January 29, 2007

Disobedience has a cost.  In fact it changes history.

When God asked Noah to build an ark, or Joseph to move his family to a new location, if they hadn’t obeyed there would’ve been consequences for you and i today!

Believe it or not, your every decision is of vital importance.  As a small example, whether you go to a particular meeting one week will affect who you meet and possibly what happens in the future.

Sometimes God asks us to do things which are hard, which go against the world.  God gives us a supernatural ability to endure and risk.

Years back when i was planning to go to University, discerning where to go, i totally surrendered to God, taking risks, and 2 weeks before the start of term a new place got created at just the right Uni for me.

If we’re willing to step out and be different amazing things can happen!



21 Responses to “Disobedience!”

  1. Helen said

    I guess fitting in is not as scary as following God’s hidden ways that need constant trust and courage… (to answer the “why?”)

    Thanks for that impulse!

  2. timbob said

    Good morning. We have a natural tendancy to want acceptance when, as you mention, we’re called to come apart and be different. Thanks for stopping by earlier. Once again you have placed another timely post into the Blogosphere.
    Have a blessed day in Christ

  3. timglass said

    To obey is better than sacrifice.
    Nice post, Maria.
    His blessings this day.

  4. eph2810 said

    Very good and thought-provoking question, Maria. I have to admit, some times I try to fit in, but God is asking me to take a stand. Which I do more often as I get older 🙂
    Blessings on your day and always…

  5. Bill said

    Excellent post, Maria! It reminded me of the song: ‘Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus.


  6. DulceDiana said

    Thank you Maria for this post.

    Many blessings…


  7. Lisa said

    I struggle constantly with my desire to be like everyone else — as cool as possible. As someone above said, it does get a little easier the older I get. It also helps to have mentors in your life who take a stand & make it look cool to do so. I try to be that for some of the younger folks I have in my life now. Good post, as always, Maria!

  8. stuatr delony said

    hey maria,

    about mr. bell…

    define ‘interesting’

    i’m sure there’s a story there.

  9. chris d said

    Great post–you really need to get a feed, Maria. Ask the people who do this website if you can do one and how.


  10. She had the freedom to do so, yet she did not:What would have happened if the Virgin Mary said “no”?
    Rather she said “Be it unto me according to Your word.”
    Today, I am glad for her ‘fiat’.
    The Nativity movie was wonderful in depicting this.

  11. Linda Elms said

    Thanks Maria for a thought provoking post today. I want to BE my BEST for God and those around me.

  12. helenl said

    Hi Maria, You’ve been to my blog. What on earth would make you think I’m trying to fit in?

  13. jarvis said

    …Important message for siblings in Christ to remind each other of.

    Blessings in Christ Sis

  14. Sis. Julie said

    We are all faced with choices each and every day. Sometimes we aren’t sure what we should do and we go ahead and make the choice anyway. Sometimes it works out and we choose right…but then sometimes we choose wrong and then have to suffer the consequences of that choice. How important it really is to pray and make sure we make the choice God wants us to make.

  15. Maria,

    I know that this is probably the wrong place for this, but I didn’t know how else to contact you.

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  16. inhisgrace said

    very encouraging. thank you Maria!~ bless your day.

  17. Hi Maria,

    I just wanted to let you know I’m back in th blogging world again.



  18. Jayleigh said

    “Sometimes God asks us to do things which are hard, which go against the world. God gives us a supernatural ability to endure and risk.”

    I was studying last night when I began to think about this… about how difficult it is to go against the grain and do something God asks us to do… or not to do. And I thought of how The World views us as stupid or crazy but that we need boldness from God so we can do as he asks.

    Good post!

  19. Myblessing said

    Maria–How true. Step out and be obedient to God and amazing things will happen.

    His word says “obedience is better than sacrafice”.

    By obeying you can never go wrong.

    Thanks for being a blessing Maria and God Bless YOu!

  20. autumnrose said


    Thanks for this challenge! I do sometimes try to fit in, because I want people to think I’m a ‘nice’ person. Ok, I can be ‘nice’ a lot of the time…but that shouldn’t be my main motivation. Sometimes I need to face up to challenge and difficulties as a result of following God’s will in my life 🙂

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