How shall i celebrate?

January 26, 2007

Birthdays come but once a year, but how people respond to the day is markedly varied. 

Some people bemoan their getting old (suggestive of another year ‘lost’ or a step closer to pensions and less mobility), others revel in the thought of organising a party, some love the opportunity to give thanks to God for the gift of another year, others like the day to smoothly sail by without much mention… and the list goes on.

A birth-day is thinking about the day of your birth (a day most of us have no memory of!): the day you entered the world.  Some people have two birthdays – either because they are the Queen, or because they have one for the day they entered earth out the womb of their mother, and one marking the start of a clean slate after agreeing to put God in the driving seat for the first time.

I suppose a birthday could be a time to reflect on why God brought you into the world, to look back on past blessings and mistakes in an attempt to move forward in the will of God.

Maybe it could be a day when things are reversed: instead of people giving to you, you make an effort to bless others – perhaps buy them something, or make a card saying thank you for who you’ve been in my life, help them out with something… generally show others appreciation for the role they’ve played in getting you to another birthday.

Say THANK YOU to the precious people in your life before it’s too late and you regret not having done it. 


59 Responses to “How shall i celebrate?”

  1. timbob said

    Good morning. My oldest daughter is counting down the days until she’s 18 which will be Oct.28 At my age, they’re just another day. The most important one though as you make mention of, was in September of 1983 when I gave my heart to Jesus. It’s always a blessing to stop by and read your reflections.

  2. bless you sister! my birthday is coming up soon, in 2 days 😀 when’s yours?

    Mine is TODAY, Maki. Enjoy yours. Maria in the UK

  3. timglass said

    We celebrated my youngest daughters birthday last night….she turned 9!
    Happy birthday to you, Maria!!!
    His blessings this day!

  4. Bill said

    In my home we take the time to thank God for the blessing the birthday person is in our lives. We have a meal together. The birthhday person chooses what we have and is served his/her meal on the special red plate that is used exclusively for this occasion. The plate has the words “You Are Special” embossed around the rim.

    We all have so much negativity to contend with in life, it seems like there should be at least one day in which family and friends celebrate our lives and acknowledge the special gift we are to each other.

    Happy birthday, Maria. You are special today and every day. You are a blessing to many. May God bless you with much happiness today and every day!

    In the Lord,

  5. helenl said

    Happy Birthday, Maria. You arew so right that we should say thank you to poeple we love. We are not promised tomeorrow; we must be thankful today.

  6. donna said

    Happy Birthday Maria….God’s Blessings always


  7. DulceDiana said

    Makes sense. I know I would not make it another year but through the constant prayer and support from friends and church family.

    Feliz Cumpleanos! (Happy Birthday in Spanish)


    Woo hoo!!

  8. Scotti said

    Happy Birthday, Maria! I pray that you have a blessed day in the Lord. I turned the big 4-0 last year and decided that I would no longer celebrate my physical birthday but my spiritual birthday instead! In that case, I will be 3 later this year. haha. God Bless! Scotti

  9. Happy Birthday Maria!!

  10. Happy Birthday, Maria!

  11. I hope you have a wonderful Birthday!!

    God Bless!

  12. kaymac said

    We celebrate my daughter’s spiritual birthday every year. So, she has to birthdays. The day she was born and the day she was born into the Kingdom of God!

  13. Doug said

    We had some friends who would “crown” thier kids for a day on their birthdays. The kid would get to sit on a special chair, choose the meal and the guest list. Then each one in the family would honor the birthday kid, telling them ALL of the good things that they see in them.

    My wife and I were honored to have been asked to be at a few of these parties. It has inspired us to be better parents. We continue to strive.

    Happy Birthday Maria!!

  14. jHappy Birthday, Maria. Nice thoughtful reflections on what a birthday can be. It’s so easy to let it be just a celebration of egoism.

  15. Birthday Blessings, Maria!

  16. Becky said

    Happy Birthday, Maria!

  17. Sis. Julie said

    I have heard of those that give on their birthdays as well as being given to. I think that is a wonderful idea. I also like the idea of letting people know what they mean to you and that you thank God for them. We are all going to have a time in our lives when we will not be here to do that or that someone we should have told will not be here for us to tell them. So we should take every opportunity to tell those we love that we love them and appreciate them. My kids think I am nuts for insisting that they let me tell them I love them before they leave to go anywhere. We never know when that time will come for their life to be required of them and we won’t get that chance again. That weighs on my mind often. With that being said….I appreciate you Sis. Maria for your sweet spirit and your kind words that you have left on my posts. You have been a great encouragement to me and I thank God for you and love you in Christ Sis!!! God bless you!!

  18. Roo said

    Happy Birthday! Many blessings for you in the year to come!

    My husband (and his twin sister’s) birthday is on the 30th.

  19. Happy Birthday, Maria and May God’s richest blessings be yours.

  20. I missed reading this yesterday so my “Happy Birthday” is belated, but I hope it was a WONDERFUL one!!

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