No more than a cracker toy?

January 6, 2007

As i write i am sitting in view of a pile of cracker presents.  You know the sort of thing i mean: the mini pack of cards, a puzzle, or toy car.  Sometimes i feel like a cracker present: on the outside i can look exciting like a cracker, but once opened and unwrapped i can be a little disappointing… or is that me being deceived?

There are often only a few people in our lives who truly get to know us beneath the icing.  Many of those i come across in life only get to see the cherry on the cake, or the icing, never taking the time to delve into the cake itself and discover who i am and what makes me tick.

Sometimes i can fear letting people see the inside of me for fear of being rejected, other times it’s simply that people don’t have the time to build relationship & talk with me to find out who i am.  It can be so much easier to have fluffy friendships without the risk of being hurt. 

Many people are waiting to share their hurts, their hopes, their dreams and their fears with someone.  Will you offer the gift of time in the form of some listening ears to someone this week?  I’ve been in situations where i’ve longed for people to ask how i’m doing and really mean the question… please ask that question to people because you might find someone has been praying for someone they can share with!  You could be an answer to prayer!

True love though is spelt with four simple letters R.I.S.K!

p.s. Coming up on Monday (because i don’t post on Sundays) – a reflection on the topic of loneliness!


21 Responses to “No more than a cracker toy?”

  1. Jason99 said

    You’ve got a special gift for communicating with people, Maria. You may not think it, but your walk with God is pretty deep.

  2. timbob said

    The gift of time. Taking time out to truly address the needs of another. Sadly, it seems that so many of us are running faster and faster to nowhere that we neglect to take note of those that we encounter along the way. This can have the appearance of unconcern to someone who really needs a word of encouragement or perhaps just someone to listen to what’s on their heart. I know that I’ve been guilty of this in times past. A level of discernment concerning such matters is of utmost importance as you never know what form of tragedy might be averted by a few well-timed words. Your words are always encouraging and I always gain a new perspective after visiting. You have become a daily stop; even if I don’t always leave a comment.

  3. timglass said

    To love others as Christ loves. To love our neighbor as ourselves. I will do that today!
    His blessings this week-end!

  4. Tony said


    How are you doing? I don’t know you but from your writings I believe that you are sincere, caring, and full of love. I am interested to know more though. Please don’t worry that I might be making passes or advances. I only offer friendship. I know all to well the feeling of wanting to open up to someone but never getting beyond polite conversation. I want more in my relationships.

    I have a prayer request for a girl who’s name is Cinthia. I read on her blog today that she wants to commit suicide.

    I would ask that you would pray for her. And if you have a word of encouragment from the Lord give it. I Have shared the word of God with her in a comment to her post. I don’t know her.

    Any of you reading this please pray for this girl Cinthia. Check out her blog. She needs help.


  5. Keith M. said

    Yeah, I think I will do that. I like your thoughts because they’re good, understandable…and reality.

  6. jarvis said

    Truly, Blessings in Christ to you this day Maria!

  7. Maria, i know exactly what you mean. i’m trying to count the number of people who really know me and you know what? i’m really not sure. i guess it’s the HOW question for me when it comes to knowing a person better. alot of times it feels like people just don’t wanna let anybody truly know them!

  8. Vicki said

    Ah, what sweet encouragement you are to the blogosphere! Thanks for always coming by my site, too, and leaving a kind word. Much appreciated. I also have a series going at my other blog (as I can get to it:-) You’re always welcomed there as well.

    Pray that the Lord would give me a true friend, here locally, who loves the Lord, so that we could forge a friendship and mutually encourage one another.

    God bless you!

  9. Chris D said

    Beautiful post,Maria. Have you thought of doing a feed for your blog? It’s so good!

  10. Try saying “hi! how are you?, how’re ya doin?” and then stand still and wait for an answer!! Then watch the shock and befuddlement on the other person’s face when they begin to walk on after they say a quick “Hi, how are you “, and suddenly realize there is someone who actually is interested in an answer. It happens often at work.(I am surrounded by many people) I don’t know why we in the herd always pass each other with out answering questions:
    –“Hi! how are you”
    –“Hi! how are you” …and we pass on like 2 ships in the night!
    I guess I say all that to say that it is a way to begin sharing Christian Love and Concern.

  11. Maria Toth said

    Maria (author of this blog!)

  12. Jason99 said

    The answer to the question is, do YOU feel like it would be a good idea? Does the idea make you nervous? Do you have apprehensions about it? Or, on the other hand, are you thrilled by the idea? If you don’t know, then just wait it out and really think about it.

  13. Maria Toth said

    I don’t know what setting up a feed means to be honest. I don’t understand this technology stuff. Thanks for your words of wisdom Jason!

  14. faithwalk said

    This is so true, I think we have all had the same feelings at some time or another.
    There are seasons of close companionship and seasons of solitude, but all in all we need one another. The Body needs all it’s members, and true christian community has been lost for the most part.
    Good post Maria!

  15. Another great post, Maria. Lord, help me put it into action!

  16. Steve said

    Hi good post.

    By the way you do have a feed you get it free from wordpress I have been using yours ever since I have found you Blog here is your address.

    you can also find you feed address if you log on to word press and go to you dash board then feed sats go to the bottom and there will be a link there. You can also put a link on your site by using a sidebar widget called Meta this will put on you site the feed address’ for you posts and an address for your comments as well

    Hope you found this ok.



  17. Joni Ruhs said

    Good stuff. A recent revelation for me. I’m having more fun now that I try to make conversation. The cashiers, sales people and even store customers become nicer when you give them a few words. Well, most of them.

  18. clare said

    Feeds can be set up using tools like at FeedBlitz. It is sort of a mailing list where every new post you make is sent to subscriber’s email.
    Yeah i think a lot of people have this feeling but never do anything about it. oh well. some of my friends are still complaining about it, either secretly or openly. well, i suppose the first step out is actually wanting to share yourself so that others won’t feel so shy about it, either. i think i’ve sort of gotten over the fact that many people don’t want to talk but give an excuse that they really don’t know how, which bugs me. and many don’t want to listen either. it’s annoying and frustrating, but, well, lol that’s the way it is, until someone actually breaks the cycle. and it takes everyone, actually. so until then, they al will stay around secretly unhappy and maybe blaming others around them. :S ! Good blog. 🙂

  19. Amber said

    The worst is when someone asks you and you open up when they didn’t really want to hear your story… they were just being polite.

    Whenever I ask, I’m always prepared for a “real” answer… I never know when there may be an opportunity to share the love of Christ with someone.

  20. Elyse said

    At first I was like, “Cracker??? Toy???” [enter American ignorance] Then the light bulb clicked [exit American ignorance], my sister lives in the UK (and teaches there) every year for Christmas she brings home crackers. And that is why I know what you are talking about.

    All of that above was pretty much pointless. Heh…

    I so know what you mean though! I love it when people actually listen to me and not only do they listen to me but they pray with me (right then and there) and they email me to encourage me. It just rocks. Every one of us has beauty to unveil, we all have something to offer. It’s so hard to open up sometimes though.

    The times that we do can be the most blessed times or they can be the most hurtful, but it’s so worth it if we are blessed.

    Thanks for sharing that!

  21. Peter said

    Here the question is “how are you”, the required answer “good”. OK, “good” is a Canuckism, however, it is the same problem that you are talking about.

    Sometimes it is social nicety, but sometimes it is a cover. The trick is, I guess, knowing which is which.



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