Slaying the Dragon in your life

February 15, 2007

I’ve been on an epic journey of late, battling spiritual blizzards, shooting arrows of faith at mountains which block my path…

It’s been a hard trek, and would’ve been easy to give up during the course of the adventure.  However when you have treasure you’re fighting to get to, it keeps you going, even when things seem impossible – the treasure acts as an incentive to continue, giving you a boost of energy.

Maybe your treasure is your children, your spouse, your friends, your family, or some promises God has made to you personally, or the promise of eternal life itself?

We all have dragons to slay along the way, and they may be around for sometime in the form of challenges at work, or difficulties with a family member or with someone’s health.  Whatever the dragon you have to slay, you need the hope of a treasure, something keeping you going.  Obviously you first need to identify the dragon you’re trying to slay.

Whatever dragon there is in your life, know that in Christ you have the victory over it.

People without vision perish, those without hope give up!


16 Responses to “Slaying the Dragon in your life”

  1. inhisgrace said

    always crisp and to the point. thanks for putting it in this perspective. i need that sometimes 🙂 blessed week to you!

  2. Jason said

    I found your blog yesterday. Liked it and subscribed to it rightaway. Just dropped by to say Hi!!

  3. Robk said

    I like the point about knowing what the dragon is. Sometimes that is not so easy.

  4. helenl said

    “People without vision perish, those without hope give up!”

    WOW! That’s great. It’s even quotable. Keep fighting the dragons, Maria. We all have them. Keep up the good fight.

  5. Thanks for this timely post, Maria. I will continue fighting.

  6. I want to continue fighting the good fight of faith too!

  7. timbob said

    Great post. I have so many acquaintances who need to know Jesus including members of my own household. it’s ever so important, for their sakes, to press on and stay in the battle without wavering or doubting.
    Have a blessed day:

  8. frank said

    Dragons seems to never die – but I’ve always found the unending hope in Jesus keeps those dragons from eating me alive. Thanks for the encouragement today, Maria. God Bless you!

  9. chrisd said

    I just wrote a fiction story about a mother dragon-a nice one, of course.

    But her son is consumed with greed-most dragons are. They want more and it’s never enough.

    So, my dragons are like that too, Maria. I want to feed them more instead of slaying them.

    Thank you so much for your work here–

  10. […] for a post that hit close to home. If you have not read it yet, please do. You can find it here, Slaying the Dragon in your life. I have really been fighting dragons lately, mostly at work and in my inner man. Your post made me […]

  11. Perhaps it is true that if we radiate negativity, we attract dragons.

  12. Sis. Julie said

    This post goes along with the post I put up a few days ago about “The Idol Of Y-O-U”. We tend to put people and things in place of God and make them a dragon or idol. This is a good post Sis!!

  13. Enjoyed your post. Very true. I think we need to be aware that sometimes our dragons try to disguise themselves as treasures. That is why we need the discernment offered by our Father.


  14. Keith M. said

    Yeah, good post, definately applies to my life.

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