Ministry on the trains of Britain!

December 13, 2006

The title of this post may seem grand, but then again maybe it’s not!

When i sit on the train, whether i actually speak to those around me or not, i still like to think that i can bring God to the people i’m next to.  It’s a case of my mission field being wherever i find myself!

I can pray for those around me on the train, bringing something of God to them without intruding in their personal space.  Sometimes we can wonder ‘What’s my ministry today?’, ‘How can God use me today, after all i’m only travelling to work and back?’.

There are people we will all come into contact throughout our days, even if we’re housebound and see no one we may hear a shout in the street or watch a TV presenter – something of humanity would’ve come into our day, someone or some situation we can intercede for. 

My idea is that will i try to pray for those i come into the presence of, lifting them up to God and asking for more of Him in their lives (after all, we all need more of God!).  It can be a shop assistant, a phone sales guy…. anyone.

And the beautiful thing is, that you can bless someone by praying for them without them even knowing it. (As an aside, i acknowledge some occasions when it is necessary evangelistically to tell someone you’re praying for them but this is a different situation!).

Thank you, Lord, for all the unknown people who’ve prayed for us without our knowing.


15 Responses to “Ministry on the trains of Britain!”

  1. sally said

    I pray for people when I’m travelling- thanks for your thoughts, I like the idea of being blessed when you’re not expecting it!!!

  2. Lorna said

    I recommend the 9 lessons and carols (Anglican) even if it’s outside of your tradition.

  3. Raymond said

    A fantastic reminder.

    As a balance to this – I’ll also say that sometimes got the balance wrong and have missed the point by continually asking myself ‘how can I minister here God?’ – trying to think of specific “ministry” (sometimes “evangelistic”, sometimes not, like the privately praying for someone) – particularly when those particular ‘ideas’ I’ve had only make me hypocritical because what God wants is for me ultimately is to BECOME holy so that who I am, and my life is a witness – so little acts like those will simply overflow naturally. Of course, it doesn’t hurt to ‘practice’ before we’re perfect, as CS Lewis calls it “holy pretending” – I guess what I’m trying to say is that I can get obsessed about the doing little things for God and forget about the context of becoming someone for God (or letting God transform me!)

  4. Raymond said

    “I’ll also say that sometimes got the balance wrong”

    I meant to say

    “I’ll also say that sometimes I have got the balance wrong”

  5. timglass said

    That’s a wonderful way to show His love.
    His blessings this day.

  6. dulcediana said

    Very true Maria. I don’t have a great liberty to share Christ at work so I definitely have to ‘fight the battle’ in prayer. I am so thankful our God hears us anywhere and everywhere!


  7. Keith M. said

    Yeah it is really a good idea to pray for other people rather than just harrass them on how wicked they are. =D

  8. helenl said

    Thanks for the reminder that we can minister to those around us through our attitudes and silent prayer.

  9. Lisa said

    I was just reading about a group that does what they call “Ordinary Attempts”–they live a holy life as best they can, they pray for people without those people knowing they are, & they don’t try to preach to everyone they come into contact with. They noticed that people they prayed for & acted kindly toward were more open later (days later or even years later) to someone else telling them the good news about our Savior. Not everyone has the gift of evangelism–& those of us that don’t can find ways to “evangelize” without even saying a word. Great post, Maria. This has been on my mind a lot lately. I think I might post something similar … 🙂 Love, Lisa

  10. Joanne said

    And in doing this we can change people’s lives. I love hearing about others who catch the vision of God. I wanted a blog that strictly glorified Him, that is all I wanted to talk about. But then I felt that more people who might not otherwise read, might start reading and then here and there I could share about the Lord without them feeling preached at.

    Thanks for the reminder to pray without ceasing! I admit I’ve been too busy of late and have not been praying for those I come into contact with.

  11. storbakken said

    I was wondering if you have train preachers like we do in NYC. I returned to serving the Lord shortly after a man proclaimed the Gospel in a train car I was riding to work. While we are in a culture of non-intrusiveness, I am glad that man proclaimed, “Kingdom come!”

    Thanks for your post. And the reminder to pray for strangers.

  12. Ahhh I remember my long rides on the B.A.R.T (Bay Area Rapid Transit) trains in San Francisco…like you I prayed for those who were on the train and those I passed…eventually I really grew to love those people and I moved from just praying for them to listening to them and looking for opportunities to do something to share God’s Love with them…sometimes it was a small as a smile or a good morning other times it was simply listening to them tell me about their weekend or giving up my seat to someone who looked really tired…some of those interactions led to the chance to share the gospel…and some of them led to conversions…

  13. Steve said

    Thank GOD for trains

    Blessings and Peace.


  14. Chris D said

    Beautiful post.

    I like to pray for the person who takes my parking space at the doctor’s office.

    I’ll have to start doing it wherever I go.

    Regards, Chris

  15. I love this idea as well, Maria. I do it on the train ride to work. I also try to strike up conversations where I can. I trust that God honors my efforts, as I ‘m sure you do. God bless.

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