Pressure to Perform

February 13, 2007

When someone says my performance at something has to be good at a particular time i can fall to pieces. 

It’s just like when a child has been practising music for months, but when the moment of examination comes, the pressure to be the best in a 20 minute slot can result in a less than perfect standard.

Another example might be when you’re told that your work is being analysed or critiqued on a particular day – all attempts at the job can become strained because of the realisation of the need to do ones best.

There was a TV programme recently about pushy parents who dish out emotional abuse if their child doesn’t succeed in an area.  How sad it is that a child’s worth is only seen in their ability to achieve rather than simply because they are one of God’s creation.

Have mercy on us Lord for seeing our worth as based on what we do.  Remind us that You love us and those in our lives not because of what we do but because of who we are: children of the King!


13 Responses to “Pressure to Perform”

  1. Helen said

    Maria, thanks again for your always encouraging posts… even if I do not comment every time, I come over almost daily for reading.

  2. Trekant said

    Not only is God not so performance-obsessed, I think he uses us best when we are aware of our weakness and imperfection.

    Thanks for your great posts!

  3. DulceDiana said

    Mercy on others- because God has mercy with us!

  4. Sometimes parents are instigated into being pushy with their children, especially at school. My son’s teachers (middle school) are so demanding and they never have an encouraging word, for him or for his parents. I have had to learn to push their judgement out of my mind, and ask him to help us help him, and since then things are going much better. The less I speak to his teachers, the better it goes!!

  5. Martin said

    Maria, thanks for sharing.

  6. chrisd said

    God has given you much wisdom, Maria. You will be a great mom someday! (if you aren’t already)

  7. I try very hard not to be critical of others because I know it certainly doesn’t encourage or bring out the best in me!

  8. …not by our works, but thru his Love…


  9. Trekant said

    What perfect timing – just dealing with the expectations that one of my children feels are too much.

    “Remind us that You love us and those in our lives not because of what we do but because of who we are: children of the King!” – lovely, thanks.

  10. teresa_anawim said


  11. Debi said

    Oh my…this is just what I have been struggling with this week….thanks for the reminder….it’s a Word from Him….

  12. Sis. Julie said

    Amen!! I thank God He doesn’t love us for what we do but for who we are…children of the King!! If His love were based on what we did for Him I’m afraid alot of us wouldn’t be loved very much would we?

  13. jarvis said

    Great post gal…indeed,

    “…Man looks at the outward appearance, but the LORD looks at the heart.” – I Samuel 16:7 (excerpt)

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