You’re a knitted painting!!

December 8, 2006

When God knit you together in your mother’s womb i imagine he was like a French artist with an easel and beret!

Every painting He paints is unique, a special combination of colours and patterns… no two works the same.

That means that there are specific ways only YOU can be a blessing to the world because no-one else has your combination of colours and patterns.

Think about it today… the experiences you’ve had (both good and bad) and the skills you have are unique to you, so there are specific people in specific situations that only you can impact with the Love of Christ in your unique specific way.

As i always say: if you’re a great host or hostess, don’t fret that you’re not a preacher.  If you’ve been abused and been through hurt and pain, don’t think that is a hinderance because it means you will be able to empathise with others in a way those without that experience would be able to.

You are a wonderful work of art!


13 Responses to “You’re a knitted painting!!”

  1. timglass said

    And so are you, Maria! 🙂
    His blessings this day

  2. dulcediana said

    Always encouraging Maria. As you are to the blog world.


  3. helenl said

    What a beautiful reminder, not only of each person’s uniqueness, but of how those who’ve been hurt have a place in the body of Christ that only they can fill. Humanitiy (the Church)is, indeed, a work of devine art. We are God’s symphony and His garden.

  4. storbakken said

    I liked this post (well, everything besides the ‘easel and beret’. You lost me there). Thanks for the encouragement.

  5. Lisa said

    What a great reminder! I struggle to not compete with other Christians & their skills. I need to focus more on my own gifts & what I can do for Christ! Thanks for the encouraging reminder.

  6. Amber said

    Beautiful reminder! Thank you!

  7. Psa 139:14 I will confess and praise You for You are fearful and wonderful and for the awful wonder of my birth! Wonderful are Your works, and that my inner self knows right well.
    Psa 139:15 My frame was not hidden from You when I was being formed in secret [and] intricately and curiously wrought [as if embroidered with various colors] in the depths of the earth [a region of darkness and mystery].
    Psa 139:16 Your eyes saw my unformed substance, and in Your book all the days [of my life] were written before ever they took shape, when as yet there was none of them.

    I’m glad God makes each one of us unique. How boring life would be if we were all the same.


  8. autumnrose said

    I love the idea of being a knitted painting! it appeals to my sense of quirky-ness! 😀

  9. Steve said

    Nice thoughts Maria.



  10. Now, that’s my kind of preaching. I love to come to your blog, Maria! I always leave different than I came.

  11. jarvis said

    likewise are you Sis. ~ keep writing for His Glory.

  12. Bill said

    Great post, Maria. I agree with John!

    Also, you might be interested to know that the word for “workmanship” in Ephesians 2:10 is the Greek root word (poiema) from which we get the English word “poem”. You are, indeed, a wonderful work of art — God’s poetry in motion!

    Thanks for brightening my day! God bless you!!

  13. Gwen said

    I stumbled upon this entry while doing a google search in an effort to find a painting called “In His Hands.”

    Thank you for the encouragement for me, a stranger, but one of God’s creation.

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