Is Jesus alive?

February 26, 2007

This weekend i was at a training conference during which there was an outreach service on Saturday night. 

If anyone present at the event had doubts about the existence of a force greater than us, then they would’ve found their mind doing somersaults over all that happened.  Person after person came forward to tell how after being prayed for that night they had been freed of physical illness.

One testimony which stood out for me was the lady who turned up, and in her own words, said she told the friends she came with that she had ‘no faith’ that anything would happen.  She had arrived with a partially blind eye, two hearing aids which had been needed for 15-20yrs due to perforated ear drums, and also problems with a pain in her hip.

Half way through the evening this lady went to the front of the church holding her hearing aids high in the air, proclaiming that she could now here.  When someone stood behind her and whispered she could hear every word!!  Her eye was improved and the pain from her hip gone!

Prayer is powerful.  Prayer is mysterious.  Jesus is alive and His power is available to you today!


18 Responses to “Is Jesus alive?”

  1. inhisgrace said

    praise God and all glory to Him for the wonders that night! thanks for sharing. my friend got healed of high blood pressure – a family curse is broken! AMEN! 🙂

  2. DulceDiana said

    Awesome testimonies Maria. Thanks so much for sharing. My faith builds up hearing about what our God is doing all over!!

  3. DulceDiana said

    Awesome testimonies Maria. Thanks so much for sharing. My faith builds up hearing about what our God is doing all over!!

  4. Praise the Lord for strengthening us and bringing us through our troubles. Ask me how I know He lives. I know He lives because I’ve gone through troubles without Him and I’ve gone through troubles with Him- the difference defies explanation.

  5. I am so glad that I serve a God who is living and active in our lives. I seen the thigs he has done in my life recently and continues to do. I can’t help but Praise God. He lives! Praise God He lives! I would be dead if He didn’t live. Maria thank you so much for this great post. God bless you sister!

  6. wayman29 said

    Being the “Thomas” of the group…I would advise a personal follow up to see how some of the healed are doing currently. Enjoyed the post!

  7. Wonderful testimonies! God does respond to faith. Jesus hears and answers prayers, and He is still in the healing business. 🙂

  8. retroman said

    Outstanding. Sounds like a great time.

  9. I know someone who as a young man was prayed for at a healing service.
    His sight was horrible, and he had to wear very thick coke bottle bottoms.
    He could not see the institution-size clock on the wall.
    After prayer, he took off his glasses and saw clearly. Many people knew him closely and will verify the miracle…
    He is now in middle age,but in his younger years became a protestant minister because of that miracle on his eyes boosting his faith…and still has no need for any visial aids! He was healed perfectly. It was an exciting evening!

  10. Tnak you Maria for posting these encouraging words every day. They mean so much in my Christian journey.

  11. Sis. Julie said

    I praise the Lord that He is alive!! And He lives in my heart!! What a wonderful change in my life has been wrought since Jesus came into my heart. AMEN!!

  12. Shirley said

    Good evening, Maria.

    Yes, God is a healer! Miracles are not at all hard for Him, for He is a miracle-working God! What joy to know Him.

    Shirley Buxton

  13. NF said

    Thanks for the encouragement! I know in our own little family our daughter was totally healed from deafness in one ear at our little church! And I was healed of a killer disease! Give God all the Praise!
    God Bless!

  14. Linda Elms said

    He is our Powerful God! I am so happy to know Him. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. Joni said

    Awesome, awesome, awesome God! How faithful and generous.

  16. Lorna said

    wonderful to read this 🙂 thanks all praise to God!
    I’m reminded that it was the faith of the friends that Jesus saw when he healed the man let down through the roof …

  17. I know Christ lives in my life. If he wasn’t, I would have lost it by now, as turbulent as things have been the past year.

    BTW stop by my blog and check out the entry today. It is about spiritual warfare.

  18. samantha said

    i believe in him ,but i sin and i dont want to sin any more so i am tring not to will god ever forgive me? i wish Jesus was here so i can talk to him. i see people (dead people) and i wish i could see him, but i hear him some times saying everything will be ok.

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