Rehab Centre II

December 16, 2006

Influences is a topic which has been whirring round my mind of late, and one influence i have come to realise is a big thing for many people is their relationship with their parents.  Time and time again i encounter people who, whether they know or knew their parents or not, have some sort of undealt wound regarding them.

Our relationship with our parents is an important one, a forming one, so if it is tainted in some way then that will affect our adult life if it remains untreated.  

For a boy the relationship with his father is of utmost importance, he shows him what it is to be a man, and provides the encouragement and affirmation needed when hurdles come along.  If this is not received then a hurt and confusion can fester, which in adulthood can result in frustration or a sense of rejection.  Equally for a girl seeing her mother teach her what it is to be a sister, a wife and mother are formative, so if time is not given to this a void may linger.

As i said in my last post, unless we go through Holy Spirit rehabilitation to heal the hurt and pain in our lives, we can’t fully be ourselves.  Sharing our childhood disappointments and praying through them with a friend can be one method of healing the hurt.


15 Responses to “Rehab Centre II”

  1. autumnrose said

    Thuis strikes a chord personally for me ~ but through the Holy Spirit, healing has come 🙂

  2. timglass said

    Great advice, Maria. Been through it myself.
    His blessings to you this day.

  3. Aaron said

    You got it Maria! Hate to bring up Wild at Heart again, but “the wound” was something I had never dealt with before reading that book. It was brutal, but freeing.

  4. Maria,
    I’ve been through what you wrote. For me Celebrate Recovery 12 step program helped me understand what was really happening. Of course, I never would have made it to the 12st if not for the Holy Spirit guiding and comforting and strengthening me along the way. Thanks for your post!

  5. Maria said

    Not heard of the Celebrate Recovery programme!

  6. I’m very thankful that I have/had(my dad passed away in’94)loving and nurturing parents, but most of all, I’m thankful for a God in whom I am complete!

    Col 2:10 And ye are complete in him, which is the head of all principality and power:

    Blessings of the season,


  7. dulcediana said

    It’s awesome when the Holy Spirit reveals the areas in your life that need healing. First he has to show you, so you know what area needs change. Praise God.


    PS: Currently going through this process….

  8. Sis. Julie said

    You are so right about this post Sis. I grew up with the problem in my relationship with my parents not being good and the problem was me and my rebellion. My parents raised me the best they knew how (without knowing the Lord) yet I rebelled and did contrary to how they were raising me to. It definitely affected my relationship with them as an adult. I have since gotten saved and made every effort to get those things right. Although things are some better than they have been in the past…things are still not as I would like them to be. Some of that is due to my being a child of God and my parents still being lost without Him but some of it I believe stems from how I treated them in my teen years. Oh how I would love to go back and do those years all over again so I could honor and obey my parents like I should have.

  9. Oscar said

    Hey Maria..

    For me my Dad still hasnt changed. I see him once a year and he and I are always fighting. I guess its become a habit now.

    Not a pleasant one I should say.

  10. celm said

    You’re right. The relationship with our parents is very important-difficult at times :(-but but very important!

    I’ve been very blessed to come from a (normally) happy Christian home, but even in families like ours, we have our clashes. It’s all part of learning to work with people. It starts as children with our parents, and later spreads in a much wider circle.

  11. Jessica said

    I think that a relationship between a parent and child doesn’t form who the child is or becomes but it does help influence them in life.

  12. jarvis said

    Quality post Maria…am definitely in agreement with Jessica’s comment.

  13. Jessica said

    I agree with your post but I think you might have been a little one-sided as to the importance of fathers and mothers. It seems to me that fathers are almost more important to daughters than sons. Fathers can so easily impact their daughters’ self-esteem and future ways of relating to men, and the same goes for mothers/sons. A good relationship with BOTH parents is really important.

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