Share your weakness

February 8, 2007

Yesterday i suggested it was our duty to share with others that which God has given us, but this morning as i walked through the snow to work i realised it was more than passing on our skills and experiences… it was about sharing our weaknesses too!

When you struggle with patience because the 3rd bus of the morning has been cancelled, or when you are irritable with work colleagues due to struggles you’re having at home… it can be a humble thing to do to share that with people.

Of course there are things we need to keep private, but saying to someone ‘i’m sorry if i appear irritable and irrational at the moment, but i have alot of things of my mind’ means you share your moment of weakness but don’t have to divulge personal info.

Someone close to me has been ill for many years and said when they first got ill they had two choices: 1) wallow in self pity which could lead to depression; 2) acknowledge their weakness & allow others to help them out.

It is humbling to have others help you out because it shows that you cannot do it all by yourself, it shows that you have areas of weakness.

Humility and self pity are two very different things: one is about saying -‘things are so bad, poor me’, the other is saying ‘things are tough, so wanted to let you know that i may act out of character or need your support’.

Some of the most profound spiritual experiences i’ve had have been when people i admired for their walk with God shared something of their struggles, sinfulness and weakness – it gives me hope that i too can be holy!


18 Responses to “Share your weakness”

  1. timbob said

    II Corinthians 12:9 comes to mind here. Paul rejoiced in his infirmities that the power of Christ may rest upon him. Such experiences aren’t pleasent, but they keep us in a proper frame of mind. The old song “I Need Thee Every Hour” is so true. It’s always a blessing to stop by here. Have a blessed day Maria.

  2. inhisgrace said

    i think being able to share your weakness is a way of telling people that you have nothing to hide in front of them and that’s being very real and authentic. i wish we can all be like that but of course, it takes courage 🙂 cos we don’t want our weaknesses to be used against us. i reserve these for people that i really love and want to share with. bless your day, Maria!

  3. Lorna said

    pride often prevents us from showing our weaknesses, and pushes us into putting on a (false)brave face.

  4. Such a good word Maria!

  5. DulceDiana said

    It takes courage to show your weakness, there are people who can judge you and use it to hurt you. It takes maturity to be exposed and confront any negative responses.

  6. Robk said

    Thanks, Maria. May His blessing be with you today.

  7. Bill said

    Right on target, Maria! Thanks for sharing this little slice of your life. -bill

  8. I especially like the last paragraph. I have gained hope before that I can live holy and be an overcomer through hearing others admit their weaknesses. I pray I can give someone that kind of hope too!

  9. Sis. Julie said

    I agree that it is good to share with others our weaknesses. It tends to help others know that they are not alone in what they deal with. I have often thought that I was the only one that dealt with a certain something and then I find out through someone else sharing with me what their weakness is that I’m not the only one. So I think it is important to share with others those things we struggle with. This is a very good reminder Sis!! Thank you!!

  10. Tim said

    Thanks for that and I agree entirely. We are too susceptible to wearing masks and we don’t need to.

  11. donna said

    I dont think most people are equipped to minister to those who truly are willing to expose their weaknesses…. or their hurts for that matter. It’s one thing to want people to share and quite another to reach out and help. Please understand I am not referring to you, it is simply my experience with the community of believers…the body of Christ.

  12. I look at the lives of some of the Bible characters both Old and New Testament,and I see the weakness of the human condition throughout!
    I am glad that He never gives up on me.

  13. Moe said

    I was talking with a friend the other day, and she felt like she was unable to share the fact that she struggles with things to anyone. None of the things were horrible, but she was afraid to let anyone know she had problems. She thought she had to appear perfect, and because she isn’t, she’s choosing to hide it and isolate herself from others who have problems just like she does.

    It’s humbling to be transparent with people, and I also find it to be a blessing when others are open and honest with me. Rather than feeling horrified to find out someone has problems, I have more respect for someone when I hear about the things they struggle with and how they’re continuing to to persevere, and it also makes them seem more human.

    Grace for the moment,

  14. Hi, I dont know if you have checked out my blog today, but…it seems like what I am writing about too. I do have a serious weakness and I struggle with it daily. Thank you so much for this writing. Andrea

  15. Thanks for stopping by Dancing in the Light. Enjoyed your post today.
    I know how good I feel when I am able to share God’s compassion and understanding with others when they are having a weak moment. It is sad that I try to rob them of a chance to minister to me in my weakness.


  16. Joanne said

    Is there a way to email you? You can let me know by emailing me if you’d like. Thanks so much!

  17. chris d said

    This comes at such a great time, Maria. Thank you for posting this. God touches me everytime I come here.

  18. dougfloyd said

    Good word Maria. You make me think of an essay GK Chesterton once wrote about Father Christmas and how he looked as though he were about to die. In the end of the essay, Chesterton says he was always about to die and that’s why he never will.

    Behind the essay, Chesterton may also be pointing to the church, which so often looks like it is on its last leg. Society writes it off. The church buildings are converted into clubs. The secular culture seems to choke out the life of the Spirit. Then suddenly, resurrection.

    In our weak human limbs and through a failing tongues, God reveals an aroma that opens the heart to His love and His beauty and His redemption.

    Blessings to you and may His grace abound in your words.

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