Gossiping Goose

January 22, 2007

Words are powerful.  A simple ‘yes’ can result in a couple spending the rest of their lives together.  A simple ‘no’ can result in someone being told they haven’t got the job.  A ‘maybe’ in any situation can fuel confusion and fear.

It hurts alot when i hear people being spoken of badly.

Why do we humans feel the need to gossip and talk about others in a derogatory manner?  Is it to build ourselves up and present ourselves as better than others?  Is it because we feel insecure about who we are?

Today’s challenge: Say something positive to those you meet, and precede every word of negativity or criticism with something uplifting.  And ask yourself WHY you are going to say something before you say it.  THINK BEFORE YOU SPEAK!


49 Responses to “Gossiping Goose”

  1. inhisgrace said

    always very aptly put together. thank you!

  2. rindy said

    great reminders and challenge–I’m up for it! thanks! good way to start the day…

  3. timglass said

    Love our NEIGHBOR as OURSELVES. Sometimes we forget, don’t we?
    His blessings this day.

  4. DulceDiana said

    So powerful, it’s the method God used to create this planet!! Challenge? I’m In!


  5. Bill said

    Excellent thoughts, Maria. You might find this post interesting:



  6. helenl said

    Thanks for the reminder, Maria.

  7. jarvis said

    Solid post Maria; such a tool(tongue) should always consider Love & Compassion, above all, before being put to use.

    Blessings in Christ Sis

  8. chris d said

    Think before I speak? Easier said than done, over by me, at least!

    When I worked I used to put little stickies everywhere to remind me to give my words to the Lord and let His words be my words.

    Stickies. That’s not a bad idea–thanks, Maria!

  9. timbob said

    Indeed, the tongue can no man tame as is mentioned in James, We all must submit to Christ and allow his work to be done in our lives. When we do this, the words that should not go out will be held back. Thanks for always having a good point to think about.

  10. Hi Maria,

    Your post reminded me of a poem I really like. I hope you don’t mind me posting it here, but I think other folks would enjoy it too.

    God’s best to you,


    I Know Something Good About You!

    Wouldn’t this old world be better
    If the folks we meet would say,
    “I know something good about you”
    And then treat us just that way?

    Wouldn’t it be fine and dandy
    If each handclasp warm and true
    Carried with it this assurance,
    “I know something good about you!”

    Wouldn’t life be lots more happy
    If we praised the good we see,
    For there’s such a lot of goodness
    In the worst of you and me.

    Wouldn’t it be nice to practice
    That fine way of thinking, too?
    You know something good about me?
    I know something good about you!

    Louis Shimon, Best Loved Poems of the American People, Doubleday, 1936

  11. Brian Alexander said

    yes im still around. i was at a youth conference this weekend. Sorry haven’t updated.

  12. good post maria
    thanks for the good word 🙂

  13. kaymac said

    Great advice. Will do!

  14. Your blogging today reminds me of the story of the one who always liked to gossip:
    He wanted to make things right, and so was told to go pluck a goose, put all the feathers in a bag and then go to the top of the steeple and empty the bag. The wind took the feathers everywhere.
    Our friend was then told to wait an entire day, then go collect the feathers and put them all back on the goose. Impossible. So it is with our words once they are let loose!
    Thanks for this reminder.

  15. Jason99 said

    Words can cut deeper than any blade, no matter how sharp. A lot of people simply do not realize this, and then a lot of others do, and take advantage of it. There are also those who say something on impulse, without considering the consequences. It’s one of those things that happens to all of us to one degree or another. We’ve all got to try to watch what we say; and when we do say something wrong, we need to correct it quickly, before what we said causes real damage.

  16. Sharla said

    Speaking life feeds life to everyone, even the core of our own selves.

    Thanks for the refreshment!


  17. Linda Elms said

    Thank you for reminding us to “keep our words sweet because we might have to eat them sometime.” This is what I was taught all my life by my mother, and she lived by her teachings. You seem to always come up with the right things to write about. Thank you!

  18. faithwalk said

    Amen, from me too Maria!

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