will adopt the WWJB (What Would Jesus Buy?) slogan instead.  Rather than spending hours  traipsing round the shops in search of that present for Auntie J or Friend Z, i will pray before i go to the shops and ask God what He would have me buy, to inspire me.

Then i will take Jesus shopping with me, and when i consider buying something i will ask Him, ‘Would you approve of me purchasing this?’.

Probably in alot of our lives we’ll be buying things for those who don’t need anything, so my challenge is to try be prophetic and get them something that the heavenly realm know will bless them… Mmm… 

Get your scarf, Jesus, we’re going shopping!


15 Responses to “Jesus goes shopping!”

  1. Celeste said

    Good thought!

    I always hate the Christmas rush and hype that comes every year…stressed out people, who are broke by the end of the month.

    Take Jesus shopping! Yay!

  2. helenl said

    I think this is a silly much-ado-about-nothing post. Why not just ask your family and friends what they would like for Christmas? Then, as you shop, you can think about the person you are buying for and how much God and you love him/her.

  3. Maria said

    Helen, Thank you for sharing your thoughts, it is a blessing to us all to hear from you.
    I am sorry that you feel this to be a ‘silly’ post. For me it is a serious thing. I find i can shop for things at Christmas and it can be easy to buy things for my friends and family (either what they want or what they haven’t asked for), but the issue is – would God want me to buy them. I am obviously weaker than you in this area and feel i need God’s guidance. I once went shopping and when i prayed before the trip it was a healthier experience… i simply wanted to share what i discovered with others.
    God bless you and yours abundantly this night.
    Maria in the UK

  4. Shirley said

    Hi, Maria. Many years ago, perhaps in Francis Schaffer’s work, I read how to determine what is spiritual, and what is not: “Take out all that is sinful and place it in a box. Every thing else is spiritual.” I have come to understand that to be true. If in everything we consider God and His will, we will more closely commune with Him; we will more likely live in His presence. I know that is what we all want.

    Joy today!

    Shirley Buxton

  5. helenl said

    Hi Maria, I didn’t mean to insult you or to imply that I don’t need God’s guidance. Everything we do is healtier if we pray about it. I just don’t see the need for a special shopping prayer any more than a special what-will-I-eat-for-lunch prayer. I agree with Shirley; that which is not sinful is “spiritual.” Please accept my apology for stating this in an unkind way. “Pray without ceasing” means what it says.

  6. AutumnRose said

    Well, I for one know I need God’s direct guidance in the area of spending ~ it is one area where I am most unwise! I think your idea is a lovely one, and I will take it to Chester with me tomorrow while I shop for my loved ones. It will be a good focus as i buy gifts, to chosse something which, I hope, reflects God’s love as well as mine 🙂

    I’m finding myself drawn to ethnic/fairtrade/charity shop ‘new’ goods this year, instead of piling money into corporate businesses!

    Bless you xx

  7. It is a great idea to pray before shopping and ask God to help us to be wise stewards of the money He allows us to have. I hope you enjoy all your shopping trips with Jesus this season!


    Carol of the Bells

  8. misslionheart said

    I pray I don’t run out of cash 😆

  9. Dana said

    wow, I can’t think of anyone I would rather shop with. I am already being cautious. We draw names for the family so that part has been easy. We will buy something for the boys who live with us though, so I have just been watching the sale ads and staying away from the shops for now. I just want to make sure it is right when I do buy. Great post!!

  10. Jayleigh said

    Grand idea! Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. Your words inspire me and make me laugh! Thank you SO Much for this post! How true, how true!

  12. Robk said

    Very nice. I think we will make sure He comes with us as well.

  13. paul said

    This year i was going to go christmas shopping early.oops!. Thanks for your post I think i will pray before going shopping and now I am less stressed about what I should get for people because…yeah. I didnt think of this before but yeah i want Jesus to help me with my shopping too!
    AH I just thought of something. Thanks Jesus!


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