What name does God call you?

January 5, 2007

Names.  We all have them, but what do they mean to us?

If you’re in a room and someone says your name then your body will probably make an automatic reaction.  Scripture tells us that God calls us by name, so is there something more to a name than it being something convenient to call someone, is there something important in the meaning?

We see people in the Bible call their children after a circumstance or situation, or as a prophetic sign of what they are to become.  I know of some parents-to-be who pray and ask God for a name for their child, so should parents place a greater emphasis on naming their child for a reason rather than giving them a name they like?

I was shocked to discover that my name meant ‘bitter’.  Most parents will go through a baby name book and look at the meaning of a name before deciding what name to give their child, or will wait til after the birth to see what their character is like and name accordingly.

God calls us by name, but maybe it’s a name different to our earthly one, for i believe He would’ve had a pet name for us even when in our mother’s womb.  What is God’s pet name for you?  I know someone who felt God revealed to them that their name was ‘puny mite’, another sensed theirs was ‘sacrifice’. 

What is God’s name for you?  Perhaps ask Him today, because it might reveal to you something of your identity.


36 Responses to “What name does God call you?”

  1. My mom named me Carol, because I was born near the Christmas season. I don’t think she considered the meaning of my name, but I found out a long time ago that my name means “song of joy.”

    Zephaniah 3:7 states:
    The LORD thy God in the midst of thee is mighty; he will save, he will rejoice over thee with joy; he will rest in his love, he will joy over thee with singing.

    I love to sing praises to God, and I like to think that He finds joy in that too. I’m happy with my name, but more importantly, I’m thrilled that I know His name!

  2. Great post, and great comment Carol!
    I think God’s name for us and the name our parents gave us are one and the same. My second name means “pious”, but it too, does not really correspond to who I am, unfortunately. Does Maria really mean “bitter?” (or is Maria your pen name?) I ask because that’s the first part of my name, too. “bitter pious”- what a combination! Here in Italy, bitter liquers are served after a big meal, because they help you digest. And I think you help us “digest” many things here at this blog, Maria!

  3. Maria, you have a lot of good stuff here! This is my first visit to your blog. As I’ve mentioned on other blogs, I am fascinated with the UK and yearn to visit someday.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.

  4. timglass said

    Timothy means Honoring God. That’s alot to live up to. And I try my best to honoe Him with my life. Yet not I, but Christ in me.
    His blessings this day.

  5. my dad named me Enqi and in Mandarin that is pronounced as En-Chi (2 syllables). He actually named me after this Communist Party leader in China called Zhou En Lai, not that he supports Communism but just felt that it was appropriate at that point in time in China. I used to hate that name cos NOBODY can pronounce it right, not even if they are Chinese (ha).

    after coming to Christ, I realise that ‘En’ actually means Grace and now I realise God really knows us from birth and chooses OUR names even. it is indeed really by His grace and mercy that I’ve come to know Him cos I was simply so seeking Him.

  6. AutumnRose said

    My given names mean ‘pure’ and ‘God’s promise’ (you can probably work it out now!) My parents aren’t Christian, but they gave my name a lot of thought.

    My little Grandson’s name means ‘light’ and ‘intelligent’, and his middle name means ‘loveable’…both in languages other than English. Names are important, I agree.

    I guess one root of ‘Maria’ is ‘Mara’, as in the place in the Bible, but it is also the name many Catholics refer to the Mother of God by…Ave Maria! Did you know that the Latin, Maria, derived from Mary, means ‘star of the sea’, another name for our Holy Mother 🙂

  7. Shirley said

    I hope God’s name for me is one of affection and pleasure. I’m sure I often have given Him occasion for calling me other than a positive and sweet name. But then there is mercy and grace! Thank God for that. Only through His great love, His mercy and His grace can He possibly look on me with favor.

    Maria, I have tagged you in a meme. Don’t want you to feel left out. 🙂


    shirley Buxton

  8. kaymac said

    I love all the promises in the book of Revelations…to him who overcomes, which includes a love name that God will give us…but I never thought of asking to know it now.

    I will let you know what He says!

  9. DulceDiana said

    Such an interesting post Maria!

    My name means Divine. My father named me after a girlfriend he once had, sad I know, but I can’t change that. What has changed however is that I’ve been adopted into God’s family and he calls me his own! That’s one of the reasons my site is called “Daddy’s Little Girl”, it’s my relationship with my Heavenly Father!!

    Thanks Maria!!


  10. Elyse said

    My first name is Hebrew, supposedly anyway, and it means “Consecrated to God”. Which I thought was really cool. At my baby shower a good friend of my Moms gave me a picture frame that said my name and its meaning and it also had this verse.

    “Give me understanding and I shall observe Thy law and keep it wholeheartedly.” Psalm 119:34

    I keep it on my wall.

    Other than my name here I have no idea what God would call me, He knows me so intimately and loves me so much it would be amazing to find out. For now, I’m just glad to have been called by Him! 🙂

    Oh and my middle name also means bitter, it’s Marie.

  11. helenl said

    My name Helen means light.

