Attention Seeker alert!

January 3, 2007

Confession time: I like to be liked by others. 

Now there’s nothing wrong with that, only i think it signals an insecurity.  When i need to be liked i reveal to the world that i don’t yet have revelation about how loved i am by God.

Time and time again i feel affirmed by the number of people who’ve taken the time to ask how i am, or to send an email.  I am like a ship tossed by the sea with my mood altering based on how those around me are treating me.

We need to be like the martyrs who, as they lay side by side waiting for a steam roller to go over them (children included), sung praises to God and told their children ‘we’ll see you on the other side’.  May our joy be in our salvation, in the knowledge that God watches over us at all times and knows every hair on our head, rather than being based on circumstances.

When things are hard or i feel unloved by those in this earthly world, then i must choose to access that deep joy which is beyond understanding… I find sometimes forcing myself to smile actually causes my mood to change. 

Everything is relative!  Many would give everything for my life – my friends, job, family, education etc… How blessed am i! 


22 Responses to “Attention Seeker alert!”

  1. Hi Maria,

    I don’t think that it’s necessarily wrong to want to be liked by others. It can become wrong though if we compromise our relationship with God or our convictions to gain someone’s acceptance or approval. The Bible is a book of relationships, man’s relationship with man and man’s relationship with God. If we keep God first in our lives, I believe we will have the good relationships with others that we need too. Just my two cents worth.


  2. timbob said

    John 14:27 is so true. The peace of God doesn’t depend on the weather, the economy, or even those around us. It only depends on us looking to Jesus and not focusing on the storm. He has promised to be with us always; even unto the end of the world. Nobody in this world can make a promise like that.

  3. timglass said

    What a mericiful and loving God we serve!
    His Blessings this day.

  4. Becky said

    Your blog posts are so honest, Maria. I really appreciate them.

  5. oh alright. I should’ve known something like that. haha. Oh and I hope so too!

  6. I’ll admit it. I don’t just like to be liked by others – I LOVE to be liked by them. Some people have to love you (other believers, family…)- but to really feel a connection with someone you have to know that they like you, they enjoy being around you, you are valuable to them. I struggle nearly everyday with putting too much stock in how other humans relate back to me rather than how Christ sees me. Your blog puts it into words so well.

  7. Thanks for visiting with me. Nice blog you have here. Every blessing! Jesse, Kenya.

  8. anso said

    Hi! do you come from the UK? London? I come from Finland and I found a link to your blog on another blog. I love England (Britain) and I would really like to study there in the future! be blessed! // Ann-Sofie

  9. anso said

    by the way, you write really good articles 🙂

  10. Debi said

    Hi Maria….
    Thanks for visiting me today…I came right over to return the visit and found your delightful place here. I have enjoyed reading the things you share…transparent thoughts. Thanks for taking the time to share.

  11. DulceDiana said

    Many blessings Maria,

    True to myself as well, being liked by others kind of comes naturally…but once I understand where I lack that security, I can find peace in Him and obtain the confidence I need.


  12. becky said

    Your first 3 sentences really grabbed me today…I too struggle with the need for approval and affirmation…….wrestled with it this last year ALOT…I will probably always wrestle with it but I see more and more how futile it is…..I liked what you said….thanks and looking forward to hearing you say MORE…

  13. Dave said

    Hi Maria.
    Just wanted to say thank you for dropping by earlier today.
    In fact I am also giving thanks to God because I have been led to look at some wonderful blogs because of the links you have.
    I have also visited some folks via their comments. Thank you.

    And ‘Amen’ to “May our joy be in our salvation…..rather than our circumstances.”.

    Praise God.

  14. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Enjoyed your comments on being liked. Thank God He likes us, but it is nice for others to enjoy our company as well.

  15. helenl said

    I agree with Carol. If we are liked by others, we can sometimes influence them for the better. Of course, our relationship to God is the most important, but friends can make ministry easier.

  16. That is so true! I can see so much of myself in your post.

  17. Great post, Maria. You always put your finger right on the spot!

  18. Steve said

    Words from the heart!

    God Bless you Maria.


  19. I am so happy you found my website. You’re my UK sister blog. 🙂
    I look forward to reading more and getting to know you better. I can tell I’m going to learn a lot from you.

    In His Hands—the U.S. version 🙂

  20. Joanne said

    That was a struggle for me for years. I still do not have it mastered. When the Lord began to show me how much it affected my daily life, I was shocked. So many little things that I didn’t realize were related to wanting to be liked. Ouch! Hard thing to recognize sometimes.

  21. Right where it hits home again, Maria! When I am teaching a class or getting my musicians and chorale in order for practice, I often say, “Can I have your attention please”. And when I have it I say, “Thank you, I love attention”. Kind of an ice-breaker, however, very true. I think in all of us it is true.

  22. Joni Ruhs said

    You communicate so well. I read this post with lots of “hmm”s and “oh yeah”s. Thanks for visiting my blog too. I’ll link you so more can tap into your wisdom. God bless!

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