Let down gently?

February 23, 2007

How many times have you been hurt or felt let down?

I’ve put my trust in human beings but obviously when i do, i take a risk.  Many times i’ve shared aspects of my life, made myself vulnerable and opened up.  Opening oneself to another is essentially taking the risk to open a door to getting hurt. 

People often say it’s better to have loved and lost than not loved at all.  I think of the friendships i’ve had over the years where i’ve felt damaged or mistreated, but i’m glad i took the risk to get close to those friends even if in some cases i was knocked along the way.

Life is a learning curve and i believe we can receive God’s love in a special and different way when in a place of vulnerability and hurt – when we’ve felt in despair we can let Him minister to our pain rather than being bitter, and in so doing be drawn deeper into His heart.

Friendships are amazing, even when hurt occurs, because there’s something beautiful about two beings, two of God’s creation taking a risk, and trying to imitate the bond of love between the ‘persons’ of the Trinity.

God doesn’t give up on us and is always there for us no matter what we feel about Him.  He won’t let us down, He doesn’t want to hurt us, but Love us to the fullness of Love that we are capable of receiving. 

We need a balance in life between the VIP’s (Very Inspiring People) and the VDPs (Very Draining People) so that we may both give and receive from others, and in doing so draw each other closer to Christ.


14 Responses to “Let down gently?”

  1. breederx said

    This is so inspiring, thank you! I have in the past been very badly hurt by someone who I thought I was friends with and it has left me feeling damaged and confused. This gives me the idea to take some good from everything and continue to talk to God about my shortcomings, and feelings, because after all, he is the only one who will really believe you and understand you.

  2. Trekant said

    So often I come here and you are talking about something just right for where I am that day.

    The “Dragons” post below came on a day when I’d had nothing but awful news. I really needed some incentive to get up and meet my dragon.

    This blog should be collected and published as a book!

  3. Thank you for this post. I especially liked your terms VIPs and VDPs.


  4. rindy said

    Recognizing when I am being a VIP and a VDP has been so important in my personal growth…great post!

  5. I wrote on the same thing today. I hope the Lord grants you many VIPs in your life.

    -J. Kaiser

  6. chrisd said

    VIP and VDP–I love it. I spent a lot of time being a VDP (in mourning about family situation) and am trying to once again become a VIP.

    Great post–I love coming by, but won’t be doing it often for a bit.

    Love to you, Maria!

  7. joanne said

    you wrote just what I was feeling I was hurt something terrible last week with my husbands family how mean they are to him esp his father why do people do this go out of there way to be horrible and nasty
    do drop by my journal i LOVE YOUR God bless

  8. Sis. Julie said

    What you say is so true about friendships. I have been hurt by my best friend more than once but we have always abounded from those hurts and remained best friends. We are going on 27 years of friendship now. Those hard times have only strengthened our bond and friendship. I truly love her for sticking with me like she has!!!

  9. Marie,

    You had left a comment on my website, so I came to yours. This entry article on friendships is very beautiful. If you read my latest entry on my website, it is about a friend and a miracle.
    This friend and I have not kept in close contact ever since her husband had a stroke — it’s been several years since we’ve really even had a conversation.
    I wonder know, at a time of loss in her life, and how it has given an opportunity for us to get together, how can I know be present to her, and how can our friendship deepen? She’s a tough lady, older than me by 15 years. … but, underneath her exterior there is something special that I believe she is now free to give birth to …..

  10. What a great post!! I am so grateful for the hurtful people in my life. The comfort received from God and His Spirit help me be an advertisement for His healing and forgiveness. His life lessons for us are so very powerful. I am sure He has been hurt by me so many times and has found me to be a VDP. Thank you so much for this post. My heart has been touched.


  11. Lorna said

    VIPS and VDPS we need both – and to recognise when friends are in need they move from one category to another … healthy life style is not doing less per se, but making sure there’s a balance of things that full the tank, not only things that drain it

    I’ve been away on holiday (skiing) that drained me physically but emotionally and spiritually it was filling 🙂

    be blessed

  12. Liz Gonzalez said

    Hey girl,
    This post has managed to bring me pain!! I need it to affect me anyway otherwise I’ll never get through it. I have let God minister to me through my most recent loss but I do also feel bitter when the name comes up. I’ll also get through that eventually. I’ve lost faith in almost all people, as you know. My insecurity is so low because of those who have either bullied me or stabbed me in the back throughout my life.My problem is that I open up too much, I wear my heart on my sleeve, putting myself in danger all the time. (Anyway, Maria, I don’t know what you’re talking about when it comes to opening up! It takes a long time to open you up, you tend to hide, especially at Community.) We do all do need friends though;we all need listeners, encouragers, advisers, inspirers, and we need to be all of those things too. Even if we feel we weren’t born that way and we cannot be all those things we have to learn to be. As we look into all those people around us whether they be our enemies or our friends we cannot forget that they are also children of God. Every being has the face of God. May God forgive us for our anger and bitterness, and bring peace to our souls.
    Good post. Cheers.

  13. The neat thing is that we are often VIP’s to VDP’s; so it’s all good even if it’s not personally rewarding for us at the time.

  14. jarvis said

    He Uses you for Wonderful Reflections as usual Maria; indeed, what He desires from us is to both ingest & distribute His Love to all without tire. Such is the most challenging request one can make, but a Life of Love is the only one worth living.

    Blessings In Christ Always Sis!

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