  12. jarvis said

    Great post Maria…from day one of yielding my heart to the King, He always calls me ‘kiddo.’

    Blessings in Christ Sis

  13. This summer I had major surgery. As I was coming out of the anesthesia I heard my name being called from far , far away. And ,yes, my body reacted when my name was called..I woke up and…….went right back to sleep LOL! But, when my name is called, I respond. How much more when God calls me…perhaps, not by name, but by a definite silent witness of the heart and communes deep withing the soul…something automatically says…”Yes, Lord…I know it is YOU, and here I am ready to listen”!
    Lovely blog today, Maria.

  14. Joni said

    Interesting thoughts on a name. There is an old Vineyard http://www.vineyardmusic.com/usa/scripts/showWords.asp?ccli=145139 song called “I Will Change Your Name” that I lost track of until your post. I struggle less with my given name than with the name I call myself or I believe others call me. The lyrics are so powerful in this gentle ballad. I’ll have to see if I can still buy it.

    I Will Change Your Name – D.J. Butler CCLI #145139

    I will change Your name,
    You shall no longer be called
    Wounded, outcast,
    Lonely or afraid.

    I will change Your name,
    Your new name shall be
    Confidence, joyfulness,
    Overcoming one,
    Faithfulness, friend of God,
    One who seeks My face.

  15. Becky said

    My parents told me that Rebekah meant “captivating” or “enchantingly beautiful.” I have seen other references to its meaning as being a “rope with a noose” from which, I suppose, would come the captivating.

    I don’t know what God’s name is for me, although I rather like the idea in the post above, that he is changing my name and, I am sure, me along with it.

    I believe I will follow your suggestion and ask God what His name for me is.

    This is a wonderful post, Maria!

  16. Maria, I think your name actually comes from “myrhh”. And we all know what the Wise Men brought to Jesus …and as I write this it is Epiphany!

    My screen name is Angela…which means…messenger!
    My real name is pagan but means “pretty” which is nice. My real middle name can be found in Is. 7:14.

  17. Robk said

    What an interesting thought. I am going to have to pray on this one.

  18. jipmeister said

    This is very interesting – so I did some looking –
    my son’s name is Hebrew in origin and means “God remembers” or “remembrance of the LORD”
    My youngest daughters name is aramaic and means “listens well” – I need to tell her that! 🙂
    My oldest daughter was given a name that is not traditionally a girls name but it is of Welsh origin and means “of the waves” …. which might explain the moodiness! 🙂
    My name is of Latin (???) or Old English origin and means “presiding official” or “valley” mmmmmmmmmm

    Your comments about your own name reminded me of Naomi in the book of Ruth. Naomi means pleasant yet after her husband and sons were killed she told the women of the town to call her Maura, which means bitter. later at the end of the book it is those same women who praise God the kinsman redeemer (Boaz) of Ruth and Naomi and once again call her Naomi.

    interesting post 🙂

  19. Claire said

    hiya – i found you through J Kenney’s site…

    my name means “clear” and “bright” and “illustrius” – and interestingl enough i felt that God has called me to be clear and to shine for Him, to Know Him and make Him known. i felt my name was prophetic.

    In naming our kids we prayed and especially with our daughter felt that God named her for a reason. Our son’s nam is Caleb – meaning Faithful Affection, and often thought to mean BOLD – which is interesting as our son tends on teh shyer side, but we still believe the boldness thing. our daughter was going to be Rebekah, until 2 months before she was born i KNEW she wasnt a Rebekah but an EVANGELINE – her name is Evangeline Faith, and we call her Eva for short. Evangeline means Messanger of Good News, and Eva is Giver of Life.

    going to have a snoop through your blog now, looks great what i have seen so far!


  20. Refinedone said

    Hi Maria, I am enjoying your site so much.. 🙂

    Now this topic about names is one i like very much..coming from my cultural background, the meanings of name/names ( cos we are given alot) are very significant…and as a child of God it even became more important what we call our selves…during a particular difficult time in mylife God reminded me of my names..(the ones given by my parents) but placed in there hearts by HIM!…. permit me to share

    Angela…Angel( to be used by God )
    Amuauziam…No one will ever have cause to laugh at me (this help me hold my head up high no matter what)
    Ifechukude…what God has write. ( If He said it about me, then it is so)
    and my favorite is Nkiruka…The future is the best!!( How can i worry when the Lord tells me that my future is good!!)

    …what we’re called or what ppl call us is important, so if you dont know the meaning of your name? find out …. 🙂

  21. Art Carter said

    I was named “Arthur” after my father and grandfather.

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: English, French, German, Welsh Mythology

    Pronounced: AHR-thər (English), ar-TUYR (French) [key]

    The meaning of this name is unknown. It could be derived from British art “bear” combined with viros “man”, or it could be related to Irish art “stone”. Alternatively it could be related to an obscure Roman family name Artorius. Arthur is the name of the central character in Arthurian legend, a 6th-century king of the Britons who presided over the knights of the Round Table.

