Matters of the Heart

February 5, 2007

If something in your life is of God then Satan won’t be happy so will try to confuse you.

When something which is precious to you becomes a chore or a struggle, be encouraged that this is possibly because you’re in exactly the right place to be maximumly effective and fruitful.

Matters close to the heart can cause extremes: much pain and ecstatic joy.  The heart is a complex place where we talk of emotions originating, the place we get hurt and offended, the place where we take risks, the place people can hit us at the deepest level.  One area of heart searching i’ve come to realise many young Christians battle with is the question of, ‘Where does friendship end and relationship start?’.

Remembering all the way back to my University days i recall one afternoon when a Christian sister of mine (now married with a child)  came out with me for coffee and a chat.  She shared how all the male Christian friends in her life were so wonderful that she’d be happy if God called her to marry any of them!!

At the same time as discerning who might be her future spouse this lovely woman of God was trying to work out whether God might have her assigned for a life of celibacy.  There were so many thoughts my peers went through in those days with regards to their vocational journey…  to help her quest someone suggested that to know who your lifelong partner will be is to say, ‘could i live without this person?’.

Essentially i believe God calls us to the places where we’ll flourish most, but that doesn’t mean there will be no struggle or temptation, even once you’ve made a decision.  The hardships in marriage, the hardships in a life of celibacy are to hone you into a more beautiful diamond, knocking off the rough edges, making you reflect God’s love more.

If you’re struggling with your vocation, your work, or any relationship in your life, rest assured that God will use it to make you more like Him… for He Himself went through trials and temptations from Satan who wanted Him to go ‘off course’ and not receive the prize laid out for Him! 

Don’t let Satan steal the gifts God has for you!  Don’t give up!


13 Responses to “Matters of the Heart”

  1. timbob said

    The Lord has begun a good work in us and he will complete that which he has started. Another needful posting.
    Have a blessed day in Christ.

  2. AutumnRose said

    I struggle every day with the place where God has planted me right now, caring for my Mum. It’s hard, but through it, Jesus is teaching me about compassion through tough circumstances, and without this challenge, I would never touch these depths.

    He is in control! 🙂

  3. timglass said

    Let us all be conformed to the image of His Son!
    His blessings this day.

  4. Trekant said

    “Essentially i believe God calls us to the places where we’ll flourish most, but that doesn’t mean there will be no struggle . . .”

    Sometimes I’m scared to death when I see where God called the disciples. Paul ‘flourished’ spiritually, but in prison.

  5. chrisd said

    God has put me at another fork in the road. I’m done with being a baby and preschool mommy. I’m a grade school mom and my youngest will be going full time next year. So what’s next? Where do I belong?

    At the same time we have a new pastor who is implementing lots of new changes. Not sure where I fit in there either.

    I don’t know the answer. I have to walk blind in faith, with just enough light to see the next step and nothing more.

    Praise God for that light.

  6. DulceDiana said

    Trusting and depending on His grace every day.


  7. inhisgrace said

    your encouragement always comes at the right time. i’m happy for your friend, that she survived all those pre-marriage struggles 😀

  8. jarvis said

    He is certainly Faithful in Guiding His children; may His Glory Abound Always!

    Blessings In Christ Sis

  9. eph2810 said

    Maria – thank you. I needed to hear that today. I have been struggling with a couple of relationships in my life – I need to just listen to Him who can sort it out for me.

    Blessings on your day and always…

  10. Moe said

    Maria, I needed to hear it. I’ve been having conversations with friends about the next stage of life (marriage). I enjoyed hearing your take on things. Thank you for sharing. 🙂

    His blessings,


  11. Brian Alexander said

    yeah, its a great book. What is the famale version called? Who is it by?

  12. helenl said

    Hi Maria. Good post.

  13. Great reading Maria.

    To Autumn Rose, I too took care of my mother prior to her passing. I left my last semester of college to take care of her. She actually passed on the day I was to graduate. I have never regretted my decision to take care of her. The moments we shared were the most blessed days I have had in my 36 years. What I find most amazing is that even though she is not of this world anymore, I continue to learn new things about her. It is amazing. Hang in there and cling tight to Jesus on those difficult days.

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