A fool for Christ!

March 5, 2007

What fool would be out walking his dogs at 5.30am?

This morning i saw a guy whom i often spot with two large dogs giving them some early morning exercise.  The man walking his dogs could’ve been tucked up in bed or at home checking emails.  Instead he opts for the walk.

Whatever the reason for this craziness i see dedication written all over him.  Yes, the dogs may bring him joy, but they also come with vets bills, mess, and are time takers.

Self sacrifice is a funny thing and is at the centre of what it is to love.  We do seemingly strange things out of love e.g. walk a dog at a ridiculous hour in the morning.

God became human and that was a rather unusual thing to do, an act of self sacrifice when He could’ve stayed safely in heaven but Love drove Him to come and live among us. 

If we haven’t done something sacrificial of later maybe that signals that we’re not being driven by love, but by selfishness – doing that which prospers ‘me’.

Today try do something for someone else which you wouldn’t necessarily WANT to do.  Make a cup of tea for a colleague when you’d rather stay sitting at your desk, or pray with a friend when you’d rather pray on your own for yourself.


15 Responses to “A fool for Christ!”

  1. donna said

    Morning Maria…and God’s blessings this day.


  2. timbob said

    The things that we do out of love. For example raising children is an incredible commitment and yet we are faithful parents out of love for them. And as you mention, God taking on a body of flesh, coming into a world that he created, to redeem that which was lost. What a great salvation we have through Christ. Thank you for the reflections.
    Have a great day in Christ.


  3. I’ve been that fool on numerous times with my two big dogs. But they are so loving and generous with their affection it is well worth it.

  4. Susanna said

    At least he is keeping fit…..
    It is funny you should blog about this today. I have just started reading a book called A Woman’s walk withGod by Elizabeth George and the chapter I read today was about Looking to God for love.
    The point was made that love is :
    1-An act of the will
    2-Action, not just words
    3-Reaches out to the unlovely
    4-We need God to help us love
    5-Love expects nothingin return.

    A pretty challenging set of thoughts all to commonly forgotten when we think of love. The point is made that often it has nothing to do with feeling or emotion and everything to do with active, conscious sacrifice.My husband sometimes says (if I am having a not so nice day) ‘I have chossen to love you- I set my love upon you’……even if I have not been the best wife in the world. This is why the world’s idea of love (and parenting!) so often falls flat on its face. No sacrifice, no leaving of self, no perseverance. OOooops…a long comment!

  5. DulceDiana said

    Only love can explain foolish acts of kindness.

  6. Lorna said

    Great thoughts and challenges Maria. Thanks

  7. chrisd said

    hi there-good challenge for the week. I’ll let you know what I try to do.

  8. Yes, indeed. True love does involve sacrfice, and nobody better demonstrates that than Jesus. Thanks for this reminder.


  9. Off to wash hubby’s clothes when I want to be outside enjoying this beautiful day. Does that count for selfless love? LOL
    Thanks for another great post.
    Be blessed!

  10. kaymac said

    This was awesome! O that I will make myself foolish.

  11. Random acts of kindness!
    I am learning these little sacrifices each day.
    Who knows..one day they just may be spontaneous just like breathing.

  12. Robk said

    Chesterton said “Love means loving the unlovable – or it is no virtue at all.” Which fits right with what you are saying. What makes love so remarkable is that it means loving the parts our selfish sides tell us no one could love. How amazing love is. What a powerful reflection of his love fore us. Makes me think of the pope’s encyclical, Deus Caritas Est.

  13. Emily said

    Hi Maria,

    Excellent post! Thanks for reminding us of how we should be living a life of devotion and self-sacrifice to the Lord, which often plays itself out in loving others by serving them.

    God bless you this day,


  14. chris d said

    That’s a great idea-you know, Maria, I REALLY appreciate your posts and your devotions here. Thank you for being obedient to God’s Spirit. You and your blog are a blessing to so many people.

  15. stuart delony said

    good reminder, I take your challenge and will do it!

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