    By the Lord spoke to me and told me “He was giving me a NEW NAME, and my new name was AMIEL or spelled AMMIEL. The Lord did not spell it for me but only said it. Later I looked up it’s meaning:

    Gender: Masculine

    Usage: Biblical

    Other Scripts: עַמִּיאֵל (Ancient Hebrew)

    Pronounced: AM-ee-əl (English) [key]

    Means “God is my kinsman” in Hebrew. This was the name of one of the spies sent out by Moses in the Old Testament.

    God gives us a new name, when he wants us to take on a new nature. I also believe, that it is the name he named us before we were even born.. 🙂

    • nomi said

      Amen. My birth name is Nomvula, but God gave me the name Shanteca. Nomvula (birth name) means “Mother of rain” and Shanteca (new name) means “Harvester”. Its confirmation because I have had many dreams of me bringing people to Christ and its been prophesied that I will be used to bring many into the Kingdom of God after a short period of training. May it be so in Jesus name.

  22. Jaime Balli said

    I amj interested in knowing the meaning of my name. Also, how could we find out what name God calls us by ?

    Thank you,
    Jaime Balli

  23. Tony said

    Perhaps God has given each of us a name that is unique to each of us alone. After all, how many John Smith’s and Juan Lopez’s have come and gone throughout time? Mabye scientists have unknowingly discovered this when they need to catch a bad guy or figure out who the father a child really is. Maybe our name isn’t what we’re called by here on earth but what we are.

    DNA is unique to each of us and is used to form us in the womb. Even though all humans are basically the same, there are differences and those differences are mapped in our DNA.

    Perhaps these DNA names are written in the Book of Life. After all, when God calls home the Dead in Christ in the last days, this would be useful for people who have long since decomposed with no DNA traces left.

    I’m not a scientist nor am I claiming that this is the answer, but I thought I would add my two cents worth and give everyone something to think about.

  24. Alyssa said

    My first name is alyssa which means joy and happiness. My middle name is marie which also means bitter. I would love to find out what name god has for me too and i will pray on that. By the way i love ur blog maria!!!!

  25. Agron said

    My name is Agron, name Agron is pronounced ahGRahN †. Agron’s origin and use are both in the Albanian language. The name was borne by an ILLYRIAN King, the husband of Teuta; the latter became queen and was known as Queen Katerina Of Illyria after his death in 232 BC. A form of Agron is the Albanian Agroni.

    Before 2 nights, I saw a dream, a few cubes, were as transport for people (souls of the people) was the place when we go to paradise. like I was at the station. was sunset, cubes were covered with translucent curtains, and light wind blew. A voice calling people by name, were ready to travel. And I was there, and I said to myself: I am not worthy to take part here. But the voice continued to invite people. And once said: Shannon … Shannon …! And no one came in last cube. And I, like the question, said: Agron???? … and the voice repeated my name very clearly , and said Agron..!!!.

    He invited me. He named me, Shannon. Which in Hebrew means: God is gracious! Shannon name is for boys & girls.

    May Lord bless all of you 🙂

  26. Cheryl Adams said

    In a dream many years ago God called out to me “I love you Miye” I didnt know untill recent that Miye means ” Beautiful Branch” God will reveil His name for you(this is another language-Japaness)

  27. wren said

    my pastor’s wife challenged us to find God’s name for us she gave the examples of jacob became israel, abram became abraham etc. i chose to be a christian as a young child, chose to rededicate my life as a teen, chose to cling to the Lord when my christian mentor divorced his wife and married a woman 20 years his junior and when my marriage fell apart. after her challenge i realized i peter 1:20 said i was CHOSEN b/4 the foundation of the world. it wasnt me choosing, but was me having the fredom to choose because of what God in Christ did. so now i would say CHOSEN is the name God gave me

  28. bryanne said

    Bryanne means “she assends” im not sure what that means.

  29. There are verses in the bible where God said that he has call us by his name. II Cor. 7:14 and Isaiah 43:7 Does any body know what this name is?

  30. bernadette said

    I had a vision from god i heard god voice said to me read it was a book in his heand and in the book I see my name, I only see his heands and a book is in his heand..what does that mean

  31. Vic Akins said

    Honestly speaking I enjoyed every comments posted above. My main contribution is that no matter what name you are given by your earthly parents, as soon as you accept Jesus Christ as your Lord and savior, old things has passed away and everything about you become new including your name and identity. You are born again and the negative impacts of your old name does not have any influence over you anymore. Hallelujah!!!!!

  32. jeffrey martins said

    I was asked what God calls me, I don’t know is there any way you can help me find out, its very important that I know, my name means peace But what does God call me

  33. Alexis said

    My name was going to be Briana, but my mom heard God say “No, her name is Alexis!” A friend of ours found that Alexis meant “God is with you”. I’ve looked for its meaning and all I could find was “helper” or “defender of mankind”. So I’m not quit sure. God Bless!

  34. Professori Marco said

    Professori Marco. My life came to an end in so many ways. Now with the new name God is making things happen again.

  35. Khalil, believe is arabic I believe it means touched by god, heaven sent I try every day to get pass the days and all has brought me through because I stayed with him and im under 16

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