Not much of a fun game?

February 28, 2007

Are you feeling like God’s gone for a walk in the park and left you waiting and hanging around? Have you been looking around to see where He’s gone, searching in shop windows, asking around if anyone’s spotted Him? God plays hide and seek with us sometimes to build our faith. If He seems to take a step away and hide, it is to encourage us to take another step towards him, so it’s all about building our faith muscles and believing the truth we know rather than believing what the circumstances tell us.

Keep going if you feel you’ve lost sight of God because He hasn’t left you… He may well just be carrying you at the moment because you need supporting, meaning you’re unable to see him!


14 Responses to “Not much of a fun game?”

  1. Coops said

    I haven’t looked in shop windows, but I know what you mean. Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. DulceDiana said

    Very encouraging Maria. I love the last sentence. It is all about faith…

    Many blessings to you from heaven!

  3. Hey, great minds think alike, just wrote something similar myself, if you can check it out, here: Love your analogy

  4. helenl said

    We can be sure that God is with us even when we feel to the contrary.

  5. Robk said

    Good advice. St. Teresa of Avila says much the same thing in Interior Castle. In the end, we must choose God, not for the consolation his presence provides but because we love him. We can use our suffering, even suffering from the feeling of being without God, to purify our selves.

    As always, thanks!

  6. I have felt times God wasn’t with me, only to find I simply wasn’t seeking Him.

  7. I’m thankful God is always there for me, even during seasons when it seems I cannot feel His presence.

  8. Thank you for another timely post.

  9. breederx said

    You have such beautiful posts, God bless!

  10. Jen said

    You are so good with posting something every single day! lol I’m not…Haven’t heard from you in a while, hope you’re doing good.

  11. Dave said

    What if seeking God repeatedly still leaves you feeling lonely and weak? I want to know the power of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the New Testament. Why does God seem so stingy with manifestations of His presence and power?

  12. Jen said

    Hi Dave,

    Just wondering, when you say “I want to know the power of the Holy Spirit as revealed in the New Testament,” do you mean in the book of Acts, when the Holy Ghost (Spirit) fell upon all those people in the upper room?

  13. Dave said

    Hi Jen,
    I’m not so much talking about when the Spirit was given to the churches. I’m wondering about the day-to-day empowerment for sharing the Gospel. I’m wondering why prayer seems ineffective in the lives of those we pray for. I know human hearts are stubborn and want their own way, but why do I see little of God’s supernatural work in their lives?
    I guess I’m also confused about the direction of my life; I want to serve God, and have prayed fervently, with seemingly little result. Thanks for listening.

  14. Grace said


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