Using and Abusing!

December 20, 2006

“Christmas is coming, the turkey’s getting fat…!”

This part of a seasonal ditty reminds of how we use and abuse ourselves and therefore fail to treat ourselves, body and soul, as temples of the Holy Spirit.

We can do things to ourselves (eg fill our stomachs with too much food) for temporary gratification.  Although it may feel satisfying at the time, the outcome can be a sense of emptiness and frustration. 

Breaking the hold of an excess or addiction is hard.  We all have our own area: food, seeking attention, being a shop-a-holic, a relationships hopper, lying… you know your own area of weakness. 

Lord, deliver us from thinking about the temporal world and temporary quick fix joy; help us look towards eternity and long term satisfaction.  Give us Your eyes to see with.


11 Responses to “Using and Abusing!”

  1. timglass said

    I’m coming up on year three of not smoking! It was very hard to quit. But the Holy Spirit’s power and my obedience have worked together to bring this change about!
    His blessings this day.

  2. dulcediana said

    Many blessings today.


  3. jarvis said


    Blessings in Christ Sis!

  4. stuartdelony said

    awesome words!

  5. I tend to overdo it with sweets around the holidays, but I know the new year is coming, and then, I will do without for a while!

  6. How very, very right you are! What a great thought to keep up front during the busy holidays!

  7. rdeemed70 said

    Amen! Amen! Amen again!!!

  8. Linda said

    Amen! Lord, grant us the virtue of temperance, the cardinal virtue which governs all our appetites.

    Temperance is a virtue that I continually pray for- and am waiting patiently for this grace in lots of areas of my life. But it takes practice and mastery. Eating is one vice. However, my spiritual director gave me some advice that I try to follow. He always leaves some food on his plate. This is to practice mastery over the passions. When I control my passions, and deny myself so as not to let them control me, I treat my body as a temple of the Holy Spirit.

    May we work and pray for this mastery, so our bodies and our hearts can prepare Him room.

    Blessed Christmas!

  9. bill said

    Very well stated, Maria. Thanks for posting this!! -bill

  10. carol said

    I have been fasting most of this week, watching what I eat..Our family celebrates from Christmas eve till Boxing day and the feasting tends to be way too much…I do give thanks to the Lord that we are blessed to have enough to eat,and are able to share this special time with family..

    Many blessing for you this Christmas

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