Share your weakness

February 8, 2007

Yesterday i suggested it was our duty to share with others that which God has given us, but this morning as i walked through the snow to work i realised it was more than passing on our skills and experiences… it was about sharing our weaknesses too!

When you struggle with patience because the 3rd bus of the morning has been cancelled, or when you are irritable with work colleagues due to struggles you’re having at home… it can be a humble thing to do to share that with people.

Of course there are things we need to keep private, but saying to someone ‘i’m sorry if i appear irritable and irrational at the moment, but i have alot of things of my mind’ means you share your moment of weakness but don’t have to divulge personal info.

Someone close to me has been ill for many years and said when they first got ill they had two choices: 1) wallow in self pity which could lead to depression; 2) acknowledge their weakness & allow others to help them out.

It is humbling to have others help you out because it shows that you cannot do it all by yourself, it shows that you have areas of weakness.

Humility and self pity are two very different things: one is about saying -‘things are so bad, poor me’, the other is saying ‘things are tough, so wanted to let you know that i may act out of character or need your support’.

Some of the most profound spiritual experiences i’ve had have been when people i admired for their walk with God shared something of their struggles, sinfulness and weakness – it gives me hope that i too can be holy!