Best Rehab in town!

December 15, 2006

Been reflecting on how i could be chained by my past, by the things i’ve done wrong, the things others have done to me, or by the things i simply failed to do. 

Who each of us are today is a product in one way or another of past experiences.  We will feel differently about a situation based on our experiences in life. 

When someone needs to recover from an unhealthy situation they are often put into rehab of some sort.  In a way i think God puts us all in rehab… if we’ll let Him!

The Commander of God’s Rehabilitation Unit is the Holy Spirit, the Great Physician for the wounded, broken and hurting.  All we have to do is spend time in His presence and let Him heal our hurts.


12 Responses to “Best Rehab in town!”

  1. a fruit said

    How i long to be in a Holy Spirit run Rehabilitation Unit! Sounds Amazing! Or maybe having a place where you could go and people prayed over you as you slept! great thought Maria! 🙂 Enjoy resting in God’s Love this day!

  2. timglass said

    Healing and forgiveness are two different things. Thankfully He dose both!
    His blessings this day.

  3. dulcediana said

    Restoration takes time. Let us also enjoy the journey through it.


  4. Jayleigh said

    I love this, Maria. Thank you again for the inspiration!

  5. helenl said

    Hi Maria, Good post. For an intersting lesson in letting go of the past see “I Love Nuns” at

  6. Celeste said

    Just to let you know I have moved! 😉

  7. Have a blessed Christmas, Maria!


  8. Robk said

    It is sometimes hard to let go of our sins (it can be for me). It is easy to dwell on our past wrongs. May we all find rest in the Spirit that heals.

  9. Maria said

    Thanks for your comments, everyone. Intrigued by the last one. Did that ‘ok’ mean – ‘ok, i will act on that cos i agree’ or that post was ‘ok’, i.e. not great but not awful?! Ha!
    Every blessing whatever it meant!
    Maria of ‘’

  10. hey maria…you are on to something here…
    The Holy Spirit longs for us to submit to His “Rehab” program… the beautiful thing is when we submit to it…because then our past no longer is a chanin that holds us back but rather a cord of remembrance that triggers compassion within us for others who may be going through the same things we have…then we become better equipped on how we can minister healing to them…after all isn’t that why Jesus became the High Priest that is familiar with our sufferings….

  11. Hi Maria, this is a very wise and intriguing post. We are all wounded by something in our lives, but instead of picking at our wounds, we should truly let ourselves be healed, lest the wounds become inflamed and infected again.

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