I want, I want, I want…

March 13, 2007

My hi fi sat beautifully in the corner of my room, it’s CD player only working when it felt like, but the tape and radio facilities very much in tack.

I wasn’t holding on to my little ‘boombox’ for sentimental reasons, but only out of a desire to stick by my policy of only replacing things when they’re truly broken rather than to keep up with the latest fashion!

We can all be tempted to replace an item due to a want rather than a need.  In this culture of ‘i can have what i want, when i want’, denying myself a want can only be a healthy thing.

I’d seen some nice replacements but stuck to my motto and failed to cave in.  After a number of months a family member was buying a new hifi so donated their old one to me.  I wouldn’t have chosen the said item myself, i didn’t like the colour, but it worked better than my current one did, so i graciously accepted.


11 Responses to “I want, I want, I want…”

  1. DulceDiana said

    So I guess I have to wait for my new digital camera?
    Better yet, maybe God will bless my and someone will donate one to me as he did for you! Woo hoo, that sounds lots better!

  2. timbob said

    Greetings. Ours is a generation that continually wants more. Therefore, the manufacturers of “more” keep coming up with new and improved “more” to keep the profit margins high. This keeps folks returning for “more”
    Be blessed always in Christ.


  3. It is easy to get caught up in wanting the latest and greatest, even when it is out of our price range or best interest. Perhaps we need to think more about this Scripture.

    1Ti 6:6 But godliness with contentment is great gain.

  4. would you believe that I still have my old 8 track player??!! Oh I don’t use it any more, but it is still here.

  5. Aaron said

    An important message. Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Learning to be content is difficult at first. I think the more we practice, the easier it becomes. Praise God that he knows what we need and He promises to provide. I enjoyed your post, thanks for the reminder.


  7. Moe said

    It’s hard to go get caught up in buying things just because we want them, rather than because we need them, but contentment (even when the color isn’t our favorite) is always in style.


  8. Sis. Julie said

    I have this problem of wanting things I can’t afford to have or don’t need to have. Sometimes God is gracious enough to let me have those things and sometimes He sees fit not to let me have them. That is when I try to be thankful for not having them…and that is hard to do sometimes!!

  9. jarvis said

    …sounds like a Romans 8:28 moment 🙂

    Blessings In Christ Sis!

  10. J Paul said

    I think always wanting can also become an addiction…always shopping is definitely an addiction. Help our generation Lord!

  11. Mary Anne said

    That’s a really great point. So many people need “instant gratification” these days and have no patience or perspective. I admit that I do buy some new things that are not essential for me to live, but I usually do so if I have a specific purpose in mind, and one that will bring honor to God.

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