God’s website entry

March 1, 2007

There are many websites aimed at reuniting people with school and uni mates.  Sometimes it can be exciting seeing the class geek is now head of a major business, or that the wannabe actress is now mother to two gorgeous children.

One day we will be reunited with God, but FACE2FACE rather than this knowing Him from a distance based on his website entry about Himself!  It will be wildly exciting yet terrifying to reunite with God.

If God posted something on your page what would He write?  Known you since birth.  Best friend (if only you realised).  Met in heaven (in the creation chamber while being inspired to bring another being into existence).

It can be all too easy to know God from afar by reading about Him in scripture, or hearing the testimony from others of how He’s moved in their life. 

Stepping closer to God is risky, but He’s constantly calling us to go deeper into His heart of Love.  There is MORE!


17 Responses to “God’s website entry”

  1. inhisgrace said

    it’s thrilling and scary at all once. i yearn to see His face already!

    blessed week to you!

  2. DulceDiana said

    Reunite with him…we have never met him but we already know who he is…

  3. As CS Lewis said of Aslan: He isn’t safe, but he is good! It always seems a risk to trust God instead of ourselves, isn’t that ironic?

  4. I hope He would say, “job well done, welcome home.”

  5. connie said

    I think God would say to me, ” Your just a sinner saved by my grace.” I know I am just that and I thank God for my salvation. Connie from Texas

  6. timbob said

    I almost fear that if the Lord were to post something on my site, it would be to tell me that I spend too much time on it. lol I look forward to the day when we are all gathered together with the Lord Jesus.

  7. Sis. Julie said

    I would like to hear “Well done thou good and faithful servant!”.

  8. Steve said

    I think God would helpfully say, My child your sins ar forgiven.

    Blessings and thanks Maira.



  9. Jungle Mom said

    He would say , For you I died! Have you lived for me?

  10. Father Joe said

    You get a lot of comments on your posts. Do you advertise your Blog on the radio show? Maybe it is because what you write is so very non-threatening?

    You keep a lot about yourself private, and yet, no one can write such “sweet” and “nice” things and not have such elements in her own personality. I like your format, short reflections, maybe a story, and yet everything inviting participation into a conversation– not just with you, but also with God.

    Of course, even a few words can become a challenge in a regular or daily posting. Why do you do it? Is it to share a journey or to help others with theirs?

    You ask an important question in this post. What will it be like when I meet the Lord face-to-face? I suspect I will fall to my knees. I will want to speak, but no doubt the quality of my faith and discipleship will be what speaks the loudest. If I can find my voice, I will probably stutter, “Forgive me Lord, for I am a sinner.” More than anything, I trust and hope in his mercy.

    Take care, peace,
    Father Joe

  11. Tony said

    Sometimes I do things that are so horrible that I think He’d turn me away. All I want to hear is “I forgive you, and, I still love you.”

  12. helenl said

    Wonderful, creative post. My goal is to live life so I may hear, “well done.”

  13. Manchild said

    Hello Maria,

    Madena introduced your site to me. The work you’re doing here is eternal. If God commented, I hope He’d thank me for stirring up the gift and leading lost souls out of the darkness of their Despair.

    May the peace of God be with you and yours always.

  14. Trekant said

    I’ve actually been doing some thinking and journal writing about this meeting – and how it is described in Rev. 15:2. Posted my first thought about it, but still untangling the rest.

    Great topic – Thanks!

  15. breederx said

    It is very daunting, the thought of meeting God, not knowing what exactly he will say to you, but I will embrace it when the time comes I hope. All I hope for is to never be separated from my family and to still watch my children grow into men. Another wonderful post-I love your blog! God bless you!!!

  16. code6 said

    God is a scary bloke at times. 🙂

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