January 15, 2007

As i was walking to Church yesterday morning i saw a young boy jumping in the puddles with his mother watching on.  I smiled at the lady and said ‘that looks fun’.  Her reply was to sigh, and explain that it takes a long time to get anywhere.  As i walked away i heard the little guy say ‘look at the leaves’. 

I was struck by how i can walk along that stretch of road and not take in the beauty of the leaves, the marvel of the shape of the water puddles, the birds flying above.  That child showed me that i rush too much and should take more time over things, so that i don’t miss God around me.

As i run around saying ‘God, where are you’, He may very well be waiting to speak to me through the people and things i go past everyday, only i’m going to quickly to notice!


23 Responses to “Whizzer”

  1. Chris said


    This is so very true and how many times, all of us, everyday, need to be mindful of this same truth! Thank you for reminding us all.

    May God bless and keep you!


  2. Jayleigh said

    Amen!!! It’s so true, Maria. Thanks for bringing this to light.

  3. rindy said

    So true! Last night my oldest son came running into my room telling me to look out the window. It was 11PM, dark, and right next to our back deck was the biggest deer I have ever seen. We sat and just watched him for the longest time–we all need to step back and enjoy what’s around us. Thanks for the reminder!!

  4. timglass said

    He is all around, isn’t He.
    His blessings this day.

  5. helenl said

    Hi Maria. You are so right. We often miss that which is before our eyes.

  6. Jessica said

    Thank you for this reminder!

    We too often rush through life…sometimes we just need to slow down and take in what it has to offer and enjoy!

  7. thank you for the reminder! how often do we need reminders that we ought to have childlike faith too? in the same way, we forget to just be quiet and still before the Lord at all times, not just quiet time. bless your day, sweetie!

  8. I have finally been able to link to people. I must have missed your site. I love seeing things though you eyes. Nice post!

  9. jarvis said

    Truly, the Creator’s Artwork is Amazing!

    Blessings in Christ Sis

  10. Just saw your comment on Cindy Swanson’s blog re: Beckham. Your post was so full of grace.

    It was beautiful.

  11. Ensayn said

    God is everywhere and in everything. I often observe things like a small child and I was told I was concerned about the wrong thing. I responded to the person that God is in all his creation. I hope others pick up on what you wrote. Thanks!!

  12. A friend of mine told me she has known only two people in all her life who live that way: her grandmother who raised her and died last year, and me. I’m proud to be held in such consideration by this friend, because she truly loved her grandmother and this means she cares about me just as I care about her. However, the reading yesterday said that each of us has a different gift but the Spirit is the same. My friend is a whirlwind and gets a lot done. You can count on her for anything, whereas I am a little dreamy and might forget something I was supposed to do because I stopped to “smell the roses”. It’s good when each of us learns a bit from the other and balances out the gifts. Sort of like a pot pourri of spirituality?…

  13. revtc said

    The psalmist reminds us in Psalm 139 that there’s nowhere that God is not. Wherever we are, God is there too. The ordinary is sacred, and children have that beautiful innocence that rejoices in the sacredness of God’s presence in all of life – especially puddles!
    Bless you Maria.

  14. In His Hands,

    Isnt it amazing how the simplest things bring us to see God in every situation?

  15. faithwalk said

    All of creation declares of the glory of God, but as you said, how often we are going so fast we do not notice the wonders before our eyes.
    Open our eyes Lord that we may see…

    Bless you Maria!


  16. eph2810 said

    Amen to that. I sometimes rush way to much. I don’t even notice the new buds on our flowers in our backyard. Although this week the might die due to frost…Thank you for the reminder that He is all around us.

  17. Larry said

    Where the Spirit of the Lord is There is freedom!

    I have had that song in my mind all day and when I read your post it popped back up. I love trying to look at the world through my nine year old’s eyes. “Thank you Lord for the Cold weather so I could wear my scarf” So refreshing God uses her to keep me grounded.

    I am reminded that I need to maintain the slow, take it easy cadence that has filled my life in the last month or so in my recovery.



  18. Joanne said

    I’m guilty too. I think we should have children around always to remind us of the simplicity of God’s messages to us.

  19. myblessing said

    How True–too often we are in a hurry to go here get there that we miss so many of God’s blessings. The old saying “take time to smell the roses” truly has some merrit.

    Have a wonderful, blessed day and enjoy the fragrance of God.

  20. Yeah..’I see God in the beauty I see’

  21. Helen said

    You will excuse me for not commenting too long, but I have to go out and jump in a puddle at once, so that for sure I keep that post in mind in future.

    Thanks for this post again! You blog is so precious!

  22. Tina said

    Love your blog Maria, and always look forward to your cheery posts. Thanks for spending the time on it! 🙂


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