January 24, 2007

I often suffer from the disease of dissatisfaction.  I can be like a stroppy toddler who wants some unhealthy food my parents won’t allow me to have, or a particular toy to play with – I can say to God ‘i don’t want to be here, i want to be somewhere else’.

While out walking the other weekend in the slippy slidy mud on the hills i looked across the way to see a beautiful hill, so green as the sun shone on it.  Looking at the hill i was standing on i saw that the grass was not as radiant where i stood…. ‘how nice it would be to be on that stretch where it’s sunny’, i thought! 

As the day went on the sun then moved and shone on where i was walking, but because it was so bright i was unable to see whether the colour of the grass was now more defined. 

In life it’s good to desire more of God, more from life, but if i end up getting so frustrated with the present then i will end up getting stuck in the place which is bringing me anxiety.

Until i appreciate the NOW God can’t move me to the next phase.


17 Responses to “Dissatisfaction”

  1. refinedone said

    That is so true…
    When we learn to embrace the present and see it as part of the process…for it all adds up in the end.
    To be thankfull for the everday little things ( I am learning that)

  2. I think every comment I leave for you includes “that is so true.” Your writing is consistently profound and insightful. I love every post you write.

  3. Jason99 said

    I know what you’re saying, I was there not too long ago, and I came to the same conclusion as you. Now my spiritual life isn’t so depressing. The thing I have the hardest time with is learning not to try to make things happen, and to just enjoy where I am in the Lord. He’s good, though, He’s making it easier.

  4. timglass said

    As with any relationship; we get out of it, what we put into it. Here’s to moving on toward maturity.
    His blessings this day.

  5. Carol said

    I hear what you are saying..God is our shepherd he leads us…where there is darkness there is also light..

  6. Very well put, Maria. I really appreciate your perspective on things. Keep up the good work!


  7. jarvis said

    Dig-a-ble post Maria; He Is Faithful not to give us more than we can currently handle, including imparting a Greater Fullness of His Character until we finish the spiritual plate already given us.

    Blessings in Christ Sis

  8. Scotti said

    Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blogsite. I enjoyed your post and I can soooooo…. relate with what you are saying here. The word for me is contentment – or lack there of. I was looking at the list of the fruit of the Spirit and thought…hey…there is one missing for me…contentment!

    But we know God’s Word is complete so our satisfacition and contentment is to be found in Him lived out by the fruit of the Spirit. Let’s see…love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. Ah…there it is…patience!

    Lord give us patience today to be satisfied and content with that which you have given us. Amen!
    God Bless You!


  9. DulceDiana said

    I found it to be more satisfying to live and love my walk then to speculate in the following step. If I would just realize this all the time…?


  10. jarvis said

    Pardon the slang Sis, “Dig-a-ble”(not a real word 🙂 ) is another way to say ‘Cool’ or ‘Great.’

    His Blessings to you Always

  11. Another great post, Maria.

  12. timbob said

    Hello. I always enjoy your posts. It’s not always easy to lean to be content, but when we get in into our heart, the joy of the Lord is incredible.

  13. Robk said

    Thanks! I needed this today.

  14. Sis. Julie said

    I too have a problem with dissatisfaction. When my husband and I went to Gatlinburg, TN for our few days away this past week I was dissatisfied from the onset with our cabin. I was under the assumption that our cabin would be a one family dwelling. It in fact was a duplex. No one was going to be staying in the other side of the cabin so it wasn’t a problem…but I had to ask the Lord to forgive me for being so ungrateful for the accommodations. Shame on me!! I should have been thankful that we didn’t have to pay for the accommodations and that it was as beautiful as it was!! God help us to be thankful and grateful for all things!!!

  15. eph2810 said

    Very wise words, Maria. Even though I rather would be at my eternal home some days, I am content that I am here now and make the best of it…

  16. donna said

    One day at a time…ohhh to learn patience…

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