Lemon Squeezy!

December 30, 2006

Ever felt like you’ve had all the juice squeezed out of you?

When making homemade lemonade lemons get completely battered, so all the juice and much of the pulp is extracted.  In life our zest can be drained out of us if we try to do too much, either for those we love, or even for God.

Christmas can be a busy time so we need to consciously make the effort to have space, to have silence, and rest!  As we approach the New Year may you have a time of being revitalised…

The biggest challenge i was given this year was to “just sit and let God love you”.  Try it.  Go somewhere you won’t be disturbed, not to read scripture or to intercede for any issues, but to simply “let God love you!”.


14 Responses to “Lemon Squeezy!”

  1. autumnrose said

    I’ve only had two hours by myself the whole of Christmas…I’m feeling it 😦

  2. In His Hands,

    I just love your postings. What a great perspective and connection to everyday life and what you learned thru relationship with God.

    Every yr before the new year I sit and think of themes and goals about where I’d like to be, or see changed for the new year and this year, I’d like be more active in creating, maintaining and building up relationships. Thats something I need help in,

    Thanks for your posts and your lessons.

  3. timglass said

    Let God love you, that is great!
    His blessings this day.

  4. I stumbled upon your blog in a link somewhee I din’t recall!
    I ditto “Abiding in Christ”‘s comments above;What great things you have to say. I especially identify with that being Squeezed feeling, and wrote about my own thoughts in my Dec 28th post on “Kissing the Face of God”.
    I would love to share your blog and am going to add a link.

  5. After reading several of your past posts, I must say that I absolutely love your practical approach and your references to Gospel living in the marketplacec and workplace.
    Thanks for this site!

  6. Jayleigh said

    That’s great advice. I’ll go do that now.

    Happy New Year!

  7. timglass said

    What a great idea.
    His blessings through the New Year.

  8. helenl said

    Hi Maria. What a great post.

  9. Jason said

    i was just reminded of the Audio Adrenaline song “Underdog”. its a bit of a tangent from your point, but for those that know the song, when life beats you up, give it up to Jesus he already ran this race and won it 🙂

  10. Happy New Year, Maria. May God love on you lots in 2007!

  11. jarvis said

    Happy New Year & Blessings in Christ Maria!

  12. donna said

    His blessings to you in the New Year….

  13. stuartdelony said

    Happy New Year!

  14. Gabrielle said

    Happy New Year, Maria! I think you speak for many with this post, and I really hope we can all find more “alone time” (with Him) in 2007.

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