Sleeping for God

February 19, 2007

Sleep deprivation: a medical term which many could attribute to themselves.

I’ve been challenged lately to consider that getting a good night’s sleep is part of the package of being holy.  When we sleep well we are more alert, more able to pray, more ready to serve God. 

I’m reminded of that age old thing that when a believer says they’re struggling with prayer, the response should be: ‘Have you slept well, eaten well and played well?’.

So many components are needed to make us whole, and sleep is one of them.  If sleep wasn’t important to us, then why do many of us covet a lie-in?

Try to arrange your life so you can get more sleep on some days so you can be more able to serve God – it’s all to build His Kingdom.

p.s. If you already get ample sleep then try the option of ‘playing’ well i.e. doing that which gives you life and joy!


11 Responses to “Sleeping for God”

  1. timbob said

    I must confess that i tend to sacrifice sleep in order to blog. We have four kids and a house that runs like a continuous hurricane. This is a relaxing time to talk about the deep things of God and to read the posts of other like minded saints. This is an important issue and one that I need to address.
    Have a blessed day in Christ:


  2. such a valid point but it seems to go forgotten an awful lot! thanks for your post.

  3. Coops said

    It also ties in with looking after the body God has given you 😉

  4. lisaleichner said

    Very good post. I have just recently been trying to address this in my own life. I also sacrifice sleep late at night to stay up & blog. When I can’t even sit down on the sofa to read a book with my child without nearly falling asleep, I know I have a problem!

  5. DulceDiana said

    Absolutely. God wants our best!

  6. I agree with those who commented about the computer: it is a robber of time..especially sleep time. I find I have to set limits as far as computer time is concerned.

    Last year I was speaking with a priest about my lack of patience , irritablity. He told me to go take a vacation! “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” ,he said..chuckling.. before sending me on my way!
    I chuckle today too, but still have yet to take that vacation, being a caregiver to an elderly parent.
    I am looking forward to and planning that vacation for later this year.

  7. helenl said

    ps. amen! Maria, I amazed at how many people ignore play. They seem to think it’s selfish and ungodly, when it’s really a part of healthy life.

  8. chris said

    You are so right–sleep and health are so important and when you don’t have a one of either, it really affects you!

    Have a great day and thank you for coming by!


  9. Good advice – I especially need to remember the “have some fun” part!

    Thanks for the reminder.

  10. Hi,
    this is exactly what we talked about in church sunday. The body needs four things to stay alive….1). Air (breathing) 2). Food 3). Water 4). Sleep……….without one of those you surely will die.

    Like your site btw
    In Christ

  11. Gabrielle said

    Words of wisdom, Maria. I need more sleep too, and I often forget about “re-creation” time…

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