Who you doing it for?

January 30, 2007

When you do something who is it for?  Is it the people who’ll see you doing it?  Or the people you’ll tell?  Your family?  Your friends?  Yourself?

We are called to do everything for God but it’s easier said than done.

In the past my motivation for action tended to be: ‘will this look good on my C.V.?’.  Having such an attitude meant that i missed out on alot.  I may’ve passed by helping someone out if it can’t be written on my C.V..  In this i can vere towards hiding my sin, and my failings and weakness in false actions.

Like the apostle Paul i must boast in my weakness, not in the qualifications and seeming achievements.

Are you more likely to help someone if your church members are around to see how you respond?  It’s a challenge to us all.


10 Responses to “Who you doing it for?”

  1. rindy said

    Great post and soooo true! As I’ve grown as a Christian, I’ve realized that it so definitely not about me and it’s gotten easier to step back, be in the shadows, and do what God wants (not just what looks good)

  2. timglass said

    As a husband and father, the things I do are done with my family in mind, for their best interest. As a child of the King, I also act with the Trinity in mind. Will this bring honor and glory to Him? Will it harm my brother in some way?
    Great reflection, Maria.
    His blessings this day.

  3. DulceDiana said

    What we do in secret He will reward in public. Thanks for the post.

    Many blessings..


  4. Carol said

    Hi Maria,

    A good call to examine our motives. Thank you for that.


  5. kaymac said

    What an important question to get us all thinking about! thanks

  6. stuartdelony said

    great challenge!

  7. Great thought there!
    I once heard someone say that love is always in some way for self.It has me thinking about that a lot…how much of a disinterested love do I really have, loving Jesus (or any human being, for that matter) just because of Who He (they)is (are), and not because of anything that would benefit me spiritually, physically or emotionally.
    How perfect is my love?
    It is a lot to ponder….deeply ponder.

  8. storbakken said

    It’s the C.V. that God sees that counts.

  9. jarvis said

    Great way to relay the latter segment of I Samuel 16:7…

    “…Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.”

    …surely, whatever we do, whether for His Glory or are own, He IS weighing the motives of our hearts. We can fool others – we can even fool ourselves… but we cannot fool G-d.

    Blessings in Christ to your Always Sis

  10. Another wake-up call!

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