Blind man’s faith!

December 29, 2006

Sitting on the train yesterday i met God… in a blind man.  He was totally reliant upon the honesty and goodwill of strangers as he took a journey unfamiliar to him on a train system he wasn’t used to, having to ask fellow passengers things such as, “Is there a button to press to get off?”.

His journey in some ways was epic in that he was due to contend with the London Underground System.  His faith in human beings to help him seemed greater than my faith in Jesus to be my guide.

In life we sometimes think that we have to grow not only in stature, but in maturity and strength too. We feel that we owe it to the world to ‘grow up’ and be a sensible adult. Well, thank God that the life of a Christian is one that goes against the tide and expectations of society. If we allow ourselves to be like children, dependent and vulnerable, then more amazing things than we could have imagined will bear fruit in our lives.

Even Jesus, the Son of God Himself was fully reliant on the Father, saying that He can do NOTHING without Him. It’s ok to be weak in this world where people try to be strong. Our heavenly Father’s strength is made perfect and most powerful in ouir weakness. Accept your limitations today and allow God to work in and through you – you are bigger than you know in Christ!


16 Responses to “Blind man’s faith!”

  1. Joni Ruhs said

    Thought I’d check in on your site!

    Oh my, reliance. I am watching someone go through this very thing and its inspiring. He is completely dependent on everyone around him for every little thing. I have never seen him ask for help until now and I am amazed at his courage. I don’t think I could do that. I guess I’d have to to survive but, man, THAT’s humble.

    God bless!

  2. vimto said

    Hi Maria thought I’d check your site out. It is delightfully pastoral. The story of the blind man hits the spot. I will use some of you posts in our services, within and without sermons. You seem to have a gift for warm, encouraging, clear messages.

    In His Service

  3. helenl said

    What a beautiful story, Maria.

  4. AutumnRose said

    I missed your reflections over Christmas, Maria!

    Hope you had a good one, and nice to have you back 🙂

  5. kaymac said

    Good post. Hmmmm…I am much more like the blind man than I like to think…I just pretend I can see and don’t need anyone’s help.

  6. evelynkang said

    hi girl,

    thanks for the comment on my blog! 🙂

  7. thanks for coming by my site! and since you’re from the UK, that rocks even more! have a nice weekend!

  8. Mike Jones said

    Thanks for checking out my blog and I’m glad it lead me back to yours.

    I really liked your post about blind man faith… how often do we think we have more faith than another, when in reality we all have different journeys we are on.

  9. Vicki said

    That was so awesome. And encouraging! Thank you so much for strengthening my faith today with that timely word.

  10. I really appreciate this message. My husband and his immediate family were involved in an abusive, very controlling church a few years back – before we met. Lately they have been contending with some of the leadership figures from the church that are still leading people by deceit and a firm hand. I often think of them as you said – trying so hard to be strong and in control of the church flock. There’s little humility to be found in their approach. I personally feel that they are blinded to the Holy Spirit’s conviction because of their refusal to have a childlike, wide-eyed, teachable perspective. They, to me, are a visible example of the detriment of buying into the world’s insistence on being powerful and on a platform to be a good leader.

  11. Brian said

    Thats an amazing story..thanks for shareing that with us. Makes you a more humble person after witnessing something like that.

  12. donna said

    I am always encouraged after I visit you!!

  13. timbob said

    Greetings again. A good reality check to all; to learn to fully trust in the Lord at all times and not become apprehensive when we don’t see a solution to those things before us. The blined man that you mentioned was totally dependant upon the folks around him being honest and guiding him in the right direction. We are much like this in that we have no idea what lurks around the corner of tomorrow. All of the best laid plans can be brought to nothing by a single event. But God is from everlasting and to everlasting and he will never leave us nor forsake us. I learned of you only a few days ago, but always enjoy visiting here. Thanks for the encouragement.

  14. This reminds me of a post I published a few months ago here:

    It goes without saying that I agree with you 100% Maria.

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